To love someone and have that person love you is, without a doubt, incredible . But relationships have to be worked on every day, otherwise what started out as a nice romance can end up in a lack of love.

It may also be that, over time, the relationship has cooled down, and your partner may notice that you are no longer looking out for him or her as you once were. Even though this is normal, we must continue to show affection to our lover, since he or she has chosen us as his or her partner for the rest of his or her life.

Ways to show love to your boyfriend/girlfriend

If you want to show your lover that you think he is special to you and that you really think he is everything in your life, below you can find a list of ways to show him love.

1. First of all… be his friend

Lasting relationships are those in which partners share hobbies, support each other and feel like friends. Don’t forget to have fun with your partner, both in everyday life and in sexual activity .

2. Make your partner a priority

This does not mean that you should not go to work because your partner wants to spend time with you . It’s about taking into account that you are there and doing things together, living unforgettable moments. Nobody likes to be with someone who is at work all day and forgets that they have a partner or a family.

3. Negotiate instead of argue

Of course, you won’t always agree, but in a relationship it’s all about finding a balance. Sometimes your partner wins and sometimes you win. The key is to negotiate .

4. Leave a note of “I love you” before leaving home

It’s 8:00 a.m. and you have to go to work. Your partner is still getting ready, so take this opportunity to leave him a love note right next to his keys. I’m sure he’ll start the day super happy.

5. Fly to Paris

There’s no better way than spending a few days with your lover in the city of love. Enjoy Paris and its charming cafés, champagne, art and the Eiffel Tower with your partner. Take the opportunity to take a night walk along the Seine River and turn this trip into an unforgettable memory.

6. Take her breakfast to the (even if not every day)

It’s not about being your partner’s slave. But it’s Sunday morning and the week has been exhausting for him or her… why not have a detail? Bring him breakfast in bed and I’m sure he’ll love you a bit more after that .

7. Make an unexpected “I love you” call

He’s at work, because it’s Monday morning. Give him a call to tell him how much you matter to him . Imagine how he will feel if he gets your call and you say, “Honey! I’m just calling to tell you how much I love you and how important you are to me. I hope you have a nice Monday.

8. A picnic day

Decide on any day, one that you both have time and go on a picnic with your partner . Whether you go to the beach or the mountains, the important thing is that you are together.

9. Send flowers on any day

Not all women are fond of receiving flowers, but this is a romantic detail. You don’t have to be on Valentine’s Day or her birthday to give her a bouquet of flowers. Giving them to her on any given day can be a pleasant surprise.

10. Recognizes your achievements

Whether in studies, at work or in housework, the recognition of your hard work is something you will greatly appreciate . I’m sure there’s no one he wants to impress more than you.

11. Communicate

Communication is basic to any relationship, so communicate with your partner instead of just talking. It is necessary to avoid conflicts and it brings people closer together .

12. Active listening

We all need to be heard, but it’s not the same to hear as to listen. Active listening is putting all your senses into conversation.

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13. Apologize when you are wrong

Your partner will appreciate it if you apologize when you are wrong . We all make mistakes and conflicts are normal in a couple. To show love is to be humble and to care about the other person.

14. Trust your partner

Trusting a partner is an act of love. This is done, for example, by not caring that he goes out with his friends.Jealousy makes the relationship toxic and ends the love.

15. Don’t compare him to others

Your partner is unique and that’s why you love her. Do not compare her to anyone (for example, a former partner) . If you are still thinking about someone else, you can hardly give yourself away.

16. Remind him that you are proud to have him

Your partner will be very happy to be reminded how special he is to you and how lucky you are to have him by your side.

17. Give him his space

Everyone needs their space for the relationship to work . This point is very close to giving confidence to the partner, and this is only possible when the relationship is not dependent.

18. Hold him

There is nothing more powerful and transmitting than a hug. Hug him as much as you can, even more so after intimate relationships .

19. Kiss him

A hug is incredible, but if you also kiss him from the heart, the message is clear . So kiss, kiss and kiss and show him love.

20. Practices tantric sex

If you want to really connect with your partner, practice tantric sex. This experience will make you connect with all your senses. If you want to know more about this practice, in our article: “7 Tantric Sex Exercises for Maximum Pleasure” you will find a series of tips that can be very useful for you and your partner.

21. Always speak to her with respect

If it comes to it, it is true that you cannot agree on every opinion and that everyone has their own view of the world , you should always be respectful of your partner . It is always better to be assertive than to impose your own opinions.

22. Shows interest in friends

We all choose who our friends are, so better show interest and be respectful of your partner’s friends . If you love him or her, understand that his or her friends are special to him or her.

23. Find something to enjoy

Look for activities in which you have fun together , because in the end it is these moments that fill you up. Whether it is dancing salsa, going to the gym or visiting museums, the important thing is that you have a good time together.

24. Support him in the acquisition of his goals

Support your partner in achieving his goals and motivate him to keep going . For example, if he wants to lose weight, you can help him to eat healthy by buying healthy food.

25. Keep the flame of passion alive

If you’ve been together long enough, keep the flame of passion from being extinguished. Be original and think of things that will benefit you both.

26. Go on an adventure

This time don’t plan… explore a place neither of you have ever been. This could be a weekend or an afternoon at a local place.

27. Do something you want very much

Surprise her by doing something you think your partner would want to do before she asks.

28. Plan another honeymoon

If you have children and the relationship seems a bit monotonous lately, take your partner on a little honeymoon . In this way you will relive what has brought you together and you will become closer.

29. Share

Share your love, your fears, your responsibility . Make your partner your life. After all, you want him to be part of the rest of your life.

30. Understands her emotions

It is not always easy to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, but make an effort to understand their feelings , even when you don’t agree with your partner.