There are positive phrases with so much power that they are able to motivate us and change our way of seeing life to a greater extent than whole books or hour-long talks. Even in fields of study such as Positive Psychology, it is assumed that positive thoughts can be an engine for change, something that brings us closer to the personal transformation we are looking for while making us more optimistic.

That is why, both in the field of psychotherapy and in our daily lives, it is common to make use of these bits of wisdom to encourage a shift towards optimism in the way we see things.

Famous quotes and phrases for all tastes

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The 125 short positive phrases for your everyday life

If you think that optimistic thoughts and reflections are capable of moving mountains, you will like to read this selection with 125 short positive sentences applicable to many contexts of everyday life.

1. Life begins every five minutes

This is an idea of the Catalan comedian and presenter Andreu Buenafuente . It refers to the possibility of breaking certain ideas that tie us to the past in order to constantly create something new.

2. You will find meaning in life if you believe it

This affirmation, whose authorship is by Osho , translates into the language of positive and motivating phrases the philosophy of the existentialist philosophers. We can make everything we do connected to something meaningful for us.

3. Where one door closes, another opens

This is a saying that appears written in the famous novel Don Quixote de la Mancha , by Miguel de Cervantes. Although in this work it appears in a passage of comic tints (usual in the picaresque novel), is frequently used to refer to the capacity of choice and personal development that we always have , even in the most adverse situations.

4. My mistakes were seeds

This is one of the best positive phrases of the artist and promoter of Psychomagic Alejandro Jodorowsky. Thinking positively implies making a new reading of what we understand by mistakes , which are never a path to anywhere but, in any case, the opportunity to learn from experience.

5. If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade

One of the classics among the positive phrases is this recommendation by self-help pioneer Dale Carnegie. It contains the essential idea of the possibility of using crises to emerge stronger from them.

6. Discard sadness and melancholy. Life is kind, it has few days and only now we have to enjoy it

This phrase is part of the legacy of the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. It emphasizes the idea of not re-creating ourselves in thoughts that take us away from well-being .

7. Happiness is not a given. It comes from your own actions

This phrase of the Dalai Lama appeared in the selection of motivational phrases, but it is practically obligatory to mention it as one of the best positive phrases. Although sometimes happiness may seem to be a kind of supernatural force that has to accompany us throughout our lives, it is only the fruit of actions and decisions. Something that is generated by our interaction with the environment .

8. Positive people change the world, while negative people keep it as it is

An anonymously authored phrase that offers an original interpretation of what optimism is. Of course, there is nothing like being a person who faces everyday life with good vibrations in order to improve reality .

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9. A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any drug

Patricia Neal emphasizes the power of the will when it comes to transforming us as people.

10. Everything can have beauty, even the most horrible

Frida Kahlo, probably the most famous Mexican artist in history, talks about beauty as something that can be seen anywhere if you have the right glasses.

11. No one who has given their best has ever regretted it

George Halas sums up why it makes sense to pursue one’s goals and do one’s best , as one of the keys to feeling proud of oneself and happy with life.

12. Fall in love with your existence

Jack Kerouac is a mine of positive and vitalistic phrases, but is especially well captured by his passionate spirit . A bombproof vitality.

13. Everyone has the ability to change themselves

Psychologist Albert Ellis, the creator of rational emotional therapy, speaks in this way about human potential and our ability to adapt to situations.

14. There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity, and atomic energy: will

Albert Einstein is prodigal in positive and inspiring phrases, and this one here is a good example of that. Will power can have great scope and it is possible to invest it in an infinite variety of projects.

15. You are never too old to have another goal or another dream

C.S. Lewis, famously the author of The Chronicles of Narnia , also showed good inventiveness in finding ways to express positive thoughts . In this sentence, it refers to our ability to create projects and goals for ourselves throughout our lives. Let’s get down to it.

16. Let’s be realistic and do the impossible

Ernesto Che Guevara establishes a paradox between what is supposed to not be able to materialize and what, because of willpower, is carried out. One of the most popular positive phrases and one of the most inspiring among political circles .

17. The triumph of the true man rises from the ashes of error

The famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda reflects on the need to make mistakes in order to achieve solid life victories . Mistakes also generate very valuable learning.

18. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Gabriel García Márquez has left us with many positive phrases full of optimism, and this is possibly the best known of them all. He teaches us to face the small moments of life with an attitude that radiates good vibrations .

19. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be realized without hope

Helen Keller appeals to optimism as a force that leads to goals .

20. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

The French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau thus encourages us not to be discouraged by the lack of short-term incentives in projects that, seen globally, have the power to inspire hope.

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21. Every problem has a gift for you

Richard Bach talks about the paradox that inhabits challenges : an experience that initially repels us may contain something that we seek and that does us good.

22. Even the darkest night will end with the rising of the Sun

Victor Hugo believes that bad moments disappear by their very nature , and that they give way to much more positive episodes of change.

