We live in a society where we are constantly going back and forth, running like headless chickens back and forth. In our day-to-day life, with all the tasks and obligations we have to fulfil, we hardly have any free time. And normally, we waste this time watching TV or arguing on social networks for the last game of our team.

This frenetic pace leads to stress and mood swings that lead to a grey and negative lifestyle. To remedy this, we are going to propose 15 activities that will produce well-being and lead you to be a person with a greater capacity to fill you with energy and know how to manage it better .

15 activities to charge yourself with energy

Below you can find a selection of useful tasks, exercises or even hobbies to help you better manage your forces. You will only need to take a little time each day to apply them to your life. Select the ones that best suit your particular case.

1. Outdoor salt

Yeah, you might think this is the height of originality. But something as simple as going out for a walk, taking a stroll on the beach, shopping, or taking a stroll in a city park is going to cause your stress levels to drop and release endorphins, which are the chemicals in our brain that make us feel good.

If this activity can be done during the day and in sunlight, so much the better. Sunlight helps to synthesize more vitamin D, which will help us to regulate the levels of this vitamin in the body and this will help to improve our mood. One of the most recommended activities to fill you with energy .

2. Go see a show

A football match, a play, a concert, going to the cinema, etc… The options are as many as you can imagine, and this will help you release tension in the right way. Think about what your hobbies are and treat yourself to one of them.

For people on a tight budget there are also many options. In any city they do free concerts or bonus shows that are accessible to any budget.

3. Travel

Traveling is probably one of the most pleasant activities there are . Getting to know new places, new cultures, trying exotic cuisines, etc.

It’s true that it’s not a cheap activity (although it’s getting cheaper) so to experience its benefits you don’t have to go to Indonesia or New Zealand. It will be enough for you to make a small getaway to a nearby town or city. In fact, many people jump across the pond, without knowing all that their country or community has to offer.

4. Attend a workshop or conference

Another interesting option. If you live in a medium or big city, you will surely have a great option of workshops, courses, conferences or round tables with a theme related to something you like. From art therapy workshops, to conferences on human rights, to a talk-discussion on the winning film of the last independent film festival.

You only have to put the topic you are looking for and your city in some search engine and you will get dozens of events to choose from.

5. Meet with others

Social relationships are probably one of the things that bring us the most happiness and satisfaction. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is very common to leave them aside . We park to have a coffee with our friend because we are going to English classes or we stop visiting our cousins because we don’t feel like moving from the soft sofa.

One of the best things you can do to disconnect and get out of the rut is to meet other people. It doesn’t matter if it’s with friends, family, or co-workers. The important thing is to relate, interact, socialize.

6. Exercise

I don’t think it’s necessary to even mention the benefits of physical exercise on our body and mind. We all know that at least 30 minutes of light exercise a day will be enough to see us better physically and to make our mind clearer and calmer.

Again, the options are limitless. What’s more, you don’t even have to practice a sport as such, you can opt for dance classes, brisk walking or even making love.

7. Spend time with a hobby or project

Do you want to set up a blog but never make up your mind? Do you like to write, but never start writing anything? You probably have some hobby that you have neglected . It’s time to take it up again. Resuming or starting a project will make you feel good in the moment and in the long term, because you will feel that you are walking towards something interesting.

8. Do something for yourself

Although most of the above options involve spending time on yourself , with this eighth idea what you are going to do is create or buy something just for you.

For example: cooking a dish you’ve never tried, buying something you like, taking out medical insurance, wearing your best suit, etc… You name it, the only condition is that you’ll be satisfied and feel or look better when you do.

9. Meditate

The many benefits of meditation include enhancing mental and physical health, improving memory, or reducing anxiety and depression. So meditation has become one of the best actions you can practice if you want to take your life to the next level.

There are many forms of meditation. On the Internet you have thousands of free tutorials, audios and videos. So you have no excuse.

If you don’t like the traditional form of meditation, you can also opt for contemplation . That is simply observing your surroundings with the 5 senses (preferably outdoors).

10. Appointment alone

Similar to the previous one, but not the same. This time, what you must do is be silent. You, in solitude with your thoughts . Once you are silent and after you think about the typical concerns of your day to day life, you will realize questions that you do not usually fall into. Am I satisfied with my life? Where am I going? How do I want my life to be in the next few years? What the hell is wrong with people? These are questions that usually come up when you are silent.

Find a quiet place, where nobody bothers you, turn off your mobile, internet and stay alone with you. There’s only one person on this date and that’s you. Prove it!

11. Cooperate with someone, help others

Dedicating time to some altruistic action will not only benefit our fellow man but also make us feel better and with a sense of usefulness.

At present there are many associations with which you can collaborate by being a volunteer or . You can also do this on your own, though. Be generous with that neighbour who is having a hard time or do something special for that friend who is sick. Give without expecting anything in return, simply for the pleasure of being generous.

12. Start a conversation with a stranger

I’m sure you remember when your mother told you as a child not to talk to strangers. Your mother did it to protect you from dangerous people who prey on children’s innocence. But now that you are an adult, this dogma only makes you avoid meeting lots of interesting people for fear of the unknown.

Dare to talk to that girl you always meet on the bus, ask your gym partner something, say hello to the taxi driver and take an interest in how his day is going. Banish the silly thought that if you don’t know someone, you have no reason to talk to them.

13. Play with animals

If you look, what do children and pets do most? Play! Adults, on the other hand, hardly ever play; they are always caught up in their thoughts and obligations. Why not go out into the garden and play with your dog or cat for a while? Try it out, be a child again, for a few moments, enjoy yourself as they do.

14. Expresses a complaint

You may be surprised to see this approach amidst so much positive activity, but you’ll agree that on many occasions we don’t keep quiet and hold back thoughts, emotions or feelings for fear of rejection or because we simply want to avoid conflict.

The next time you want to give your opinion on a controversial issue, want to complain about a treatment you consider inappropriate or make a criticism about something or someone, don’t keep it to yourself. Speak your mind assertively and get respect.

15. Give a compliment

As opposed to the previous one, here you can reward or praise someone you think deserves it. There are many people who will do things for you, who care about you, or who simply do their job well and you don’t value them enough. I’m sure you think that’s normal.

Use assertiveness again, on this occasion to show your appreciation and love for what you receive . Or even if you don’t receive anything. I’m sure that if you tell your office partner how good that shirt looks, you will feel much better.