Intimate relationships in the couple are an important part of love relationships , because they help to keep the flame of passion alive.

Although attraction is something very personal, and as the popular saying goes, “for colorful tastes” (since the choice of partner depends on the needs and tastes of each person), when someone attracts us, the first thing that comes to mind is being able to share those intimate moments with that person: making love with our lover is something that makes us immensely happy.

Will he be good in bed or not? , is a question we can ask ourselves when we embark on a new relationship.

How important is sex to the couple?

The importance of intimate relationships in a couple varies from person to person. While some girls value other attributes in the relationship, others pay close attention to this aspect as if it were everything or almost everything. They look to their partner as a real sex machine. It is clear that having an active intimate life is important to a couple’s happiness and stability, but it is not about being “hit on” all day. At least that’s what recent research found.

This research attempted to determine what the frequency of intimate relationships should be. According to the researchers’ conclusions, an increase in the frequency of sexual relations between couples has a positive effect… but to a limit. That means that you don’t have to be at the bottom of the barrel every day. You have to give the right and necessary dose.

You can read about the data and conclusions of this curious study in our post: “Does having lots of sex make couples happier?”

Signs that indicate if a man is good in bed

There is a lot of talk about what details are characteristic of men who are good lovers and good in bed. For example:

What signals do they send, or how do they behave? If you are getting to know a boy and you have just asked yourself this question, be careful because in the following lines you can find the answers to these questions and you will get out of it.

1. Dance well

Many women love to dance and this can be a great aphrodisiac to get us in tune and end up body to body in the room with that man. This not only includes a good “striptease”, but some dances awaken our most intimate and passionate instincts.

This is the opinion of Dr. Peter Lovatt, a psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire (UK). He decided to carry out research in which he recorded 15 male dance forms which would then be visualised by a group of 55 women of different ages. The results showed that the John Travolta-like movements in “Saturday Night Fever” are the most stimulating for women.

Also, many women claim that the dancers are good in bed. This is what a study by the British company Phones 4U concluded, as more than 80% of the women surveyed said that there was an association between a good dancer and good movements in bed. What’s more, up to 50% of the women said that they check a man’s movements before sleeping with him. That’s probably why many women think that Latin dances are really exciting.

2. He is adventurous

Adventurous men also seem to be good lovers and good in bed . Because they are people who enjoy new challenges and are looking for exciting moments and adventures in their lives. This can also be a great aphrodisiac, as these types of people want to try out new and unconventional experiences. Something that in the long run can keep the flame of passion alive in the relationship. Intimate relationships without taboos are much more enjoyable.

3. Kiss well

If you’ve already kissed him and noticed that he kisses like angels, he’ll probably show you a good time in bed. If he kisses well and knows that he kisses well, it is because he is probably very experienced and is a person who lets himself be carried away by the situation. He is spontaneous and does not let himself be guided by conventions.

Logically, this is not 100% infallible , but if that person kisses you with passion, he or she likes you and is excited by your physique (and possibly your mind). The chemistry you can have with that person who kisses well is a good start to move on to the next phase with certain guarantees of success.

4. Has high self-confidence

In intimate relationships, self-confidence is the key . A man who is confident in his sexual performance and knows he is good in bed will give you a great time. On the other hand, a shy person in this environment will probably not be able to let go and enjoy sexuality so fully. Besides, self-confidence is one of the qualities that make us more attractive.

5. Makes you feel like an attractive person

When you find someone who makes you feel like a spectacular and incredible person, the degree of intimacy between the two increases. Some women feel insecure and, to fully enjoy themselves, they need the other person to make them feel special . To achieve this, words are not enough.

6 Cares about you

And intimate relationships are more pleasant when there is something magical surrounding them . It is the feeling of mutual love, which can be very strong. When you notice that the other person is for you, is detail-oriented, thinks about your needs … there is a greater trust and respect between the two, something that also takes shape in the most intimate moments.

7. Has a proactive and ambitious attitude

Ambitious and proactive people are always on the move and usually enjoy better general health . Think about it: would someone who plays video games all day long be better off in bed, or someone who worries about not spending too much time sitting down, going out with friends and playing sports on a regular basis? People who have an active life are generally healthier. That’s why they perform better in almost any physical activity.

8. Is creative

Creativity can be a good indicator that that person will make you feel extraordinary things. If he or she has an active life and is healthy, cares about you, uses different ways to make you feel attracted to someone, is self-confident and creative, this man probably has something you might like. The reason is that by not having to devote time and effort to follow a “script” everything happens in a much more fluid and spontaneous.