Bored when the weekend comes? You feel like you don’t know what to do, but at the same time you know you’re wasting your only two days off?

Here we will see 50 things that can be done over the weekend , without spending a fortune and that can be done almost anywhere.

50 Things You Can Do on the Weekend

Below we will look at 50 things that can be done during the weekend, mostly inexpensive and without having to travel long distances.

1. Exercise

One of the main excuses for not exercising is not having time during the week, but this excuse is no longer valid at the weekend.

On Saturdays and Sundays they offer time and space to practice any physical activity , whether it is taking the bike for a ride around the city, doing calisthenics on the beach, aerobics at home or, if it is open, going to the gym.

2. Visiting green spaces

Incredible as it may seem, there is no shortage of green spaces to visit in a city, no matter how urbanized it may seem.

Gardens, parks, walks with trees… are many places that can let us connect with nature without having to leave the city. The air is usually fresh in these places, as well as flavored by the herbs of all kinds that are in them.

It has been seen that visiting green spaces has a positive impact on our health, giving that help reduce stress levels, lowers blood pressure, reduces the possibility of suffering from allergies and improves mental health.

3. Collaborating with a foundation

Although most people work Monday through Friday, solidarity foundations don’t stop for a minute to improve the lives of others, and are always in need of volunteers to help make the world a better place.

In all cities there are foundations that offer to help in all kinds of humanitarian causes , in which the beneficiaries may be children, the elderly, people at risk of exclusion or unprotected animals.

This type of activity is very satisfying, since it allows us to understand more closely how people who have not been so lucky live and to see how grateful they will be for us to dedicate our free time to improving their lives.

4. Going to the zoo

Zoos are an excellent option to see animals that normally live far away from our home. You don’t have to go on safari in Africa to see giraffes, having them in the nearest zoo.

But it’s not only in zoos that you see animals and that’s it. There is always some guide or some activity that shows us how these animals live, what their situation is in the wild and what we can do to help their species .

5. Writing a blog

How many times have we wanted to share an experience, our knowledge or opinions with others but we have been lazy or had no time?

The weekend is the ideal time to devote ourselves to writing a blog on the topic that interests us.

Since it is an activity that we can do from the comfort of our room and expose our world or knowledge as we wish, it always turns out to be a pleasant activity. Furthermore, by getting to know other blogs related to our topic, we will meet people who will feed us with their own opinions, and allow us to expand our world .

6. Enrolling in online training

If we feel that our meetings are too boring or that we feel that we are wasting valuable time that could be spent on expanding our curriculum , enrolling in online training is always a good option.

This type of training can be consulted at any time and, closely related to the previous point, can be done from the comfort of our home.

7. Plan the economy of the week

A very good way to invest the time of the weekend is to plan the economy of the week, that is, to make a forecast of how much money we are going to spend on all kinds of items and services , such as the shopping list, rent, clothes…

Not only is this an ideal way to kill time, but it will avoid wasting the much-needed money we have been earning throughout the week. If we know what we have to buy and what its price is, we will be less upset at the end of the month.

8. Make a to-do list

Throughout the week it becomes necessary to do several tasks. However, we don’t always have the free time to concentrate on all the things we should solve at once.

That’s why in the findes we can make a list of tasks, reflecting in depth on what we should settle and, by the way, see if any of these tasks can be solved that same end.

In this way we are organizing our day-to-day life a little better, avoiding the stress of having a disorganized lifestyle.

9. Organizing the room

It always happens that, after a busy day at work, the only thing we want to do in our room is to get into bed. No matter how much our room looks like a lion’s den, with a pair of trousers over there and underwear over there, the last thing we want to do is to put this huge mess in order.

That is why, at the weekend, the ideal moment to end the anarchy that reigns in our room presents itself. Thanks to the fact that we don’t have to work or leave the house, we have no excuse to tidy up our most personal corner once and for all.

