70 intimate questions to get to know your partner better

70 intimate questions to get to know your partner better

Psychologists are professionals who have always been interested in knowing more about the personality and behavior of individuals. However, sometimes, normal people also act as psychologists in their own lives, analysing the behaviour of the people they interact with or have some kind of relationship with .

This happens especially when we are meeting new people, and of course when we decide to start a love relationship with someone . We like to know about their life, about how they are and about their needs and likes. If everything works out, we will spend the rest of our life with them.

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Intimate questions to get to know your partner

And of course, we all like to know if that special person shares our values, is passionate about intimate relationships, or is a good or bad person to others. That’s why, in this article, we present you with a list of questions that will give you valuable information about what your partner is like.

However, neither is it a question of using all these questions to scrupulously and exhaustively analyse your partner in love. Rather, they are questions that can stimulate your intimate conversations and allow you to get to know your loved one better if he or she opens his or her heart to you. So keep an eye on the following lines.

1. Describe your perfect day to me

We all have a different image of life, some people are more pessimistic and others more optimistic. Knowing your partner’s picture of his ideal day can help you visualise what his expectations are of it. In addition, you can also find out what his hobbies and interests are.

2. Do you think you can be intimate with many people?

A question to get an idea of whether a person is conservative or rather liberal on the subject of intimate relationships.

3. What part of your body do you like best?

Depending on the answer, it is possible to know whether your partner feels safe or unsafe about his or her own body.

4. Y… Where would you go for an adventure?

It gives you an idea of what kind of exciting experiences attract your partner’s attention.

5. Do you have any intimate fantasies?

To get an idea of what their limits are with respect to intimate moments.

7. What is the most important thing for you in bed?

We all value one thing or another. While some people have a good body as a priority, others prefer to be treated kindly.

8. What do you like to do best and get done in bed?

A question that speaks to preferences in moments of maximum intimacy.

9. What don’t you like about making love?

There may be situations that seem too much to you. It’s best to talk about it and understand each other.

10. What do you think is the key to enjoying making love?

Understanding how the person sees intimate relationships can be good for making a better connection.

11. What do you value most in a couple?

Each of us looks for a number of qualities in our love partner. It’s good to find them out and to know what the other person thinks.

12. Are you open to trying new things in your intimate relationships?

This shows if the person has an open and flexible mind.

13. How many children do you want to have?

Strangely enough, there are people who do not wish to have children. This information can be useful if you are a child lover.

14. Do you have any taboos regarding intimate life?

In other words, you have some belief that prevents you from fully enjoying your sex life.

15. What do you think is your greatest insecurity when making love?

A direct way of knowing if the person is really not comfortable with his or her physique or feels some kind of insecurity.

16. What importance do you give to the physical?

Many individuals value things like warmth, stability, intelligence. However, others value physical attractiveness more than any other quality.

17. How do you like sex and what points make you burst with pleasure?

It is always better for the other person to tell us for himself how we can please him. Communication is key to a successful life as a couple.

18. What does sex mean to you?

To find out how important intimate moments of passion are or if you value other things about your partner.

19. What activity makes you most likely to have sex?

A direct way to know how to approach the preliminaries.

20. What do you think fuels eroticism?

Maintaining eroticism in the couple is one of the keys to a lasting relationship.

21. What do you need from me right now?

A way to avoid misunderstandings. It is also useful to know if the person is dependent or if, on the contrary, he sees the couple as a complement.

22. If you could make three wishes, what would they be?

This simple question can bring out your most intimate needs and thoughts. This way you can learn more about your partner and his goals and objectives.

23. If you could turn back, would you change anything in your life?

We have all made mistakes during the day in our lives, sometimes causing wounds that have not healed. This question can lead us to know our partner more deeply.

24. Do you have any perversions you can share?

We all have thoughts about our intimacy that we would like to share with our partner.

25. What are the details I have with you that remind you of how I feel about you?

We might do something we think our partner will like. However, this one values other things. It’s good to know what they like and don’t like.

26. What is your favorite hobby?

If you have been with your partner for a long time, you should already know the answer to this question. However, if you have just started the relationship, this may give you some insight into what your new love is passionate about.

27. How was or is your relationship with your mother or sisters?

You can find out how she gets along with other people, especially those closest to her.

28. What do you think of her having friends of the opposite sex?

Depending on the answer to this question, it may indicate whether you are a jealous person or not.

29. Where would you like to live?

We all have our own thoughts, hobbies, tastes. The place where we spend the rest of our lives can make us more or less happy.

30. What are your religious beliefs? Do you believe in anything? Can you live with mine?

There are people who have very strong beliefs about something. In extreme cases, they may have serious prejudices about living together. It also shows whether the person is tolerant of other people’s thoughts.

