Retirement is a stage of our life that we all aspire to reach and whose advantages or disadvantages we do not know until we reach it. How will we live our life once we reach it? This is a question that we must ask ourselves in order to have a clear idea of how we want to pass this stage of life.

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Phrases and reflections on Retirement

Numerous thinkers, celebrities and celebrities have spoken out over the years about this stage of life, which is why below we will show you 90 phrases from Retirement to focus on the future, as told by all kinds of people, which are sure to inspire you to focus on this beautiful stage of life.

1. Don’t just walk away from something; have something to walk away from. (Harry Emerson Fosdick)

We should always look for something useful to do with our free time, that way we will feel much better mentally.

2. The problem with retirement is that you never get a day off. (Abe Lemons)

Boredom in retirement is something we must fight against day by day, but we will certainly manage to overcome it.

3. Retirement is when you stop living to work and start working to live.

Those activities that we do during our retirement are those that we really want to do.

4. Don’t wait for your retirement to lead the life you’ve always wanted, and if you’ve already retired, start it now.

Throughout our lives we must fight for our happiness, and retirement is no exception.

5. The concept of freedom is never understood until one settles into retirement mode. (A. Major)

Retirement can be a wonderful time when we are truly free.

6. Take advantage of retirement to live the life you’ve always wanted.

When we have all of our time, we can begin to lead a truly fulfilling life.

7. A retired man is often a wife’s entire job. (Ella Harris)

The wife of a retired man will always enjoy the company of her beloved much more.

8. Withdraw from work and pressure, not from life and fun.

During retirement the small pleasures of life do not have to disappear.

9. The best time to start thinking about your retirement is before your boss does.

Making plans for when we retire is something many of us do every day.

10. Retirement is a step towards a better future.

Retirement can be a great time for self-discovery and learning.

11. Retirement is like a long vacation. The goal is to enjoy it to the fullest, but not so much that you run out of money.

Knowing how to manage our economy in retirement can be complicated, but it is something we must address.

12. When you retire, get up earlier, have more energy, plan more and get more excited than when you were working, because now you have all the time you wanted before to do all the things worth living.

A beautiful appointment that encourages us to create during our retirement, we have the time to do what we want with our life, let’s take advantage of it!

13. Retirement is wonderful. It’s about doing nothing without worrying.

The contemplative life can be part of our daily routine during retirement.

14. There are some who start their retirement long before they stop working. (Robert Half)

Depending on the work we have, some things we reserve for retirement we can do before retirement comes.

15. Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did. (Malcolm Forbes)

An ironic quote from Malcolm Forbes and at the same time very true, not in vain will we enjoy retirement for the rest of our lives.

16. The harder you work, the harder it is to retire. (Vince Lombardi)

Leaving a very busy routine can be very difficult, but it is something that in time we will manage to abandon.

17. To enjoy a long and comfortable retirement, save more today.

We must ensure a decent retirement, and if possible make small savings for it.

18. Use your retirement to reap all the fruits you have been sowing.

Retirement can be a wonderful time, if we have known how to provision ourselves properly before.

19. Retirement is to stop thinking about work and start thinking about living all the time.

Enjoying our retirement is something we are obliged to do, life goes on!

20. Don’t retire to rest and be bored, retire to live and have fun.

When we are retired, we will be able to dedicate our time to a lot of recreational activities.

21. Don’t live just for the sake of living, enjoy what you do and learn to share so that you can teach others how to live.

The teachings we give to others can be part of the person they will be in the future.

22. Retirement is the youth to do all the things you didn’t do when you were younger.

Retirement can be one of the most beautiful stages of our lives, we must know how to take advantage of it as it deserves.

23. When you retire, think and act as if you are still working, and when you are still working, think and act as if you have already retired.

How we focus our thoughts on life will allow us to be much happier.

24. Retirement can be an end, a closure, but it is also a new beginning. (Catherine Pulsifer)

Retirement is a time when life is wide open to us, a change for the better in our lives.

25. Feel good, because at this time you will receive the rewards of all the time you spent giving your best at work.

The best time of any work is when we reap the fruits of our effort.

