We all wish we had someone by our side who loves and respects us. Our partner should be our support when we need it and that should make us have really incredible intimate moments. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and so it is necessary to rethink the situation .

But, how can we know if we are in the right relationship? what signs indicate that we should stand up and go in search of a new dawn? In this text you will find the answers to these questions.

Are you really the person I want to be with?

Now, making the decision to leave your partner is not an easy one, and before you go overboard about things that aren’t, the best thing you can do is talk to your partner about his or her point of view. Many times conflicts are solved with the right communication .

The relationship with your partner can be variable, because everyone has their own point of view and beliefs, and sometimes problems are not perceived in the same way by the two actors in the relationship.

So before you run off, think about whether it’s possible to fix it and whether it’s worth going to couples therapy. If you want to know when it’s time to go to couples therapy, just visit our article: “How to know when to go to couples therapy? 5 good reasons”.

Relationship conflicts

Conflicts between people are normal, at work, with the family and, of course, with our partner . The reasons why couples have conflicts can be many and varied, but what is really harmful is not to solve them in time, because a snowball effect can be created.

It often happens that in the beginning, because of the infatuation, we overlook our needs, interests and personal preferences, in order to be at the service of our new love. But, as time goes by, we come back to focus on ourselves, something that can generate a power struggle. This is a phenomenon that occurs with some frequency among those couples who did not acquire the necessary emotional tools during the courtship to solve the daily problems that the couple may face. This can lead to a situation where the couple has no future.

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Signs that you are in the wrong relationship

Now, what can make you doubt about your relationship? What can make you think if you have been wrong about being with this person? These 6 points can give you valuable information to rethink your situation or not.

1. You are no longer yourself

When things don’t go well. this can affect you deeply . Everything that was there when the relationship started has disappeared, and with it the two people you loved. You may think you are no longer treated the same, but maybe you are not treated the same either.

You’ve stopped being who you were and you’ve put aside everything that motivated you. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and get your best version back. If you don’t love yourself, you’re hardly going to be loved.

2. Conflicts are part of the daily routine

As has been said, conflict can arise when we live with other people, it is part of human nature. Sometimes you may be at fault and sometimes the other person. Conflicts, in fact, can be opportunities to strengthen the relationship and grow together.

However, when we enter into a negative dynamic, in which everyone goes his own way and communication is null, a situation can be created from which it is very difficult to get out . Assimilating the idea that arguments and outbursts of anger are part of everyday life with the other person only creates artificial conflicts, generates a normalization of the problem and makes the sensation of expectation of constant anger dominate.

Of course, this is a vicious circle that is difficult to break when it has been going on for a while.Even more so when one of us loses respect for the other.

3.You have an underactive or unsatisfactory intimate life

Intimate life can be a reflection that something is not right and, moreover, can be a point of conflict if it is unsatisfactory. Many people complain that the flame between them has been extinguished, because people in love don’t care if it is still burning.

Now, if you notice that your partner is cold to you and does not see you with the same eyes, something may be going through his mind. In these cases, even if it’s difficult, it’s best to talk about it.

4. You are constantly trying to prove your worth

You may notice that this is not what it used to be and blame yourself because things don’t turn out the way you wanted . The relationship is seen as a contest in which you are alone against a series of challenges, often posed by your partner. This generates stressful situations and a feeling of loneliness that does not stop.

Don’t make the mistake of blaming only you, because the relationship is a two-way street. If you think you’re the only one to blame, you’re probably trying to make up for it somehow. If you don’t feel loved or wanted, let your partner know.

5. You have a constant feeling that something is not working

We can’t trust only what we think, but sometimes intuition doesn’t fail us. It hides something from you, you perceive that it is not completely sincere and for some reason you know it. This kind of thing makes us doubt and makes us think that something might happen . If you have this feeling, very tactfully, find a way for the other person to express his or her opinion about it.

6. You feel emotionally distant

It may be that you are living with that person but in reality you feel lonely or alone . He doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t tell you his things and you notice that he is distant. The strange thing is that before it wasn’t like that, but now it seems that you are living with someone else, with the one you fell in love with precisely because of the degree of intimacy you gained with someone. If you don’t show affection, why do you want to stay with that person? Does the relationship have a future?

Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

In the long run, these dating or marriage relationships can end badly if a remedy is not sought in time. What began as a beautiful love can become a toxic relationship where suffering prevails. If you want to know how to spot this type of relationship, visit our article: “23 Signs of a ‘Toxic Relationship'”.