31. What would be a good title for your autobiography?

This will help you to know what image the person has of himself.

32. What do you think about having children? Would you have children with me?

Another question about having children, which helps to know your partner’s opinion about it.

33. Do you practice any sport or hobby? Do you like to dance?

If you are passionate about dancing and you give it importance in your relationship, knowing if your partner shares your same tastes can ensure your success or not in love.

34. How was your previous relationship and why are you alone now?

It’s always good to know the past and the reasons why your previous relationship didn’t go well.

35. What is your short term and long term life plan?

You will share your whole life with this person if love triumphs. So you’re interested in knowing their future plans.

36. Which four adjectives best describe you?

It gives you an idea of how the other person sees themselves.

37. What is your least favorite state of mind?

This way you will know his concerns and hobbies, and you will know if he is a brave or a worried person.

38. What do you think of a betrayal? Have you ever been betrayed or betrayed?

You’ll be interested to know what your partner’s view of infidelity is. He’s either tolerant about it or he’s all or nothing in this regard.

39. Are you a night or morning person?

If you are a night person and your partner is a morning person, it may be difficult for you to adjust to the schedule.

40. Do you like disorder or loud music? What kind of music do you prefer?

Music says a lot about people’s personalities. Although not always, you can get to know more about the other person if they have deep-seated tastes.

41. What is your greatest fear?

We all have concerns about something. The best thing is to know what they are and be able to deal with them together.

42. If money was not a problem, what kind of life would you like to lead?

Obviously, money is important for living. This question gives you information about what your partner’s real wishes are.

43. Do I offer you everything you need from a partner?

This question doesn’t ask whether or not you meet your partner’s expectations, but it does tell you what he wants when he’s with someone.

44. Can you tell me three things about my personality without which you could not live?

It helps you understand what he likes about you and what he values most about you.

45. Tell me what you would like to change about yourself and why

Whether it is trauma, complex or bad experiences, sometimes people are not quite comfortable with their lives. Understand your partner in this regard.

46. What aspects would you like to improve our relationship?

Although it is sometimes hard to recognize, relationships can be improved. It’s good to know your partner’s opinion so you can change together.

47. If I could feel something that you feel, what would you choose?

A good way to empathize with the other person is through this question.

48. What has been the best thing that has happened to you in your life?

49. Where would you go to relax for a few days?

You can tell if your partner is calm or if she is prone to stress. You can also find out if there is anything you can do to get her out of the rut.

50. What situations lead you to the edge of desire?

In other words, what is most exciting about intimacy? An intimate but useful question.

51. What’s been the hardest time you’ve ever had?

To understand your partner’s emotions and behavior, it is often necessary to know more about his past.

52. What person has had a decisive influence on you?

Knowing who their role models are, you can get an idea of their values.

53. What is your greatest dream?

To get an idea of your expectations. Are they realistic or not? Let him or her talk.

54. What do you understand by love?

Love is a complex phenomenon, which each person understands in his own way. Maybe you and your partner don’t think the same about a relationship.

55. When did you realize that you had entered adulthood?

A simple way to know if the person is mature or if, on the contrary, he or she is not yet mature.

56. What do you think creates intimacy?

A way of knowing how the other person understands that special connection that binds two human beings together.

57. Is there something that everyone is afraid of and you are not?

Knowing unique aspects of the other person is something that can be achieved by talking about fears .

58. Who were you closest to in your childhood?

An intimate question about early memories.

59. To what country would you travel on foot for love?

Interestingly, it helps to know better the degree to which the other person considers him/herself passionate.

60. Who do I remind you of?

A question that can generate very interesting answers.

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61. Do you value friendship or love more?

This will allow you to discover some of their most deeply rooted values.

62. Are you more of a cat or a dog?

Each person has a clear preference for one of these two pets.

63. Has anything I’ve done or said ever made you uncomfortable?

You may not have recognized it at the time, but it can be a good opportunity to address certain situations in a climate of trust.

64. What did you want to be when you were a child?

Our childhood aspirations may or may not have been fulfilled.

65. Would you parachute in?

To assess risk aversion.

66. What is your ideal prototype of a man or woman?

To know your tastes and preferences in depth.

67. Did you ever get bullied when you went to school or high school?

Unfortunately, many people have suffered from bullying. Talking about it can strengthen the bond.

68. Would you travel 1,000 km just to see me for a few hours?

The degree of sacrifice that can be made for someone we love is sometimes implausible.

69. What is the worst insult you have ever been called?

Maybe there’s some weakness or some insecurity that might come up.

70. Do you think love is a cascade of neurochemicals, or is there something transcendental about it?

A highly philosophical question to learn more about your loved one’s worldview.

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