Valentine’s Day is a date that is increasingly becoming a tradition in Spanish-speaking countries as well.

That day becomes a perfect excuse to express love and affection through gifts, purchased or made by oneself, which can also serve to surprise the couple.
What is important is not so much the use that will be given to these products (although, of course, better if they are very useful and practical) but the way in which the relationship is expressed through the meaning of giving them as gifts to the other person.

Original Valentine’s Day gifts

Below you can see
a selection of gifts for your partner , many of which you can buy online. To find out more about them you can click on the links below.

1. Customized cups

There are several companies that allow you to customize mugs by having a message of your choice appear on them. In addition, many
the drawing designs that accompany the written part combine well with the idea of Valentine’s Day .

  • For example, you can find some attractive options on this website.

2. Books

Every excuse is good for giving books away, especially
if we are looking for gifts for restless minds .For example, you can browse through this article on books that deal with psychology.

3. Heart-shaped Lego necklaces

There are a number of accessories based on Lego design that fit well with the idea of a Valentine’s Day gift.
These heart-shaped necklaces are an example of this .

  • You can access more information about them by clicking here.

4. Hammock for two persons

One of the most original Valentine’s Day gifts: a product that invites you to travel to wild places.

  • If you are interested, you can get more information here.

5. Poetry

Poems can be a good way of expressing in verse what the relationship means to oneself . It doesn’t have to be a work of art; if it is a unique piece born of honesty it is more than enough.

6. Customized pillow cases

There are many possibilities when it comes to making a double bed have a personal touch. One of the best ways to do this is to use pillowcases with a personalized message. You can see some examples here and here.

7. This R2D2-inspired teapot

No need to comment: it’s a teapot every house should have. You can see its specifications here.

8. Smartphone Cases

There’s all
a series of smartphone cases that can serve as Valentine’s Day gifts. For example, this one.

9. Original towels

There are some
towels sold in pairs that constitute an original Valentine’s Day gift . For example, these with one of the most remembered parts of the script of the first Star Wars trilogy with Leia and Han Solo.

10. Customized fireplace plate

A home wall ornament that can contain customised text. To learn more about this type of product, you can click here.

11. Customized calendars

It is also possible to make a calendar fit in with the messages of love we are trying to convey. For example, from this page it is possible to choose the names that will appear on the slides, the starting month and sizes.

12. Polaroid set

One of the most romantic and customizable gifts you can give yourself. It consists of
take a series of photographs over the last year to have a series of images showing what the couple (both members) are doing. On Valentine’s Day a selection is made and given away.