26. Retirement is the longest rest in the world.

No doubt the longest vacation we’ll ever take.

27. People don’t stop playing because they grow, they grow because they stop playing.

Having fun is something we must do all our lives, there will always be activities we can do to achieve it.

28. Retirement is saying goodbye to stress and hello to pension.

The stress is over when we reach retirement, something we all yearn for.

29. There is no greater pleasure than that which comes from a job well done. It’s time to relax, because everything you could have done for others you did more than that.

Retirement is the time of harvest in a sowing, we can enjoy the fruits that our life has given.

30. Retirement is a work in progress.

During retirement we will have enough time to deal with all those plans we had parked.

31. Life begins in retirement.

It can certainly be one of the sweetest moments in a person’s life.

32. Creativity in retirement is knowing how to pass the time without spending money.

We can do many activities during retirement, which besides being healthy can be free.

33. Age is just a number, a figure. A person cannot withdraw his experience. He must use it. (Bernard Baruch)

The experience we have allows us to enjoy life in a much broader way.

34. When a man retires, his wife takes twice the husband but half the income. (Chi Chi Rodriguez)

Retirement can be a time to rediscover our life as a couple, in a different way to the one we used to live.

35. Retirement: it’s good to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to do well with less cheese. (Gene Perret)

Learning to live with the resources we have is something we must all do in retirement.

36. Before you retire, find your passion, the thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Having passions is something that can make our retirement much more enjoyable.

37. The key to retirement is to enjoy the little things. (Susan Miller)

The little things that life gives us are always the most beautiful.

38. Retire from work, but not from life. (M.K. Soni)

Not having to work does not mean not living, we can learn to live in a much more idle way.

39. It is not true that people stop pursuing their dreams because they get old, they get old because they stop pursuing their dreams. (Gabriel García Márquez)

When we resign ourselves and lose the illusion of living is when we really grow up.

40. Resting is not idleness and lying on the grass under the trees on a summer day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float by in the blue sky is not a waste of time. (John Lubbock)

Enjoying life fully is something we can all do in retirement, be much happier than we were before.

41. Preparation for old age should begin not much later than in adolescence. A life that is empty of purpose until 65 will not suddenly be filled by retirement. (Dwight L. Moody)

Knowing what we want to do in retirement can take years of planning.

42. I’ve retired, but if there’s one thing that would kill me, it’s waking up in the morning not knowing what I’m going to do. (Nelson Mandela)

Nelson Mandela kept himself busy all his life, inactivity will no doubt lead to a much more tedious life.

43. Retirement has been a beautiful discovery of beauty. I never had time to notice the beauty of my grandchildren, my wife, from the tree outside my own door. And the beauty of time itself. (Terri Guillemets)

When we retire we have enough time to appreciate more fully the beautiful things that life has to offer.

44. The more sand that has escaped from our life’s clock, the more clearly we should be able to see through its crystal. (Jean-Paul Sartre)

Old age brings us enough wisdom to be able to see more clearly the real meaning of our life.

45. Retirement is an attitude of embracing the coming years with enthusiasm rather than apathy. (Morton Shaevitz)

Taking advantage of the gift of retirement is something we should all be able to do, it can be a very enriching stage on a personal level.

46. I wish time had not gone so fast. And sometimes I wish I had enjoyed the road more and cared less. (Neil Gaiman)

We can’t go back on life, we mustn’t regret anything we may have done.

47. Retirement is wonderful. It’s doing nothing without having to worry about getting caught up in it. (Gene Perret)

Retirement can be a beautiful time that we can enjoy to a great extent.

48. More than half of older people now live without a spouse and we have fewer children than ever before, yet we hardly think about how we will live our final years alone. (Atul Gawande)

Knowing how we will cope with retirement is something we must plan for in good time.

49. To have half a century more is wonderfully exciting, because I have lost nothing of my past and am free to stand on the rock of all that the past taught me to look to the future. (Madeleine L’Engle)

Time provides us with enough experience to learn to value life in its proper measure.

