Depression is one of the best known pathologies . It belongs to the group of mood disorders and is characterised by sadness, lack of motivation, apathy and other symptoms. The pace of life in western societies means that many professionals in psychology state that at some point in our lives we can all suffer great sadness and a bad patch.

However, if this suffering is persistent and the person is sad most of the time and it affects your daily life, it is possible that you are suffering from depression. Severe depression should be treated by an experienced psychologist: however, there are other, less serious types of depression.

Books on depression

There are many books that have been written about this disorder, and that is why in this article we bring you a list of the best books to overcome and overcome depression .

1. The Mindfulness Way (John Teasdale, Mark Williams, Zinel Segal)

Mindfulness is one of the great paradigms of Psychology in recent years, and is not only used as psychological therapy but also in schools, work or sports. Regarding the treatment of depression, there are different programs that have proven to be effective, but one of the most used is the MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy), which is an 8-week program that has been tested in hundreds of studies and has proven to be very effective.

This program can be applied on a daily basis, because Mindfulness is actually a philosophy of life, a way to face the events that occur more efficiently. It promotes self-awareness and improves people’s emotional intelligence and, therefore, their well-being. This text deepens in this method and helps the readers to improve their happiness.

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2. Emotional Healing: Ending Stress, Anxiety and Depression Without Drugs or Psychoanalysis (David Servan-Schreiber)

This book is a kind of workbook to achieve happiness and improve well-being , in which the author reviews all his knowledge and experience as a professional in psychiatry and mental health. Servan-Schreiber is an expert in cognitive neuroscience and the neurobiology of emotions, and thanks to this work it is possible for you to learn a little more about how to end depression without resorting to drugs. An interesting book that can help you a lot.

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3. Getting Out of Depression (Neil Nedley)

Overcoming depression is not always easy, and in serious cases, it is necessary to see a psychologist expert in the treatment of this pathology. However, in mild cases it is possible to follow a series of tips that can help you overcome the bad moment you are going through. This book provides knowledge on how to overcome depression and acquire tools that can help you to better manage the emotions and conflicts that can arise in your daily life.

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4. Overcomes depression (Antoni Martínez)

The author of this text is a renowned clinical psychologist who, through these pages, leaves behind some advice for overcoming depression based on his extensive experience . It is a book written from a professional point of view, but it can be useful for all kinds of people. The habits we have, many times, interfere with our happiness, so it is possible to adopt patterns of behaviour that favour well-being.

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5. Overcoming Depression: Discover the Power of Mindfulness Techniques (Mark Williams)

A practical book to overcome depression that, like the first one, helps to do it through the practice of Full Attention . Paying attention to the most difficult emotions and life experiences and adopting a Mindfulness mentality helps people to relate in a healthier way to the events around us. This practical manual should not be missing from the shelves of all those who want to have greater life satisfaction.

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6. The Secrets of Motivation (José Antonio Marina)

The previous book is about Mindfulness, which helps you to focus on the here and now, that is, the present and live it to the fullest. But there are many scientific studies that claim that motivation has a cushioning effect on depression and, in fact, having realistic goals, and pursuing them, helps you to be happier and enjoy greater well-being . So being motivated is good for our mood, and this book is about the secrets of increased motivation and how we can encourage this healthy state.

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7. The Yellow World (Albert Espinosa)

They say that bad experiences are those that make us value life and learn to be happy , and this is what happened to the author of this work, who was sick with cancer for 10 years. This book is a deep reflection of the author that helps the readers to reflect on the life we live and the thoughts we have, that in many occasions prevent us from enjoying something as valuable as life is.

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8. Your mind is your own (Kelly Brogan)

Much has been said about the neurobiological origin of depression, and for many years it was thought that this was the only cause of this disorder. However, environmental factors are decisive in the development of this disease , which does so much damage when it is suffered.

That is why the author of this work proposes tools and strategies that provoke changes in the environment and in people’s habits so that they improve their well-being and overcome the problems associated with depression. A clear, rigorous and courageous text that guarantees a radical transformation both physically and mentally of the readers.

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9. Overcoming Anxiety and Depression (Joseph Luciani)

Depression. as well as anxiety, are frequent disorders nowadays, which are often related . The author of this book aims to provide useful information for all those who have experienced these disorders, and offers a series of tips that can help readers to improve their mood and well-being.

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10. Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Teen Life (Ann Bailey)

Mindfulness is part of the psychotherapies known as third generation or contextual therapies, which emphasize the acceptance of experience. This has a healing effect on many disorders, including anxiety or depression.

Another of the third generation therapies that have proven to be most effective in this type of problem is the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This book offers knowledge and information about the basic principles of this method but focused on young people and adolescents. A practical guide to be happy at this age.

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