23. If you look at the Sun, you will not see the shadows

With another mention of the star king, Hellen Keller encourages us to turn our attention to the positive aspects of life .

24. Happiness often slips through a door you didn’t know you left open

A thought from John Barrymore. In line with other positive phrases, here we talk about happiness as something that appears spontaneously, without looking for it .

25. Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher

Maya Watson believes that even unpleasant experiences have a positive background if you learn from them.

26.The only ones interested in changing the world are the pessimists, because the optimists are delighted with what is there

José Saramago makes us see that, perhaps, an excess of optimism can be sedative. Taste is in the measure .

27. I’m an optimist. It doesn’t seem very useful to be anything else

Winston Churchill advocated optimism, even if only as a matter of pragmatism .

28. Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing themselves

Alexei Tolstoy teaches us the importance of looking at ourselves first, and then exteriorizing our positive aspects.

29.People change when they realize the potential they have to change reality

Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho is one of the great authors of famous sentences. In this one, he suggests that only by knowing our potential can we be motivated to create new things .

30.Every day I look in the mirror and ask myself, “If today was the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m going to do today? If the answer is “No” for too many days in a row, I know I have to change something

The creator of Apple Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011, was a great innovator and gave us master classes to live day to day with enthusiasm .

31.Laugh every day and you won’t have wasted a single moment of your life

An anonymous phrase that reminds us to smile more often .

32. If we exaggerated our joys, as we do our sorrows, our problems would lose importance

This quotation, pronounced by the French writer Anatole France, gives us faith that we usually give more importance to the bad than to the good . Why don’t we change our mentality?

33.It is good to have joy in the house and not have to look for it outside

The German poet Goethe, one of history’s most brilliant thinkers, reminds us that happiness is not found a thousand miles from home .

34.When hope springs up, the heart takes advantage and begins to act on its own

This quote from Haruki Murakami reveals the influence of our desires on our body and mind .

35.The truly great ones are those of great courage

Those who succeed and are happy are those who are tenacious enough to always go forward . Great thought by Francisco de Quevedo.

36. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Nietzsche wants to express that all experiences strengthen us .

37. The truest wisdom is a resolute determination

The military man Napoleon Bonaparte describes wisdom as the ability to face challenges with ease and desire .

38. Failure is a good opportunity to start over with more intelligence

Henry Ford transforms his pragmatic philosophy into a very versatile positive phrase.

39. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them

Walt Disney points out that even a positive mindset is often a challenge in itself.

40. The best way to predict the future is to create it

Abraham Lincoln, on the horizon of possibilities offered by the future.

41. Having fewer keys allows you to open more doors

A positive phrase from Alex Morritt to find optimism even in those situations where we seem to have few options.

42. A healthy attitude is contagious. Let others imbibe it

The irrational nature of a positive attitude can be a great advantage when relating to others. Quote from Charles F. Glassman.

43. Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier

Positive mint is not only pleasant in itself, but also an efficient resource. The quote is from Colin Powell.

44. The best way to forget the bad things in life is to learn to remember the good things

A quote from Mark Amend .

45. When one door closes, many more open

The possibilities and windows of opportunity are constantly changing, and you have to know how to see them, as this famous phrase by Bob Marley says.

46. It always seems impossible until it is done

This is one of those positive phrases that reminds us that before facing a challenge we do not always value our possibilities realistically, even if it seems so to us. The quote is from Nelson Mandela.

47. Correction does a lot, but courage does more

According to Goethe, the value of undertaking projects and facing challenges is, in itself, something that makes us advance .

48. Believes that life is worth living and belief will help create the fact

The famous psychologist William James, on the importance of examining our ideas and attitudes before pretending to examine the world and explore our possibilities.

49. If you can dream it, you can do it

A perfect example of one of those positive phrases that extols our ability to imagine opportunities in a big way, and how beneficial this is. Quote from Walt Disney.

50. I’m grateful to everyone who said no to me. Thanks to them I am doing it for myself

Albert Einstein, on how to look favourably upon even those episodes in our lives when doors seem to close.

51. Enthusiasm Moves the World

The power of one attitude not only affects our lives, but has repercussions throughout society. This quote is from Arthur Balfour.

52. The power of imagination makes us infinite

One interpretation for this sentence by John Muir could be the following: to imagine is to find options where there were none before

53. Without rain there would be no rainbow

Some positive parts of our life only occur because sad scenes have occurred before . The author is Gilbert Chesterton.

54. Within the difficulty lies the opportunity

Albert Einstein, on the opportunities that come with challenges.

55. Once you have chosen the option of hope, anything is possible

Believing in a better future allows us to make it more possible. Phrase of Christopher Reeve.

56. From a small seed a powerful tree can be born

Aeschylus, on the need to value the small until it becomes a source of potential.

