One of the most important aspects of living well and fully is productivity, that is, achieving our objectives (professional or personal) with the least amount of resources possible , in less time and with less stress, so as to live a harmonious and full life, where you have enough time for yourself, your family or your hobbies.

However, we live with constant blockages that paralyse us and distance us from what we really want. At the same time, it is common that achieving the proposed goals involves time, stress, confusion, even personal conflicts. Therefore, many times it ends up being exhausting and almost impossible to reconcile professional life with personal or family life. What can we do to change this?

In reality productivity does not consist of effort but of strategy, in your way of creating , taking steps and going towards your objectives in an intelligent way, knowing how to use the resources you have at your disposal without exhausting them (time being the most important of them). So… How to increase your productivity?

The key, as surprising as it may seem, is totally emotional. Why? Because human beings are emotional beings, every second of the day we are excited and emotions influence not only our mood, but also every decision we make, action, interpretation of the world and also your relationships.

Emotional Keys to Improving Productivity

The famous creative blocks, the belief that you don’t deserve it, the famous procrastination, the difficulty in managing time, not knowing how to plan or organize yourself, or having difficulties in making decisions, are problems that depend mainly on emotional factors .

For this reason, no matter how hard you try to make a change to overcome that procrastination or blockage or to be more productive, we will not end up achieving it if we do not go to the root of the problem: our way of managing your emotions.

I’m going to give you 5 very simple emotional keys to overcome your blockages, procrastination or increase your productivity (get more and better results but in less time and with less effort).

These keys are the ones that every person who wants to grow personally or professionally needs to apply to increase their productivity, and with which I have worked in these last 10 years accompanying people in processes of change as a psychologist and coach. If you want to live that process, you can visit to go deeper and get free help for the first steps.

1. Learn to manage fear

Fear is a paralyzing emotion. But… why does it paralyze you in the face of certain actions if nothing bad is going to happen? In fact, sometimes what is scary are actions that lead you to what you want and make you happy. The problem is that you haven’t gone deep enough into that fear.

Unconsciously, you may believe that something dangerous will happen if you take action: lack of acceptance of others, hurting other people, not achieving your goals as you thought and that weakens the vision you have about yourself… are unfounded fears that block you .

2. Develop your confidence (emotion)

Trust is an attitude, but it is also an emotional state. If you don’t understand the emotion of distrust, you can become paralyzed when it comes to making decisions or going towards what you want because you think you don’t have enough capacity.

Although capacities are really created and we never have them all with us (your capacity is something that develops little by little), the important thing is to move on to action . If you don’t take action, you will never know if you have the necessary skills, and if you need to learn something else, taking action will be the opportunity to discover it.

3. Challenge laziness

The human being is an animal of habit and tends to the comfort to protect itself. This can make you decide to put off what you really want .

It’s about confronting your short-term motivation (which leads to laziness) with your long-term motivation (which leads to growth and well-being). It is also an emotional process.

Generate enthusiasm for change

To make decisions, to know how to organize and plan, to learn how to manage time… you need to be open to enjoy change . When we are afraid or lazy about change everything continues to happen in the same way.

Enjoying the changes implies confidence, and that emotion is the most important one to transform your life. It is not about confidence that everything will go the way you want it to, but confidence that, whatever happens, it will be to learn and grow .

5. Live a process of change

It is not only about living changes, but about living a whole process of change, where you learn to understand and manage your emotions so that you have them on your side instead of against you. This is how everything will change and the blockages will be left behind.

Living proactively, in a way that is totally aligned with what you want and need, depends on knowing how to manage the resources you have (time, effort, etc.). This is not possible with software, a magic agenda or a thousand assistants who plan your day, but rather is achieved by learning to have your emotions on your side . It is the most valuable energy in your life and the one that will take you in a straight line not only towards productivity, but towards your well-being and the possibility of living the life you want and deserve.