Unfortunately, we do not live forever. So we should enjoy our life while we can . While there are individuals who have a positive attitude and live each day as a new adventure, others live but seem to be dead in life.

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Things to do before you die

Obviously everyone has their own tastes, and everyone enjoys life in their own way. Nevertheless,
in the following lines we leave you a series of recommendations about unforgettable experiences that you can live while you are alive. They are the following.

1. Travel in a balloon

Ballooning is a unique experience, which will give you a totally different view of your city and your natural environment.

2. Meet other continents

The world is a wonderful place that you should explore while you can.

3. Fall in love

Falling in love can be the best experience of life. Some people say that if you don’t fall in love, your life won’t be worth living.

4. Reuniting with a childhood friend

Throughout life, and because of different circumstances, we can leave behind childhood friends. It’s never too late to meet them again.

5. Ask forgiveness of all those you have harmed

Pride can make us lose loved ones.
It’s never too late to forgive.

6. Forgive all those people who have harmed you

Therefore, forgive and love again. I’m sure that’s what you want.

7. Volunteer

This is one of the best ways to help others and feel fulfilled as a person.

8. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an ancient practice that improves people’s well-being.

9. Read as much as you can

Reading makes us more intelligent and also makes us have fun.

10. Attend a concert

Music can make us vibrate and connect with our emotions and those of others.

11. Take a trip alone

You don’t need company to discover wonderful new places.

12. Practice your sense of humor

Sense of humor has many benefits, as you can see in our article: ”
The 9 benefits of having a sense of humor”

13. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping will make your
adrenaline’s pumping. You won’t forget.

14. Parachute

Like the previous point, the adrenaline will be pumping. An unforgettable experience.

15. Take cooking classes

You’ll have a fun time and learn a thousand practical things.

16. Help someone who needs it even if they don’t ask for it

Help is not only good for the person we help, but it makes us feel good and useful.

17. Love Yourself

Loving yourself is key to living life happily and to the fullest.

18. Respect others

In this way, others will respect you and you will be remembered in a positive way.

19. Improve your emotional intelligence

It will help you to live better while you are on this planet . Whether it is with yourself or with others.

20. Study what you like

This is the best way to feel fulfilled and enjoy what you do.

21. Do sport

It will help you to be healthy and attractive . Therefore, it will be positive for your life.

22. Toast to your parents

Because they are the people who brought you into this world and educated you.

23. Take a sabbatical

To do what you like best or simply to reflect.

24. Make others laugh

This way, others will be happy with your company and appreciate you.

25. Tell that person that you love him even if pride doesn’t leave you

You may have had a fight with that person you loved, and you’re actually looking forward to making peace. Make it up while you can.

26. Climb a mountain

Because you can experience wonderful moments along the way.

27. Surf

You’ll have fun and you’ll also do sports, which means it’s healthy.

28. Have sex and good sex

The most pleasant experience in life. Don’t waste your time and enjoy it.

29. Create something

It doesn’t matter what it is: a business, a book… the important thing is that it is yours and represents you.

30. Be a parent

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than bringing someone to life. You will know true love.

31. Self-Realization

Know your desires and fight for them. It’s the way to be happy.

32. Learn to speak other languages

It will help you live new experiences and meet different people.

33. Take a bike trip

It will be an unforgettable experience. If you live it with friends, so much the better.

34. Know your country

Sometimes we don’t realize how wonderful our land is. Explore it!

35. Go climb

You’ll exercise and have a good time. A great experience.

36. Fishing in the open sea

Even if you’re not a fishing lover. Live this experience for one day.

37. Dive

Meet the sea bed and discover a wonderful place.

38. Skiing

Enjoy this sport and the experience of spending a few days in the snow.

39. Helicopter ride

Find out what it feels like to fly a helicopter.

40. Canoeing

An experience that will get your adrenaline pumping. A great extreme sport.

41. Have a pet

You can also love a pet. They also bring many benefits. Discover them in our article: ”
The 7 benefits of having a pet at home”

42. Enjoy the company of your friends

Friends are like our family . Enjoy them as much as you can.

43. Learn to meditate

This way, you will be able to find inner peace.

44. Walk the Wall of China

Discover this historical monument in Asia.

45. Visit an amusement park

Because you will have a lot of fun regardless of your age.

46. Carry out your sexual fantasy

You should enjoy your sex life to the fullest while you have the chance.