By the way, we can do a deep cleaning of the room, looking at what clothes are no longer worth or do not like, consider a redesign, buy some decorations or organize the drawers and closet.

10. Washing the car or motorcycle

During the weekend we can take the opportunity to wash the car, the motorbike, the bike or any other vehicle we use.

We can do this in our garage or, if you don’t have one, take a walk to the nearest car wash and leave our car looking good.

11. Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where it is very important that there are good hygienic conditions because, if there are not, we run the risk of all sorts of pests appearing and spoiling the food and, as a consequence, we eat food in a bad state.

That is why, when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, it is especially necessary to do it thoroughly and, of course, this always makes you very lazy.

At the end of the day, when we have all the time in the world, it is the best time to clean this important part of the house, as well as to take stock of what we should think about buying to improve it : pots, pans, cleaning products about to be finished.

It is also the ideal time to take everything that is outdated and in bad condition that we have not yet thrown away out of laziness or in the hope that it is still good. It’s not a good idea to take any chances: if it’s expired, it’s gone to waste.

12. Planning the week’s menu

There are many of us who, throughout the week, when we arrive at our house, the last thing we want to do is cook but, ironically, we feel like something succulent, with a lot of flavor.

Since we are not here to make a cod al pilpil or a salad from the garden because we want to eat now and those dishes require some time to prepare, the most tempting option is to go down to the nearest supermarket and get a pizza. This, in the long run, can lead to poor eating habits, with the risk of suffering health problems such as obesity, lack of nutrients and skin problems such as excess pimples.

The best way to avoid this is to prepare a weekly menu , in which all the nutrients are present and in which there is a healthy proportion of macronutrients, that is, fats, carbohydrates and, above all, protein.

13. Buy the food for next week

Once we have designed our menu, the ideal is to buy all the food for next week. It’s as simple as making an exhaustive shopping list and going to the nearest supermarket or market to find them .

It is very important that we only buy what we have put on our menu, because by buying unhealthy food we risk developing eating behaviour problems in the long run if we allow ourselves to be too flexible.

14. Cooking the week’s meal

If we still have time and desire, we can cook the week’s meal with the ingredients we have gone to buy. It is enough to prepare large quantities to store them in lunch boxes and directly in the freezer.

This way, when we get home after a long day’s work, we will only need to defrost the containers, heat them up and that’s it : to have a rich and varied healthy meal.

15. Organizing the computer

Just as it is difficult to keep a room tidy, computer files themselves form a kind of microcosm that we very rarely dare to put in order.

Weekends are the perfect time to free up space on our computer and select those documents we want to keep from those we want to delete forever .

It will probably be hundreds, if not thousands, of images that are there, lost in the memory of our device, taking up space but no longer having a useful function.

You will also find documents from decades ago, child labour or from the ESO that, of course, are no longer of any use to us when we reach adulthood.

If we like to keep everything, applications such as Drive or Dropbox are ideal for cleaning up the computer , since they give us the opportunity to keep the files in the cloud, without having to delete them completely but freeing up space on the PC.

16. Debugging social networks

We all have some person on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever it is that we don’t really care about their life at all and we don’t want them to know about ours either. Simple solution: out of our personal lives.

During the weekend it is highly recommended to take some time and dedicate yourself to eliminating all those people who can be considered a bad influence or who have no benefit for our lives, but who follow them or who follow us on the net .

They may be schoolmates we haven’t seen in decades and who, frankly, their lives don’t matter to us, or simply pages of information that do more than just report Fake news. Let’s eliminate them from our lives.

17. Sharing time with our parents

Bad news, our parents won’t live forever. Good news, we still have time to spend with them.

There are many plans that can be shared with our parents: go to lunch, have a coffee together, get to know a new place together, or simply comment on the TV show they’re watching.

These are the moments that, however banal and fleeting they may be, will be the ones we remember when we are not with them.

18. Learning the streets of the city

How many times have we passed by the same street and yet never learned its name?

