Gabriela Mistral was the pseudonym used by the Chilean poet, diplomat and educator Lucila Godoy Alcayaga , born in 1889 in Vicuña, Chile.

Mistral had a fruitful career as a thinker that led her to be involved in the reform of the Mexican education system and to do a great job as the Chilean consul in New York State.

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The best of Gabriela Mistral’s sentences

A great woman who cannot go unnoticed in history books necessarily deserved a compilation of her best ideas and thoughts.

Therefore, in the text that you will find below you will be able to enjoy the 75 best phrases and reflections of Gabriela Mistral most relevant to her entire career.

1. The world changes in an instant and we are born in a day.

Life goes round and round and time passes very quickly in it.

2. To remember a good moment is to feel happy again.

Our memories are one of the most valuable assets we have.

3. Where there’s a tree to plant, you plant it. Where there is a mistake to be made, you make it right. Where there is an effort that everyone avoids, you do it. Be the one who removes the stone from the path

With our personal effort and dedication, we will achieve all our personal goals.

4. Education is perhaps the highest form of seeking God.

Education is the pillar on which a productive life is based, it is the main tool that we will use the most.

5. There are kisses that produce ravings of ardent and crazy passion, you know them well, they are my kisses invented by me, for your mouth.

A simple kiss from our loved one can totally disrupt our mind, make us lose the oremus.

6. The happiest days are those that make us wise.

The day we learn something new is a day well spent.

7. There are smiles that are not of happiness, but a way of crying with kindness.

A smile can mean many different things, on countless occasions we do not show our true feelings.

8. Give me your hand and we will dance; give me your hand and you will love me. As one flower we shall be, as one flower, and no more.

Relationships can be a wonderful thing, Mistral knew this feeling very well.

9. The world has been more beautiful since you made me an ally, when we were speechless beside a thorn tree And love like the thorn pierced us with its fragrance!

The moment we find love we will always remember it, it will be marked with fire in our memory.

10. Oh, what a lover the rose is and what a lover the thorn is!

Everything in the universe has positive and negative aspects, ambiguity is present in everything around us.

11. Your name is Rosa and I am Esperanza, but you will forget your name, because we will be a dance on the hill and nothing else.

A brief quote from one of Gabriela Mistral’s most relevant poems, a metaphor about personal relationships.

12. I believe in my heart, always but never empty.

The strength of our feelings can lead us to do great things in life.

13. There is the immense joy of living and of being just, but above all there is the immense joy of serving.

Life is wonderful and we must know how to make the most of it, we only have one in order to achieve happiness.

14. I’m waiting for you with no deadline or time.

Love is a feeling that can last us a lifetime, beyond time and space.

15. There are kisses that leave traces on the lips like a field of sunshine between two ice cubes.

Kisses can make us feel that time stands still around us.

16. Because my love is not only this sheaf

reluctant and tired of my body,
that trembles whole at the touch of the sackcloth
and that I’m lagging behind in every flight.
It’s what’s in the kiss, and it’s not the lip
which breaks the voice, and it’s not the chest:
It’s a wind of God, which passes over me
the piece of meat, flyboy!

A very good example of the poetry of this great writer, she had a gift for it.

17. I believe in my heart, a bouquet of aromas that my Lord waves like a frond, perfuming it with love all its life and making it blessed.

Our feelings can mark us very deeply; for Gabriela Mistral they were a source of inspiration.

18. There are kisses that pronounce by themselves the sentence of damning love, there are kisses that are given with the look, there are kisses that are given with the memory.

We’ll always remember those passionate kisses we once had in life.

19. The same verse we will sing, at the same pace you will dance. Like a spike we will wave, like a spike, and nothing else.

Sometimes we feel connected to other people in a very powerful way, as if we were part of the same being.

20. There are countries that I remember as I remember my childhoods. They are countries of sea or river, of pastures, of plains and waters.

Our childhood memories will accompany us throughout our lives.

21. Hide me so the world won’t guess. Hide me like the trunk of its resin, and may I perfume you in the shade, like the drop of gum, and make you soft with it, and the others may not know where your sweetness comes from.

We all possess innate qualities that we must know how to take advantage of, on which depends what we are today and what we will be tomorrow.

22. I believe in my heart, the one I squeeze to dye the canvas of life.

Our willpower and perseverance come from our heart, from where our emotions spring.

23. In vain is the net cast before the eyes of those who have wings.

It all depends on the point of view where we observe something, our perception can be very different.

