50 phrases about looks and the expression of feelings

50 phrases about looks and the expression of feelings

They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The way a person looks at others and at the world around them says a lot about the way someone thinks. Countless works, poems and reflections of great interest and beauty have been written about the gaze. That is why in this article we will see a selection of phrases about the gaze , something so important in the social and intellectual life of most people.

Fifty sentences on gazing and looking

Below are a series of large phrases about looking and expressing by looking . Most of them refer to the importance of this aspect in non-verbal communication, the intimacy and closeness offered by their observation and how much you can express and understand someone based on it. Many have a romantic character, but you can also find others referring to aspects such as innocence or curiosity.

1. The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with the look (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)

This phrase from Bécquer refers to the ease of transmitting emotions, especially when they are intense, through eye contact.

2. Are we human because we look at the stars, or do we look at the stars because we are human? (Neil Gaiman)

Human beings have always enjoyed the ability to dream, to wonder about the world and to be amazed by the beauty of what surrounds us.

3. We can have all the media in the world, but nothing, absolutely nothing replaces the human gaze (Paulo Coelho)

The gaze is and will continue to be one of the most efficient communication systems when it comes to transmitting our thoughts.

4. Exercise your eyes every day by standing in front of the mirror. Your gaze must learn to rest silently and heavily on the other, to conceal with speed, to sting, to protest. Or to radiate so much experience and wisdom that your neighbour shakes your hand (Walter Serner)

This phrase expresses the possibility of learning to discipline one’s gaze, which can be consciously used for multiple purposes.

5. Often a word, a look, a gesture is enough to fill the heart of the one we love (Teresa of Calcutta)

Looking into someone’s eyes makes us bond with them, and nothing compares to the feeling that an act causes as if someone we love is looking at us.

6. If you look for a long time into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you (Friedrich Nietzsche)

What we observe continuously ends up having an effect on us. The viewer and the looked at end up looking at each other, discovering each other.

7. To see clearly, it is enough to change the direction of your gaze (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Sometimes we are not obsessed with looking at only one side or perspective of things, when to solve them it is enough to change the perspective.

8. No one refers to what’s in front of our feet. We all look at the stars (Quinto Ennio)

Already in ancient times there was talk of man’s ability to dream and visualize the future.

9. No one manages to lie, no one manages to hide anything when he looks straight into the eyes (Paulo Coelho)

We may lie with words, but our gaze and our non-verbal language as a whole are difficult to control and manipulate.

10. What is poetry? you say as you stick your blue pupil into my pupil What is poetry! and you ask me? Poetry… is you (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)

This phrase expresses the deep emotion that arises when our gaze crosses that of the person we love .

11. And so many distracted butterflies have died in your gaze that the stars no longer shine

Through someone’s eyes we can see not only positive emotions and joy, but also disappointment and pain.

12. The look is possibly the most amazing human courting technique: the language of the eyes (Helen Fisher)

The look has always been used as an element of seduction in the human being, being a very important aspect in expressing attraction, desire and bonding.

13. He who is loyal raises his eyes with humility, and he who is disloyal with pride (Ramon Llull)

Pride is an aspect that is also reflected in the gaze, as Ramon Llull indicates.

14. There is perhaps no greater intimacy than two gazes that meet with firmness and determination, and simply refuse to step aside (Jostein Gaarder)

When two people look into each other’s eyes and hold their gaze, they express a great deal of information to each other, sharing a moment of intimacy .

15. The important thing is in the look, not in the thing looked at (André Gide)

The author of this sentence reflects that what is important is not what one looks at in itself, but how one looks at it.

16. When you look into the eyes of another person, anyone, and see your own soul reflected, you will realize that you have reached another level of consciousness (Brian Weiss)

Again, this phrase reflects the intimacy that binds those who look into each other’s eyes, especially when there is love between them.

17. A look, a sigh, silence are enough to explain love (Voltaire)

Attraction and love are expressed more often than they seem through non-verbal language.

18. I like people who see life with different eyes, who consider things differently than most (Carmen Laforet)

There are multiple perspectives of reality and different ways of interpreting it.

19. Two people who look into each other’s eyes do not see their eyes but their gazes (Robert Bresson)

When two people look at each other, it is not the eyes that we pretend to look at but what is hidden behind them.

20. You and I don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are (Henry Ward Beecher)

It’s how we look at things that determines the value we place on them.

21. The look is a choice. The one who looks decides to fixate on something in particular and, therefore, forcefully chooses to exclude his attention from the rest of his visual field. That is why the look, which constitutes the essence of life, is, in the first place, a rejection (Amélie Nothomb)

This author observes that to look is to focus on something to the exclusion of everything else, by focusing on what interests us .

22. I have always looked to the future, and it was actually a little difficult to look back (Scott McCloud)

The past has already passed, and we can only live in the present and head for the future.

23. I don’t know your name, I only know the look with which you tell me (Mario Benedetti)

The author expresses the importance of the gaze and all that it communicates, which is more relevant than what is said in itself. A name is just a label. A look expresses the essence of the person.

24. The face is the mirror of the soul, and the eyes confess in silence the secrets of the heart (St. Jerome)

Again, it is expressed as our gaze reflects what we think of the world and what surrounds us, no matter how much we try to lie to ourselves.