57. There are as many special occasions in life as there are times we choose to celebrate them

The product of our optimism is, in part, in the way we look at it. Robert Braul’s phrase.

58. Life has no more limitations than those one places on oneself

Although the limitations seem to be the product of a rational and realistic mentality, they are also partly imaginary, according to Les Brown.

59. He who is happy will make others happy

Happiness and optimism as something social and shared Quote from Anne Frank.

60. From our difficulties are born miracles

In line with other positive phrases, this one from Jean de la Bruyere points out that challenges are windows of possibility.

61. Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is

Vince Lombardi, on the need to maintain a winning mentality.

62. Believe that you can, and will, go halfway

Part of our personal progress is so discreet that it seems almost invisible, and is found in the kind of mentality and thoughts that we cultivate. Quote from Theodore Roosevelt.

63. It is never too late to be who you could have been

This quote from George Eliot points out that there is no reason to believe that our time to go for something has passed.

64. No matter how slowly you walk as you walk

For Confucius, the fact of progress is in itself something to be valued highly .

65. Dreaming is a way of planning

Even in the most irrational desires and fantasies there are possible plans and strategies that can benefit us. The phrase is from Gloria Steinem.

66. Learning is a gift. Even pain is a teacher

A positive statement about the infinite variety of situations from which we can learn. The quote is from Maya Watson.

67. If you can change your mind, you can change the world

William James, once again. The phrase emphasizes the role of our mental and private world in worshipping how we live our lives.

68. The difference between winning and losing is usually not giving up

Walt Disney, on the good of keeping long-term projects alive.

69. No matter what the situation, remember this idea: “I have options”

In this sentence by Deepak Chopra, the way in which our ideas carve our world is also emphasized.

70. Life isn’t happening to you. Life is responding to you

A nice positive sentence of unknown authorship in which it is expressed to what extent we are active subjects of our lives .

71. When the road seems impossible, start the engine

You have to bear in mind the importance of having an ace in the hole. Phrase of Benny Bellamacina.

72. The only disability in life is a bad attitude

This sentence by Scott Hamilton emphasizes the extent to which negative thoughts can be a deterrent.

73. Make your optimism come true

Being successful is, in part, putting into practice the positive ideas you have. Authorship unknown.

74. Learn to smile in any situation. Take it as an opportunity to express your strength

The practical power of smiles as something that changes our reality The author is Joe Brown.

75. We cannot control the wind, but we can adjust the sails

This anonymous phrase expresses the extent to which every unavoidable event has a side that we can control.

76. My optimism wears heavy boots and is noisy

Optimism and a positive attitude make themselves felt and sometimes speak for us . At least in the case of the musician Henry Rollins, author of the phrase.

77. Pessimism leads to weakness and optimism to power

William James, on the limits of pessimism and the productivity of positive thinking.

78. Life changes very quickly, and in a positive way, if you let it

Goals that one day seem unattainable can be part of the present if we create the opportunities for them. Phrase from Lindsey Vonn.

79. The most important thing is to stay positive

Positive thinking is a necessary foundation to build from. The quote is from Saku Koivu.

80. The only difference between a bad day and a good day is your attitude

A positive statement by Dennis S. Brown in line with those that emphasize the importance of mentality to generate optimism from situations.

81. Positive thinking will let you use the skills you have, and that’s great

Optimism makes it easier for us to realize our potential, according to Zig Ziglar.

82. To have a positive attitude is to ask how something can be done, rather than saying it can’t be done

Here the importance of transforming the positive attitude into a source of potential is expressed . Phrase of Bo Bennett.

83. When you think positive, things happen

For Matt Kemp, maintaining a certain mindset helps to see moments when beneficial situations can be created.

85. No matter who you meet throughout your life, you will take something from them, either positive or negative

According to Gary Allan, even that which seems like a waste of time or something extremely harmful makes us evolve as people.

86. Keep a positive mind and laugh at everything

One of the clearest and most transparent positive phrases. In fact, it’s an order! Phrase from Alexandra Roach.

87. Your heart is full of seeds waiting to germinate

For de Morihei Ueshiba, the potential of our most passionate and irrational side is often hidden .

88. Surround yourself with positive people

Advice that can be followed by both optimists and non-optimists. Phrase from Melanie Fiona.

89. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Here it is emphasized that positive thinking can also be focused on the past. Quote from Dr. Seuss.

90. The negative is as important as the positive

In this sentence Ellsworth Kelly talks about the need to take into account both the good and the bad in order to see both realms in perspective.

91. Try it again. Fail again. Fail better.

Samuel Beckett, on the positives of seeing failure as a source of personal growth.

92. Write in your heart that every day is the best day of your life

The philosophy based on “live in the moment” is expressed in this phrase by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

93. Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them

A phrase that reminds us that the positive is extracted from the control we gain over the difficulties. Steve Maraboli’s phrase.