24. The experience is a lottery ticket bought after the draw.

Experience is one of the greatest gifts that life can give us, with it we can reach wisdom.

25. Thou wilt go forth and be burned in marches of thine that I hear no more, And in thy passion that rumbles in the night, like madness of the seas alone!

A very poetic quote from Mistral that he gives us from his talent for writing.

26. We are guilty of many errors and many faults, but our worst crime is the abandonment of children by denying them the source of life.

We must always look out for the little ones, they are the future of humanity.

27. I look at you, I look at you without tiring of looking, and what a beautiful child I see in your eyes.

Being in touch with our inner child is something we all have to do and very few of us actually do.

28. To have a homeland is a gift to which one must correspond from time to time.

Loving our country is something that many of us do and should always encourage.

29. Happy are those who choose, those who accept to be chosen.

In life, sometimes we have to choose and sometimes we have to be chosen, we have to be happy in both situations.

30. What the soul does for its body is what the artist does for his people.

A very poetic metaphor that speaks to us about the value of the intangible, which we often do not see.

31. The Bible is the book for me. I don’t see how anyone can live without it.

Mistral reveals in this quote the importance of the Bible to her.

32. Lady Spring of fertile breath, she laughs at all the sorrows of the world.

Spring is a beautiful time that we can all enjoy wherever we are.

33. Don’t say what you think, but think what you say.

One rule we must all always obey is: always think before you speak.

34. There is no atheistic art. Even if you do not love the creator, you will affirm it by creating in his likeness.

Normally the artist always respects the beliefs of others, which often leads him to have his own beliefs.

35. Turn to me your sigh, and I will come up and down from your chest, I will entangle myself in your heart, I will go out into the air to come back in. And I’ll be in this game all my life.

Many times we may wish to live again and again those good experiences we had with a loved one.

36. To say friendship is to say full understanding, quick trust and long memory; that is to say, fidelity.

Friendship is one of the best relationships humans can have with each other.

37. Fear not night, fog, or rain. Come with or without a path. Call me where thou art, my soul, and march straight to me, my companion.

Very nice quote that tells us about being always present for our loved ones.

38. The things of life follow their course but do not let yourself be carried away by their destiny.

We must try to achieve our goals, to lead the life that we really want.

39. A beautiful landscape, a beautiful day, a select book… What else do you need to be happy? The sun shines inside.

The most beautiful things in life are often the ones that seem the most insignificant.

40. War is to distract us from the good things.

War is one of the worst stages that any human being can go through, you never get anything good out of a war. Better a bad peace, than a good war.

41. The future of children is always today. Tomorrow will be late.

We must do everything possible for our children today, the future is not yet written.

42. Many of the things that we need can wait, children cannot, now is the time, their bones are in formation, their blood is also in formation and their senses are developing, to him we cannot answer tomorrow, his name is today.

As adults we must look after the future of all children, starting now.

43. I have one day. If I know how to take advantage of it, I have a treasure.

Every day we live is a treasure that we must know how to make the most of.

44. Doña Primavera dresses that she’s gorgeous, she dresses in lemon and orange blossom.

How beautiful spring is and how many wonderful things it gives us every year.

45. Teaching always: in the courtyard and in the street as in the classroom. Teach with attitude, gesture and word.

Children and young people learn every second of their existence, they learn from all the experiences they constantly live.

46. There is no need to be afraid to correct. The worst teacher is the teacher with fear.

In order to teach children what is right and what is wrong, we must correct our little ones.

47. Living the beautiful theories. To live the goodness, the activity and the professional honesty.

Being a teacher can provide us with many invaluable personal experiences.

48. An illiterate can teach more than a being without honesty, without equity.

Just because we can’t write or read doesn’t mean we don’t have values, which is much more important.

49. To make the teaching enjoyable with the beautiful word, with the opportune anecdote, and the relationship of each knowledge with life.

In this quote Mistral talks about the qualities of any good teacher, didactic teaching.

50. The teaching of children is perhaps the highest form of seeking God; but it is also the most terrible in the sense of tremendous responsibility.

When the future of children or young people hangs in the balance, the responsibility we have is very serious.

51. If we do not realize equality and culture within the school, where can these things be demanded?

In school there must be all the rights that children will later find in life.

52. The nobility of the teaching begins in the attentive class and includes exalting singing in the spiritual sense, the ancient dance – grace and decorum -, cruelty-free talking, and simple and correct dress.

A well-ordered class is, without a doubt, a much more efficient class.