50. The road to the mountain of action is no longer a road for me; my future hope stops with my present happiness in the dark valley of rest. (Wilkie Collins)

Enjoying the pleasant rest after a lifetime of hard work can be wonderful.

51. I advise you to continue living only to enrage those who pay your annuities. It’s the only pleasure I have left. (Voltaire)

Living your retirement to the fullest can be one of the greatest pleasures we can ever enjoy.

52. Youth is nothing more than the painted shell within which, growing continually, lives that marvelous thing that is the spirit of a man waiting for his moment of appearance, earlier in some than in others. (Lew Wallace)

Youth is ephemeral, but the experiences we have during it will always accompany us.

53. The old man is old at any age. Old is when you stop asking questions about this, that, and everything. Old is when you forget how to love or worse, you don’t care. Old is when you don’t want to dance anymore. Old is when you don’t want to learn anything new except how to be old. Old is when people tell you that you are old and you believe them. (Carew Papritz)

We will be as old as we want to be, because to be really old it is important not just to look old.

54. The important part of getting older was the part of growing up. Resisting change meant forever standing still, which was a sad way to live. (Barbara Delinsky)

We all evolve throughout our lives, during retirement we do too.

55. The best thing about retirement is not having to wear pants. (Mark Hewer)

When we retire, we can do without certain labels that did not really go with us.

56. I think the biggest mistake most people make when they retire is that they don’t plan to. They take the same route as Alice in Wonderland, where the cat tells Alice that she will probably go somewhere as long as she walks long enough. It may not be exactly where you wanted to go, but you certainly get somewhere. (Mark Singer)

Planning our retirement will allow us to live it in a much more profitable and pleasant way.

57. Withdrawal from work does not mean withdrawal from life! It is the beginning, not the end!

(Ravi Samuel)

Even if we don’t have to go to work we can still enjoy many other things that really matter to us.

58. Someday you’ll be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. (C.S. Lewis)

When we are a certain age, we all want to recall those fondest memories of our childhood.

59. The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected. (Robert Frost)

Wisdom is acquired in time, we will only reach it when we are old enough.

60. Age is a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

(Mark Twain)

When we see an old man he often seems older because of the attitude he has towards everything around him.

61. Retirement at sixty-five is ridiculous. When I was sixty-five I still had pimples. (George Burns)

There are people who, being very long-lived, enjoy many years of retirement, something we all aspire to.

62. Day by day we increase in age. Step by step we reduce the number of our steps. When you are old, you will see life differently and get a better understanding of the path of life: how you lived it and how you should have lived it.

(Ernest Agyemang Yeboah)

Experience is a degree that is only acquired over time, when we get it we see things in a much different way.

63. Growing old is a precious commodity. Only a few can resist achieving that distinguished distinction and quality. (Debasish Mridha)

Not all people reach a dignified old age; if we do, we must value it as it deserves.

64. Another good thing about being poor is that when you’re seventy your children won’t declare you legally insane so they can control your wealth. (Woody Allen)

In old age, disputes over inheritance are things we must all suffer, and this quote from the great Woody Allen makes a satire of that moment.

65. One person once said to me, “Don’t you think you’re too old to sing rock ‘n’ roll?” I said, “You better check with Mick Jagger. (Cher)

Cher’s personality has always been something characteristic of this great woman.

66. Sadly, retirement planning in many circumstances has become nothing more than a planned postponement. (Richie Norton)

We saved a lot of things for retirement that we could do today, don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today.

67. Nothing makes us grow old more quickly than to think incessantly about getting old.

Age is only a number and should not be an impediment to enjoying our retirement.

68. I think people understand things differently when they grow up. It’s not about softening or seeing things in shades of gray instead of black and white. I really think I’m just understanding things differently. In a much better way.

(Jeff Lindsay)

With time we learn to see things from a different point of view and in a much more reliable way.

69. As one grows older one feels happier than in one’s youth, which I will not reproach because in all my dreams I hear my youth as a wonderful song that now sounds more harmonious than it really was and even sweeter. (Hermann Hesse)

As we grow older we all tend to remember our younger years, nostalgia is something we all share.