At the end we can take a map and try to learn the streets of our city . This will provide us with entertainment, as well as being like sightseeing in our own place of residence and will help us to orientate ourselves better.

19. Visit good friends

One of the greatest threats to any good friendship is the loss of contact. Let’s make an effort and try to meet good friends we haven’t seen in a while.

We can go visit them at their home, have them come to our place of residence and show them things of our neighborhood, meet them and prepare a plan together as a trip in the future. Any excuse is good to be able to see each other again .

20. Expand our contacts

Just as it is good to get back in touch with good friends, it is also very pleasant to meet new people.

There are several ways to expand our contacts, all we need is a little assertiveness .

Some good ways to do this is to talk to people we usually see, like users of our gym, customers of the bakery, the supermarket cashier…

Who knows? Maybe we’ll find people close to us who share a lot of the same tastes.

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21. Planning a Movie Marathon

The films are very long and that’s why, although we always want to expand our film culture, we’re very lazy to watch them during the week, since we have other more important things to do.

At findes this changes. We can plan to see a real marathon of films from the most varied genres and directors to entertain us , while enjoying a good dose of audiovisual culture.

22. Walking our pet

Between so much commitment and so much tiredness from Monday to Friday, how many times do we see ourselves wanting to give our pet a well-deserved ride ?

The animals need to stretch their legs and just taking them out twice a day to have a bowel movement is often not enough. The walks should be much longer.

During the weekend we can stretch the walks, go to the country or change the midweek route so that the best friend of the human being does not get tired of so much boredom and monotony.

23. Read

As with the movies, many people are not in the mood to open a book during the week.

At the end of the day, it’s the best time to select a random book from our personal library or choose the one we’ve been saying we were going to read for years but no luck yet.

Reading is the best way to kill time on Saturdays and Sundays, besides which has a lot of benefits at the cognitive level and induces us to a state of almost meditation .

This time can also be spent on documentation, either online or with books on physics, on the most varied subjects: history, cooking, exercise. language learning…

24. Visiting a public library

If we are one of those who have few books at home or want to read a particular book but do not want to buy it, the cheapest option is to visit a public library.

There, in addition to finding an infinite number of books of all kinds, we will enjoy a truly prolific atmosphere so that we can enter that small great world offered to us by the books s.

25. Disconnecting from devices

Although it is not necessary to turn off the mobile phones completely nor does it mean that we should return to a properly medieval state, the end is to rest and having the devices connected and being aware of them does not help.

If our work is from Monday to Friday, why consult the work mail on an evening? Our work phone number should only be available while we are working .

We must disconnect from the devices if we want to enjoy a good Sunday rest and not stress about the obligations of the rest of the week.

26. Take a nap:

It may seem like an unoriginal and very obvious weekend thing to do, but let’s be honest, when is it more pleasant to take a nap: during the week or on a weekend?

Anyway, as long as we don’t work, resting without worrying is a better feeling than doing it when we know that, once we get up, we will have to do our duties.

Taking a nap on a calm day will be much more beneficial to our health than trying to do it on a weekday, closing your eyes forcibly and not getting a deep sleep.

27. Knowing oneself

Whether it is meditating, reflecting or watching online tutorials to learn about ourselves, all these options are very good for getting a better understanding of oneself .

A good way to do this is to take a piece of paper and put on it adjectives that we attribute to ourselves. We can also ask family and close friends to try to describe us in as objective but respectful a way as possible.

If we know those aspects of the personality that we should improve, it will be a very good way to know where to start in order to reach the path of happiness and self-esteem.

28. Prepare and drink a coffee or an infusion

This may seem like a very simple and basic plan for doing it on the weekend, and I’m sure many people will think that what’s so special about making coffee if it’s something that many people already do every morning to wake up before going to work.

By preparing and drinking a coffee or an infusion we do not mean the act of putting a coffee pot or putting a tea bag in a glass of hot water: we mean doing all the steps to be able to drink a good glass of our favorite drink .