53. The teacher who does not read must be a bad teacher: she has lowered her profession to the mechanism of an office, by not renewing herself spiritually.

Reading is an activity that we must do throughout our lives, it enriches us culturally and spiritually.

54. It is just as dangerous for the superficial teacher to chat with the student, as it is beautiful for the teacher who has something to teach outside of class to always be by her side.

A teacher’s profession does not end when he leaves school, he has to be an example to follow in all aspects of his life.

55. The parables of Jesus are the eternal model of teaching: to use the image, to be simple and to give under the appearance of simplicity the deepest thought.

After all, Jesus was a mentor to many, many people throughout his life.

56. It is an intolerable gap that before giving knowledge, does not teach methods to study.

In order to learn effectively we must know how to study, many children lack such instruction.

57. Since it is not possible to retain everything, it is necessary to make the student select and know how to distinguish between the marrow of a piece and the useful but not indispensable detail.

The student must know how to sift the grain straw and make a correct synthesis of what has been studied.

58. Since children are not commodities, it is shameful to haggle over time in school. We are told to instruct by the hour, and to educate always. Then, we belong to the school whenever it needs us.

The education system in many countries is clearly improvable, Mistral helped to improve Mexico’s education system.

59. Love for girls teaches more paths to the one it teaches, than pedagogy.

To be a good teacher one must love his work, have been born for it.

60. We study without love and apply without love the maxims and aphorisms of Pestalozzi and Froebel, those tender souls, and that’s why we don’t reach what they did.

In order to be able to teach correctly we need to put a lot of love into what we want them to learn, as Mistral tells us very well in this quotation.

61. It is not harmful to comment on life with the students, when the comment criticizes without poisoning, praises without passion and has an edifying intention.

A teacher can teach her students in many different ways, not just by giving them basic notions of arithmetic.

62. How many souls has a teacher poisoned or left confused or diminished forever during her life?

A teacher who fails to do her job properly can cause severe damage to the identity of her students.

63. Vanity is the worst vice of a teacher, because she who believes herself to be perfect has closed herself off, in truth, all the roads to perfection.

A teacher should never be vain, he should accept on the contrary that nobody is perfect.

64. All effort that is not sustained is lost.

In order to achieve our goals we must be persistent, this quality is one of the most important in life.

65. Nothing is more difficult than to measure in a class how far amenity and joy go, and where chatter and disorder begin.

Knowing how to stop the children’s feet in time is a gift that many teachers do not possess.

66. There is a right to criticism, but after having successfully done what is criticized.

In order to be able to criticize something we must do it in a more accurate way.

67. In the progress or disrepute of a school we all have a part.

All people within a school are the cause of its good or bad reputation.

68. There is nothing sadder than when the student realizes that her class is equivalent to her text.

A student will be as good as his teacher has taught him to be, if they don’t get the right level it will always be the teacher’s fault.

69. The teacher who does not respect her own schedule and alters it only for her own personal comfort, thereby teaching disorder and lack of seriousness.

A teacher should always set a clear example for children in all aspects of their lives.

70. I’m dry, I’m tough and I’m sharp. Love will make me another with you, but it can’t make me whole again.

In the end there are qualities in us that no one will be able to change, those that reveal our authentic way of being.

71. I just want to be one of the reasons for your smile, maybe a little thought from your mind in the morning, or maybe a nice memory before you go to sleep. I would only like to be a fleeting image before your eyes, perhaps a whispering voice in your ear, or perhaps a slight touch from your lips. I just want to be someone you want to have by your side, maybe not all day long, but one way or another, to live in you.

A very romantic phrase by Gabriela Mistral, the ease with which she performed her poetry is undoubtedly incredible.

72. Give me, Lord, the perseverance of the waves of the sea, which make every retreat a starting point for a new advance.

Mistral knew very well the importance of perseverance, with it we are unstoppable.

73. I taught you to kiss, cold kisses are of an impassive heart of rock. I taught you to kiss with kisses of mine that I invented for your mouth.

A very simple but very interesting sentence. We recommend that you read the poetry of this fantastic author.

74. I leave you with your very breath: as moisture from your body I evaporate. I leave you with vigil and sleep, and in your most faithful memory I already erase myself. And in your memory I become like those who were not born on the plains or in the groves.

Forgetting is something very difficult to do, our memories can accompany us all our lives.

75. Love is patient, it is kind.

Love, as the main axis of many Mistral texts was very relevant in his life, something that many of us share.