94. All things are difficult until they are easy

Thomas Fuller emphasizes the ease with which human beings learn and make yesterday’s challenges what we are used to.

95. Life doesn’t have a remote control. Get up and change it yourself

One of those positive phrases (in this case, from Mark A. Cooper) that could also serve to motivate in the work or in any project undertaken .

96. A better world is not only possible, it is coming

An alternative explanation would be that the best is yet to come. Arundhati Roy’s phrase.

97. The best kind of happiness is the habit you are passionate about

Shannon L. Alder left a reminder about the way in which the positive is to be brought into our daily lives .

98. Aspire to be the person you admire most

Quote from Deborah A. Carr to remind us that the most important audience is oneself.

99. We are gods in a chrysalis

A positive and poetic phrase by Dale Carnegie in which the unsuspected power that each one keeps in himself is captured .

100. Looks back and smiles at past dangers

Challenges are not only to be overcome, but also to be examined in hindsight. Walter Scott’s phrase.

101. Love is that micro-moment of warmth and connection that we share with another living being

Barbara L. Fredrickson, talks about the nice times we have spent connecting with someone .

102. The good life is a process, not a state

Carl Rogers, one of the referents of humanist psychology, talks about happiness as something that has to do with the way we move, how we live our daily lives.

103. There is no failure, only unfinished success

A phrase of the Hindu artist Ravi Varma, gives us an optimistic vision of those situations that do not follow our expectations.

104. Loving oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

The writer Oscar Wilde left us this reflection on self-esteem and its positive implications .

105. Happiness is not out there for us to find, and the reason for that is that it is within us

One of the positive phrases of the researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky, about happiness.

106. I walk slowly, but never walk backwards

This positive phrase from Abraham Lincoln points out the importance that patience has in our lives .

107. A good laugh heals many wounds

The American writer Madeleine L’Engle talks about the power of joy and good humor .

108. No matter what age, there is always something good to overcome

Lynn Johnston brings a joyful vision of the capabilities that characterize us at every stage of our lives.

109. Victory is always possible for those who refuse to surrender

The writer Napoleon Hill, in one of his positive and at the same time motivating sentences .

110. The noblest and most beautiful things in life are not meant for us to hear stories about them, to read about their existence, or to see them, but are meant to be lived

Søren Kierkegaard, one of the pioneers of existentialism, talks about the nature of the experiences that mean the most to us .

111. Music is the Poetry of the Air

A positive sentence by the German writer Jean Paul Richter that, in addition, gives us a very pleasant vision about the nature of music .

112. True love stories never end

For Richard Bach, love stories always remain in the memories , even if their protagonists disappear.

113. A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself

A reflection by Frank Crane about friendship and what unites us .

114. If you have never failed, you have never lived

For the journalist and writer Hunter S. Thompson, mistakes were perfectly integrated in life and in our existence, so that we do not have to regret them .

115. From difficulties are born miracles

One of those positive phrases that focus on the good in the bad . In this case, the author is the French writer Jean de la Bruyère.

116. Life is like jazz… better if it is improvised

An inspiring phrase by composer and pianist George Gershwin.

117. To combat frustration, we must find a balance between the individual and the collective: learning to manage our attention and to share the world with others

This famous quote is from Spanish social psychologist Adrian Triglia.

118. If you give light, the darkness will go away by itself

A reflection by Erasmus of Rotterdam on our capacity to do good and the impact that this has on our lives.

119. The world is full of magic that waits patiently for our wits to be sharpened

A phrase from the philosopher Bertrand Russell about the capacity of the world to surprise us .

120. Man has never made a material as strong as the resilient soul

The philosopher Bernard Williams speaks here about resilience and its power in our lives .

121. Light up tomorrow with today!

The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning offers one of the positive phrases that, more than advice, seem like orders (whose fulfillment is not an unpleasant task, however).

122. We live about 30,000 days, and in each one of them we decide to change our reality… or to let ourselves go

A reflection by Bertrand Regader, Spanish psychologist and writer.

123. Thought is overrated. Think less and feel more

Valencian psychologist Nacho Cóller reflects on the anxiety of overthinking things.

124. We live about 30,000 days, and in each one of them we decide to change our reality… or to let ourselves go

A reflection by Bertrand Regader, Spanish psychologist and writer.

125. Mourning is necessary at certain times in life. It is just as necessary as knowing how to give back to our existence certain objectives that impel us to continue

We close this collection of positive and optimistic phrases with this excerpt from a book by Jonathan García-Allen.

Your day to day, much more positive from now on

So much for the selection of short positive phrases. If you miss any, you can suggest and provide extra recommendations to complete the list of positive thoughts , adding the author’s name, and we will probably add it in this article.

Let’s hope they help you face each new day with joy. Courage and to go forward with more strength than ever.