Making coffee and infusions is something that, well done, is a real ritual. Selecting the best variety, preparing the water at the right temperature, not overdoing it with the time of infusion… are fundamental aspects to be able to delight in an exquisite beverage.

All this requires experience, like someone who paints a picture or practices a sport, and also induces a state similar to relaxation, almost a trance.

29. Leaving the city

If our work forces us to spend five days a week without leaving our city, the best thing we can do, freed from the yoke of the work routine, is precisely to leave our city.

There is no need to enter a totally rustic world , since to change airs we can simply visit another city and do some sightseeing or see a calmer and smaller municipality.

30. Going on a trip

Leaving the city and spending the day walking in the woods, on the trails or on the nearest coast is always a beneficial activity for our physical and mental health, as well as allowing us to be in contact with nature and letting off steam from the big city.

That is why we can plan a trip with our loved ones . Just prepare yourself some snacks, a canteen, comfortable clothes and a tablecloth and you will have everything you need to spend a great day connected to nature.

31. Tapas day

In every Spanish city there are tapas bars, at reasonable prices. We can see which ones are in our neighbourhood or go to one that has been recommended in magazines or by our circle of acquaintances.

Tapas are ideal dishes to expand our palate and gastronomic taste , since its small size but unique combination of ingredients allow us to discover flavors that, being in our kitchen, we would not think to combine.

32. Board game afternoon

Whether it is traditional board games such as mus, donkey, parcheesi or chess, or more modern games such as UNO, jungle for speed, pictionary or cards against humanity, all are good options for enjoying an entertaining afternoon.

There are all kinds of entertainment for all ages , which is not too difficult to prepare for an afternoon of board games if you take into account the tastes of all members of the group and encourage everyone to have a good time.

33. Open-air concerts

Many cities prepare open-air concerts, most of which are free.

Whoever the group or artist is playing, they are all a very good option to enjoy music outdoors, as well as discovering singers we have never heard of and who will expand our musical culture.

34. Singing in a karaoke

There are many karaoke bars, and with a wide repertoire of songs to sing. A good plan is to sing in one of them with several friends , especially if they have been drinking before and are a bit uninhibited.

You don’t have to sing like Celine Dion or Bruce Springsteen to go to one of them, the important thing is to have a great time while we destroy our favorite songs.

35. Dining with friends

A classic, but it never hurts to mention it. A good meeting with all your close friends, just before dinner, is one of the best things you can do on an evening. By doing this the group of friends catches up on the achievements of all its members.

Dinner can be prepared at the home of one of them, by preparing the meal together or by bringing a dish cooked by himself. There is also the option of going to a new restaurant for dinner, to discover new gastronomy.

36. Programming new experiences

Tired of doing the same thing? A good way to break the routine is to program new experiences , in a totally improvised way but economically and according to our tastes.

Let’s buy a ticket to go to the theatre or to a concert from someone who is coming to town, let’s get together with a group of tourists and pretend to be one of them, let’s take the invitation from the gym that we have never used and let’s use it at once…

There are many new experiences that we can enjoy without having to rack our brains too much. All of them can be something very healthy for our cortex, since getting out of the routine and doing new things is always something that keeps our brain young.

37. Getting up at the same time

As we said before, the findes are there to rest, but this does not mean that we should sleep late and get up almost at lunchtime. The body needs a sleep routine, and the weekend is no exception .

This does not mean that we have to get up early at 6 a.m. What we should do is make an effort to avoid waking up five hours later than we normally do.

We need to rest, but what we must not do is throw away all the sleep discipline we have achieved throughout the week by going to work early and wandering around too much on Saturdays and Sundays.

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38. Be more artistic

Painting a picture, drawing, enjoying Bob Ross’ painting tutorials… if we are one of those who likes art, the end is the time to be more artistic .