70. You age faster when you think about retirement. (Toba Beta)

The more we think about something, the faster that moment comes.

71. The rich don’t work for money, they do what they like to do. They do work that they love and do not live in expectation of a well-deserved rest or retirement but work passionately to the end of their lives. (Sunday Adelaja)

Wealthy people live life as if they had always been retired as this quote from Sunday Adelaja tells us.

72. Learn the lessons of history. Don’t let the way you feel about your tenure in your organization lead you to make poor investment decisions that could derail a successful retirement. (Mark Singer)

The decisions we make in our lives will lead us into many different types of retirement.

73. Every day the growing weight of the years warns me more and more, that the shadow of retirement is as necessary for me as it is welcome. (George Washington)

It comes to the point that we all wish for an early retirement, for the sorrows of life seem too much to bear.

74. I’m really enjoying my retirement. I can sleep every day. I do crossword puzzles and eat cake. (Derek Landy)

Everyone lives retirement in their own way, that’s what this precious stage is about.

75. I live in that solitude that is painful in youth but delicious in the years of maturity. (Albert Einstein)

Peace of mind is something we all need when we are older, it is a stage of life where the hustle and bustle is behind us.

76. Now that you have stopped working, it is time to enjoy and relax: free time, hobbies, leisure and friends. Happy retirement!

A beautiful appointment that encourages us to live retirement to the fullest.

77. Retirement is a continuous and tireless creative effort. At first I enjoyed the novelty, it was like playing hooky. (Robert De Niro)

Robert De Niro also approached retirement in his own way, with a unique perspective.

78. As a young man he dreamed of retirement and now, as a retiree, he dreamed of youth. (Miguel Delibes)

We all dream of what is unattainable to us, it is something innate in the human condition.

79. It is not true that the outgoing politician is sick with melancholy and wants to return to the lost paradise. The purple of power is heavy and leaves more relief than nostalgia when it is lost. (Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo)

When we hold a very high position in society it can be a very difficult thing to cope with, wanting to get rid of it as soon as possible so that we can enjoy our retirement.

80. I want to be like a bum, but with more means: I won’t do anything, just live and observe. I won’t miss acting. (Alfredo Landa)

Retirement can be a great time to simply do nothing.

81. I think that for a painter, for an architect, retirement doesn’t exist. You keep doing things as they come out. You’re not going to cut them off like that because of a decision of your will; you’re not going to be left with a blank mind. (Clorindo Testa)

Artists rarely retire, as they wish to continue their activity as long as possible.

82. There’s no age to start being gallant or to stop being gallant. (Lin Yutang)

Education and respect are something that should accompany us throughout our lives, whether we are young or old.

83. I do not see it as impossible that in the middle of one’s life one can dedicate a few years to studying other universes and then postpone the date of retirement. (Eduard Punset)

Eduard Punset told us in this quote, that we must all take advantage of our life to make our dreams come true.

84. Old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read. (Sir Francis Bacon)

In time, everything acquires unique properties that it did not possess before.

85. Study! Not to know one more thing, but to know it better. (Seneca)

Retirement may be a good time to resume those studies that we could never finish.

86. When I was young I read almost always to learn; today, sometimes I read to forget. (Giovanni Papini)

As we got older, we started to see things in a very different way than before.

87. It is necessary to have as much discretion in giving advice as docility in receiving it. (François De la Rochefoucauld)

Even though we are wiser than others, we must also listen to them, because respect is obtained that way.

88. It takes forty muscles to wrinkle a forehead, but only fifteen to smile. (Swami Sivananda)

We must smile all our lives, we will receive the same happiness that we transmit to others.

89. Utopia is on the horizon. I walk two steps, she moves two steps away, and the horizon runs ten steps further. What then is utopia for? For that, it’s good for walking. (Eduardo Galeano)

Every time we reach a goal, another one is built up a little further. Retirement is only the beginning of a new path.

90. Nonsense is always placed in the front row to be seen; intelligence behind to see. (Elizabeth of Romania)

When we reach retirement it is the moment of maximum wisdom in our life, because a life of experiences is our guarantee.