What are antonyms for advanced?

Antonyms for advanced. receded (from), retreated, went, withdrew.

What word means not advanced?

See definition of underdeveloped on Dictionary.com. adj.backward. adj.not fully developed.

What word is advanced?

Definition of advanced

1 : far on in time or course a man advanced in years. 2a : being beyond others in progress or ideas tastes a bit too advanced for the times. b : being beyond the elementary or introductory advanced chemistry.

What is another term for advanced?

synonyms for advanced

leading. progressive. state-of-the-art. forward. avant-garde.

What is a word for undeveloped?

backward, primitive, underdeveloped, abortive, behindhand, embryonic, half-baked, ignored, inchoate, incipient, inexperienced, latent, potential, primordial, unevolved, unprogressive, untaught, untrained.

What is the synonym of incipient?

embryonic, nascent, basic, beginning, commencing, elementary, fundamental, inceptive, inchoate, initial, initiative, initiatory, introductory, originating, start.

What is a synonym for backward?

vice versa. adverbwith the order reversed. about-face. again. backwards.

How do you describe something that is advanced?

Advanced Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for advanced?

Which is the closest antonym for the word affirmative?

  • nay,
  • negative,
  • no,
  • non placet.

What is meaning of undeveloped?

not developed : lacking in development
Definition of undeveloped

: not developed : lacking in development undeveloped natural resources undeveloped potential undeveloped film undeveloped seeds : such as.

What means backwardness?

Backwardness is a lack of progress by a person or group to some perceived cultural norm of advancement, such as for example traditional societies relative to modern scientific and technologically advanced industrialized societies.

What is backward antonym?

Antonyms for backward. extroverted. (also extraverted), immodest, outgoing.

What is the opposite of development?

Opposite of the build up to something more advanced. decline. decrease. deterioration. reduction.

What is the noun of undeveloped?

/ˌʌndərdɪˈveləpmənt/ [uncountable] ​a situation in which a country, society, etc. has few industries and a low standard of living. trapped in a cycle of poverty and underdevelopment.

What are the examples of underdeveloped?

The definition of underdeveloped is having a low standard of living, or immature. An example of something underdeveloped is a country that has many poor people and bad living conditions. An example of something underdeveloped is a small fish that must get thrown back into the lake.

What is the opposite of growth and development?

Opposite of advancement in one’s personal growth or development. regression. decline. deterioration. descent.

What’s the opposite of progress?

What is the opposite of progress?
going backwardreversion

What is the opposite of underdeveloped?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for undeveloped. cultivated, tamed.

What is the opposite of self-improvement?

Obsessing Over Goals Is the Opposite of Self-Improvement.

What is the antonym of potential?

What is the opposite of potential?
implausiblenot likely
unrealisticbeyond belief

What’s the opposite of growth in business?

What Is Negative Growth? Negative growth is a contraction in business sales or earnings. It is also used to refer to a contraction in a country’s economy, which is reflected in a decrease in its gross domestic product (GDP) during any quarter of a given year.