30 small tattoos to show off on your skin

30 small tattoos to show off on your skin

No one can doubt that tattoos are in fashion, and there are many people who want to get a tattoo and do so throughout their lives.

Some do it because they think it is a trend and others do it because the tattoo has a special meaning for them. There are those who choose large tattoos and others who, for different reasons, want small, rather discreet tattoos .

A list of small tattoos

If you also decide on this last option, below you can find a list of small tattoos to show off on your body.

1. Thief

This tattoo belongs to J. R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. It was used by Gandalf as a trademark.

Source: www.pinterest.com

2. Lauburu

This cross is a pre-Christian symbol of Basque origin thought to represent the sun.

Source: www.pinterest.com

3. Sailboat

The sailboat is a symbol that represents tranquility , solitude and discovery. Without a doubt, a very iconic tattoo.

Source: www.pinterest.com

4. Lotus flower

The lotus flower is a symbol that comes from the Buddhist culture and represents the pure and authentic.

Source: www.vix.com

5. Meraki

This tattoo is called Meraki, a Greek term that refers to acting with creativity and passion .

Source: www.imgrum.net

6. Anchor

Few tattoos represent as much as an anchor, which is associated with strength, power and balance .

Source: www.belagoria.com

7. The Rune Inguz

Of Nordic origin, it represents the creative god. This means that even in delicate moments it is possible to get ahead.

Source: www.okchicas.com

8. Incomplete Delta

Since this symbol has an open corner, it refers to the mentality of openness to change. It’s a nice little symbolic tattoo.

Source: www.pinterest.com

9. Semicolon

The meaning of the semicolon as a tattoo is different from what this symbol represents on paper. On the skin, it means that “this is not an end, but a new beginning”.

Source: www.que.es

10. Arrows

Arrows are very popular tattoos, which refer to following the path . Generally, this path refers to one’s dreams, to one’s desires.

Source: www.tatuajesde.net

11. Om

Of Hindu origin, it is a mantra that means “the supreme”, the connection of the spiritual with the physical. The body with the universe.

Source: www.pinterest.com

12. Butterflies

Butterflies are very beautiful insects, which have wings and therefore fly. They mean change and metamorphosis , and represent “taking flight” to achieve what one wants.

Source: www.tatuajesoriginales.com

13. Harry Potter Triangle

In Harry Potter’s work, this triangle refers to the three death relics. The triangle is the Cloak of Invisibility, the circle is the Resurrection Stone and the straight line is the Elder Wand.

Source: www.askideas.com

14. Malin

Malin is of Scandinavian origin, specifically Swedish. Its meaning has to do with the need to learn from bad experiences in order to grow.

Source: www.europortal.com

15. Moon

The moon, next to the sun, represents life. It also symbolises change, since it goes through a series of phases . It reminds us that change is a normal part of life.

Source: www.tatuajeflash.com

16. Dragonfly

The dragonfly is an insect that is associated with the feminine and represents nature, prosperity, harmony, strength and good luck.

Source: www.belagoria.com

17. Star

Stars are very common as a tattoo, and they can have different sizes. It is a tattoo that looks great in small dimensions , and refers to them guiding us on the way, even in the dark.

Source: www.belagoria.com

18. Zen Circle

Zen culture is in vogue, and this tattoo is no exception. It refers to the universe, to enlightenment and the power that comes from self-knowledge and inner peace.

Source: www.belagoria.com

19. Hearts

Another of the most common tattoos. It represents love and passion, and represents intense emotions. It is also associated with the feminine .

Source: www.tatuajesfemeninos.com

20. G-Clef and F-Clef

Those who love music can get a G-Clef or F-Clef tattoo, because they are great tattoos that look great on the skin.

Source: www.salondetatuajes.com

21 Feathers

Feathers are tattoos similar to wings, and represent flight, the struggle for dreams and desires. They look great anywhere.

Source: www.ellahoy.es

22. Glyphs

Glyphs are written that belong to different ancient cultures, for example, the Mayans, Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt. In reduced size they can be worn on any part of the body.

Source: www.lavozdelmuro.net

23. Tree

The tree is a tattoo that represents nature, but also life, since they bear fruit and provide us with oxygen. On the other hand, the tree is also stability and strength.

Source: www.pinterest.com

24. Deer

Deer are animals that survive adversities and, moreover, represent courage and bravery .

Source: www.pinterest.com

25. Eye

Eyes are for looking and observing. They represent calm and wisdom. They are observation and learning .

Source: www.pinterest.com

26. Letters

This tattoo is possibly the most personal. The initials can represent your own name or that of someone important in your life.

Source: www.imagui.com

27. Words

While letters are often associated with the name, words can also have a personal meaning.

Source: www.tatuajes-tattoos.com

28. Hourglass

The hourglass represents calm, patience, waiting to achieve what one wants from the bottom of one’s heart.

Source: www.pinterest.com

29. Cat

For cat lovers , this tattoo is ideal. Felines represent the constant fight against adversity and the ingenuity and creativity.

Source: www.okchicas.com

30. Roman numerals

Roman numerals may or may not have meaning. But they are ideal for any part of the body when they are small.

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