47. Do something crazy

As long as you don’t hurt anyone and are respectful, do something crazy.

48. Send flowers to your mother on any day

Show your mother how much you love her whenever you can.

49. Do something incredibly interesting that doesn’t involve money

Happiness is not in money, but in simple things.

50. Donate blood

So you can help other people who need it.

51. Create a blog

So you can share your thoughts with others. I’m sure someone will be interested in what you have to tell them.

52. Know thyself

This way you will know which path you should follow in life to achieve happiness.

53. Spend three days without a mobile phone

A good way to live life to the fullest, without distractions.

54. Be an example for your children

You’re a role model for your children.
Educate them also with your behaviour .

55. Visit all continents

Not only do you get to know other continents, but you visit them all and learn about other cultures.

56. Dance, dance, dance

Whether it’s salsa, hip hop or tango, enjoy the dance and its benefits as much as you can.


If you don’t live on the coast, take a trip to the sea and swim.

58. Go paragliding

Another extreme sport that will make you live incredible moments.

59. Lives abroad for one year

You will grow as a person and, when you return home, you will see your land differently.

60. Visit a historical museum

You’ll have a great time and learn a lot about history.

61. Sleep under the stars (with your partner)

When you look at the sky with the person you love, you will know why it is magical.

62. Look at those movies everyone is talking about

If everyone talks about them, it’s because they’re probably good movies.

63. Attend a famous sporting event

You can experience great sensations with this great show, be it tennis, football or basketball.

64. Overcome your fears

Fears are disabling and don’t let you live life to the fullest.

65. Eat things you would not normally eat

Try new things. Maybe you’ll discover delicious dishes.

66. Learn new skills

It will help you grow as a person and you may enjoy it.

67. Chase your dreams

Because they are the way to happiness. Don’t stop dreaming as long as you live.

68. Run a marathon

A healthy experience if you don’t obsess. An experience of overcoming.

69. Plant a tree

You’ll be doing nature a favor, which is something we should take care of.

70. Write a book

Writing a book can be an enriching and motivating experience.

71. Get a tattoo

Get a symbolic tattoo like the ones on this list: ”
40 symbolic and deeply meaningful tattoos (with photos)”

72. Bungee Jumping

You will live an unforgettable moment, if you are not afraid of this kind of action.

73. Riding a camel in Egypt

Visiting Egypt is an unforgettable trip for many people. For it is a culture and a civilization full of history.

74. Sleep in a capsule hotel in Japan

It may not be the most comfortable thing in the world, but it’s worth a try.

75. Visit Niagara Falls

One of the great wonders of nature. A place not to be missed.

76. Bathe in a waterfall

Take the opportunity to bathe in a waterfall. Something you don’t do every day.

77. Go to the Rio carnival

Colourful, music and dance in the purest Brazilian style.

78. Call each of your closest relatives just to tell them how much you love them

It’s always an ideal time to express your love for your loved ones.

79. Give what you don’t use to someone who needs it

I’m sure there are things you never use that would be good for other people.

80. Visit the Eiffel Tower

Paris is considered the city of love, and
the Eiffel Tower one of the most magical places in the world to visit .

81. Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt

Another of the magical places in the world that you should visit are the pyramids of Egypt.

82. Watching a lunar eclipse

Eclipses occur rarely in life. They are unique moments.

83. Look at a shower of stars

Like eclipses, meteor showers also occur rarely in life. They’re wonderful spectacles.

84. Quit your job if it doesn’t make you happy

We spend a lot of hours at work. If we’re unhappy in it, it’s better to change jobs.

85. Sleep one night out: in a forest or on a beach

It can be a unique experience. Definitely different.

86. Go camping

Going camping with friends will allow you to live unforgettable moments, surrounded by nature.

87. Develop your talents

If we like to do something and we are good at it, we must develop our talents to feel fulfilled.

88. Practice yoga

Yoga is a practice that makes us feel good and is beneficial to our physical and mental health.

89. Around the World

Know as much as you can about planet Earth, for we only live once.

90. Fly in a light aircraft

Flying in a light aircraft is also an incredible experience. Feel like a bird for a day.

91. Travel by boat

Enjoy a cruise sometime in your life and live unique moments.

92. Try foods from different countries

Indian, Chinese, Japanese food… each country has a rich culinary culture.