Today we bring you a compilation of phrases about travelling .

First of all, according to the SAR, travel is: Moving from one place to another, generally distant, by any means of locomotion .

Other people would define it as growing as a person, adventure, joy… And the fact is that travelling is not simply moving from one place to another, it is getting to know cultures different from your own, getting to know places, living experiences, feeling freer.

It’s summertime, and this is the time of year when most people tend to travel to meet new cultures and environments.

There are real travelers (travel lovers) and others who do it less often either for money or the desire to go. Whatever type of traveller you are, you are sure to find phrases here that you can identify with or that will inspire you on your next trip.

Remember: Traveling is the only thing we pay for and it makes us richer

Phrases on travel, travelers and the corners of the world

So, let’s start with the collection of reflections on the journeys .

1. The wise traveler travels slower, but sees more (Carlos Olmo)

Spiritual journeys are not in a hurry, but they make us enjoy the scenery, on a slow fire.

2. Traveling: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller (Ibn Battuta) Translation: Travel: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Taking a trip can leave indelible traces in our memory and in our way of being.

3. Traveling, sleeping, falling in love, are three ways of going to places you don’t always understand (Mastretta Angels)

Leaving the comfort zone can always become an adventure beyond our control.

4.Travel concept. Sunglasses, world map, beach shoes, sunscreen, passport, planeickets, beach ball, hat and old red suitcase for travel on the wood background

A travel phrase in English that collects objects and accessories to go and enjoy the beach.

5. Travel is essential and the thirst for travel, a net symptom of intelligence (Enrique Jardiel Poncela)

Many authors have linked the spirit of travel with greater intelligence. Is this true?

6. You travel all over the world in search of something and come home to find it (George Moore)

Even if we don’t love knowing the world, there is nothing like coming home to realize many important things.

7. The real miracle is not walking on water or flying through the air: it is walking on land (Houeï Neng)

Feet on the ground and mind in the clouds. That’s how some explorers live.

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We continue with other reflections of great travelers.

8. The world is too beautiful to travel only on the internet (Anonymous)

If you lock yourself up at home, you will not be able to see with your own eyes the most wonderful places in the world. Or get to know cultures in depth.

10. Travel is in youth a part of education and in old age a part of experience (Francis Bacon)

Throughout life, travel gives us unique experiences and knowledge.

11. Travel tends to magnify all human emotions (Peter Hoeg)

Expand our emotions through new adventures. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

12. Life is a daring adventure or nothing (Hellen Keller)

Either we risk living, or it won’t make any sense beyond the boring routine.

13. Not all those who wander are lost (JRR Tolkien)

The author of The Lord of the Rings reminds us that wandering can be the best way to stay alive and keep your sanity.

14. We travel not to escape life, but so that life does not escape us (Anonymous)

An inspiring phrase about travel and how it fills us with vitality.

15. The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has gone to see (G. K. Chesterton)

Clever comparison of two ways of moving around the world.

16. Travel makes us modest (Gustave Flaubert)

This activity can change our attitude towards life.

17. Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been (Anonymous)

This phrase encourages us to go out and see the world following a simple maxim.

18. People do not initiate journeys, journeys initiate people (John Steinbeck)

This writer talks about the transformative character of the habit of travelling .

19. Take only memories, leave only footprints (Chief Seattle)

A memorable phrase about the optimal attitude to travel in an authentic way.

20. The journey does not become an adventure until you are left behind (Marty Rubin)

A reflection on the threshold at which adventures begin.

21. The great journey of discovery does not consist in seeking new horizons but in having new eyes (Marcel Proust)

Proust reflects on the nature of discovery through travel.

22. The place where you go becomes part of you (Anita Desai)

A simple phrase about the imprint the journey leaves on us.

23. Human beings cannot discover new oceans until they gain the courage to leave the shore behind (Andre Gide)

Nice metaphor for the explorer character.

24. There is a sunrise and a sunset every day; don’t miss any of them (Jo Watson)

Another one of those maxims of life to be guided by.

25. Travel is a way for our mind to stretch (Ralph Crawshaw)

An imaginative picture about the psychological properties of travel.

I hope you liked these sentences about travelling What are your favourite destinations? Which city, island or town do you recommend?