25. The beauty of things exists in the spirit of the one who contemplates them (David Hume)

Hume reflects that it is who looks and how they look that makes things have one or another value, this being a reflection of ourselves.

26. There is a way between the eyes and the heart that does not pass through the intellect (G.K. Chesterton)

The phrase indicates that often our eyes reflect our emotions without our will and cognition being able to intervene.

27. The world changes if two look at each other and recognize each other (Octavio Paz)

Recognition and appreciation of the other are essential elements that underpin well-being and the struggle to change the world for the better.

28. Through a look, a dream, a memory or a feeling we can come to recognize a soul mate (Brian Weiss)

Glances bring us together, and allow the similarities and feelings of one another to be recognized. As the author proposes, we can come to recognize our soul mate.

29. Glances meet through a crowded room, the spark of attraction is ignited. They talk, dance, laugh. No one is looking for a serious relationship but somehow one night can become a week, then a month, a year or longer (Zygmunt Bauman)

Attraction and desire , as well as hostility, are elements that are easily expressed through the gaze

30. The look is the mirror of the soul, where only those who know how to appreciate it can find calm (R.H. Pérez)

A phrase that expresses the need to learn to appreciate one’s own as well as other people’s eyes and their value when it comes to knowing oneself.

31. The eyes are the point where soul and body meet (Friedrich Hebbel)

Beautiful phrase that refers to the high emotional expressiveness of the eyes.

32. There are two looks: the look of the body can sometimes forget, but the look of the soul always remembers (Alexander Dumas)

This phrase expresses the importance that human beings give to the gaze, identifying themselves with the interest and the deepest feelings towards the events we observe.

33. Words are full of falsehood or art, the look is the language of the heart (William Shakespeare)

Another phrase, this time from Shakespeare, which expresses the great truthfulness of our gaze and how it truly reflects what we feel.

34. The first kiss is not given with the mouth, but with the look (Tristan Bernard)

Love for a person is first seen in the way you look at them, even before you cross acts or words.

35. O, but what a bitter thing it is to look at happiness through another man’s eyes! (William Shakespeare)

The famous playwright expresses the sadness that comes from being unable to achieve happiness through something desired and yet seeing someone else achieve the goal that would have made us happy.

36. When in love I ask you for a glance, that act is condemned to be unsatisfactory in any way. Because you will never observe me from where I see you (Jacques Lacan)

Even the person we love will never know the full intensity of what we feel for him or her, for he or she can never see it with our eyes.

37. When I look at the world I am pessimistic, but when I look at people I am optimistic (Carl Rogers)

Rogers expresses the confidence that people are good and capable of improving the world, even when the context does not match.

38. Your vision will become clearer only when you look within your heart… He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens (Carl Gustav Jung)

Jung expresses the need to accept himself, who we are and what we feel, as a way to wake up and really live as we should.

39. A look back is worth more than a look forward (Archimedes)

With this phrase, Archimedes proposes to look at the past to learn from what has happened, instead of throwing himself wildly into the future without taking into account the successes and errors that we ourselves and others have committed before.

40. Life can only be understood by looking back, but it must be lived by looking forward (Soren Kierkegaard)

Kierkegaard proposes that we need to learn from the past and analyze it to understand what we lived, but focusing on living and what is to come.

41. There are those who remain silent in order to hide, those who lower their heads and dodge their gazes in order to isolate themselves from others (Boris Cyrulnik)

If looking is a way of communicating and relating, avoiding looking means not looking and trying to remain hidden and unnoticed.

42. Look to the right and left of time and let your heart learn to be calm (Federico García Lorca)

The famous author reflects the need to live the present with tranquility, without getting upset or overly concerned about past events or what might happen in the future.

43. Here’s my secret. It is very simple: you can only see with your heart (Antoine de Saint Exupery)

It is the emotions, hopes and feelings that make us truly see the world and interpret it in a more or less adaptive way.

44. He who does not understand a look, will not understand a long explanation either (Arabic proverb)

Understanding what someone’s gaze expresses is a partly innate skill, shared even with other animal species. If we are not able to understand what the look means, what the other person expresses will be difficult to understand completely.

45. And even if you did not love me, I would love you for your gloomy look, as the lark wants the new day only for the dew

This phrase speaks to us of unrequited love, which does not disappear just because it is not mutual.

46. Little by little, we discover who we are through our experiences. Looking back, we recognize that what seemed to us to be the greatest problems occurred during the times of greatest growth and self-knowledge (John Demartini)

The way we look at what happens to us varies over time. This change reflects moments of growth and self-improvement.

47. Never limit your view of life to previous experience (Ernest Holmes)

The author proposes that the way we see the world should take into account not only what we have experienced but also the existence of different points of view on it, and not only our own, as well as our capacity to imagine and dream.

48. If looks were enough to kill, we would have died long ago (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Not all looks express love. Also hatred and anger can easily be reflected through them.

49. The real journey of discovery does not consist in visiting new landscapes, but in looking with different eyes (Marcel Proust)

Discovering means looking around with hope and the possibility of seeing different perspectives and aspects of what surrounds us, whether in an unknown place or in the small things of our daily lives.

50. Your eyes say what your mouth says

This last sentence expresses that through the look we reflect much more than we think.

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