Painting a picture, in an amateur way, can take us about three hours, which is why it is not an activity that is usually done during the week, but when the weekend comes it is perfect to kill time in that we do something that will decorate the house very happily.

39. Let’s dance!

Whether it’s signing up for a dance club, doing zumba or going to a disco on a Saturday night are all great ways to have fun on a weekend. Let’s move our skeletons and dance, it’s been said!

40. Planting a garden

A very nice hobby is gardening. Whether it is vegetables, fruits or flowering plants, we can create our own garden on our rooftop or balcony in an easy and entertaining way.

In every city there are good flower shops, where they sell seeds, already grown plants, soil and quality fertilizer that will help us to have a beautiful garden that will make our eyes happy when we arrive at our house after a hard day’s work.

41. Visiting a hospital

Many people have had the misfortune of having to be hospitalized for long periods of time, even chronically. This can be especially hard for children with diseases such as leukemia or various problems.

A good way of altruistically dedicating our free time is to visit a hospital, ask the professionals there if there is a volunteer plan for the children and adults admitted or if you can collaborate financially in some way.

Last but not least, there is the appreciation for the work done by all the professionals on site: doctors, nurses, psychologists, surgeons and other hospital workers.

42. Going bowling

Bowling is a star sport in the United States, and if they like it, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t like it across the pond.

It is an experience that not everyone has had the opportunity to practice , for this motvio go bowling can be an ideal way to do sport and enjoy the company of friends breaking the routine.

43. Buying food from the homeless and listening to their lives

Unfortunately, in every big city, even those that call themselves the most progressive, there are a lot of homeless people. Despite the help they can give them, this is often not enough.

Just because they sleep on a piece of cardboard in the open does not mean that they are no longer people like anyone else: they have had their lives, their misfortunes and misfortunes, and they deserve to be heard.

We can buy food from the homeless and hear about their lives, why they have ended up like this, if they have relatives who know about their current state and, very importantly, what they are called.

While it is likely that not everyone will thank us, there will be many who will be truly happy to see that there are people who do care.

44. Going fishing

One activity that tests our patience but at the same time is truly relaxing is fishing.

It will help us to keep in touch with nature , we will learn about the habits of some fish and how they are when they are still alive and kicking.

45. Prepare a presentation of anything

This is perhaps the strangest point in this whole long list of things to do at the weekend, but it is one of the most interesting that have been done in recent years.

It has become fashionable to prepare a presentation of anything and present it among friends . In “anything” it can be literally anything, from the history of fanfics, to the linguistic evolution of the language of the Lord of the Rings.

There are themes for everything, and anyone can have fun exposing any of them.

46. Gathering wild fruit

On many trails it is possible to find blackberries, strawberries and other wild fruits that we can pick up and fill our pantry for free.

It’s good to be careful where you go, because maybe those plants belong to someone and we’re trespassing, but if not, it’s a very good way to be in touch with nature while it’s nurturing us.

Taking advantage of that fruit, when we get home, we can prepare a cake with it or any other kind of sweet that suits.

47. Cleaning up the neighbourhood

We can try to organize a collective cleaning with the neighbors of our neighborhood, cleaning the park of any remaining wrapping or collecting the garbage that has been scattered.

48. Scanning photographs

At home we always have photos on paper that, for one reason or another, we risk losing, such as in the event of a house fire, flooding or simply misplacing those photographs.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to scan all the photographs we find and upload them to the cloud , so that they are in a well organized digital format and the memory associated with them can be crystallized.

49. Preparing a romantic dinner

How long has it been since we made something special for our couple? Let’s take a few scented candles, dim the light, put on some music and prepare something succulent and aphrodisiacal to surprise her.

50. Donate blood

On weekends, there may be traffic accidents , operations in which blood is lost or any other type of situation in which a transfusion of the liquid that keeps us alive is necessary.

Donating blood is always necessary, and doing it on weekends is one of the best ways to help others since it is on those days that fewer donations are received.