What is an antonym for behoove?

Antonyms. fall short of disagree violate diverge unjust. behove conform to meet.

What is the synonym of behoove?

2 benefit, advantage, serve, better, advance; suit, befit, beseem.

What does to behove mean?

to be necessary, proper
Definition of behoove

transitive verb. : to be necessary, proper, or advantageous for it behooves us to go. intransitive verb. : to be necessary, fit, or proper.

Is behoove an American word?

The Advertiser is in South Australia. And The Economist, while it has a US staff and a large US circulation, is a British publication. For them, “behove” is the correct spelling.

What does it behooves you mean?

Definition of ‘behoove’

If it behooves you to do something, it is right, necessary, or useful for you to do it.

Does behoove mean benefit?

Behoove is a verb used with an object. It means to be essential or dutiful. The formal construction is it behooves (someone) to do (something). However, most often the word is misused to mean the action benefits or gives gain to a person.

What are two synonyms for incumbent?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for incumbent, like: binding, compelling, urgent, necessary, officeholder, official, occupant, lessee, in, administrator and authority.

Where does behoove come from?

Behoove, also spelled behove in British English, nowadays is an impersonal verb meaning “it is necessary or proper (for someone to do something).” Behoove comes from Middle English bihoven “to need, be constrained; to be needed or required.” Bihofen, already mostly used as an impersonal verb in Middle English, comes …

Is incumbent on?

Definition of incumbent on/upon

: necessary as a duty for (someone) It is incumbent on us to help.

Is All in all an idiom?

Overall; mostly. This phrase is typically used when one is considering all aspects of something together. Sure, it rained on our vacation, but all in all we had a great time. All in all, the team has a bright future, even though they didn’t make the playoffs this year.

What is the synonym of clamor?

nounloud cry; commotion

verbcry out, make commotion.

What does Encumbent mean?

Definition of incumbent

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the holder of an office or ecclesiastical benefice. 2 : one that occupies a particular position or place.

What is meant by bad blood?

Meaning of bad blood in English

feelings of hate between people because of arguments in the past: There has been bad blood between the two families for years. Synonyms. animosity. animus formal.

Who is the person who speaks for another called?

A person who speaks on your behalf in this way is often called an ‘advocate‘.

What in a nutshell meaning?

in a very brief statement
in a nutshell. : in a very brief statement.

What is the idiom of blue blood?

phrase. If you say that someone has blue blood, you mean that they are from a family that has a high social rank.

What is the idiom of a laughing stock?

If you say that a person or an organization has become a laughing stock, you mean that they are supposed to be important or serious but have been made to seem ridiculous. The truth must never get out. If it did she would be a laughing-stock. His policies became the laughing stock of the financial community. [ + of]

What is the meaning of idiom black and blue?

badly bruised
phrase. If you say that someone is black and blue, you mean that they are badly bruised. The next day I was black and blue and couldn’t move my neck. Bud’s nose was still black and blue.

What is the idiom of crocodile tears?

If someone is crying crocodile tears, their tears and sadness are not genuine or sincere.

What is the meaning of bed of roses idiom?

: a place or situation of agreeable ease.

What is the idiom of red tape?

Red tape is an idiom referring to regulations or conformity to formal rules or standards which are claimed to be excessive, rigid or redundant, or to bureaucracy claimed to hinder or prevent action or decision-making. It is usually applied to governments, corporations, and other large organizations.

What does the saying When Pigs Fly mean?

that something will never happen
Definition of when pigs fly

used to say that one thinks that something will never happen The train station will be renovated when pigs fly.