What is the antonym of opprobrious?

Antonyms. honorable moral known glorious sincere straight true. shameful inglorious ignominious dishonorable dishonourable.

What is the antonym of tap?

What is the opposite of tap?

What is the synonym of transgression?

(or offence), sin, trespass, violation, wrongdoing.

What is an example of transgression?

A transgression is something that is against a command or law. Whether you are cheating on a test, or cheating on a spouse, you are committing transgressions that are not easily forgiven. A transgression can be a failure to do your duty. A sin is a transgression against God.

Which of the following is the best antonym for transgress?

antonyms for transgress
  • behave.
  • obey.

What causes transgression?

Transgressions can be caused either by the land sinking or the ocean basins filling with water (or decreasing in capacity). Transgressions and regressions may be caused by tectonic events such as orogenies, severe climate change such as ice ages or isostatic adjustments following removal of ice or sediment load.

What is a transgressing?

Definition of transgress

intransitive verb. 1 : to violate a command or law : sin. 2 : to go beyond a boundary or limit.

What part of speech is transgression?

/ (trænzˈɡrɛʃən) / noun. a breach of a law, etc; sin or crime. the act or an instance of transgressing.

What is the difference between transgression and regression?

A transgression is a landward shift of the coastline while regression is a seaward shift. The terms are applied generally to gradual changes in coast line position without regard to the mechanism causing the change.

What happens during transgression?

A marine transgression is a geologic event during which sea level rises relative to the land and the shoreline moves toward higher ground, which results in flooding. Transgressions can be caused by the land sinking or by the ocean basins filling with water or decreasing in capacity.

How do you identify transgressions and regressions?

During a transgression the sequence of rocks will show an onlap sequence (the facies will become deeper-water environments as you move up through the sediments). During a regression the sequence of rocks will show an offlap sequence (the facies will become shallower environments as you move up through the sediments).

What causes marine regression?

A marine regression occurs either due to relative sea-level fall (forced regression) or to increased sediment supply during a time when the relative sea-level is stable or even rising causing the shoreline to shift seaward (normal regression) (Posamentier and Allen, 1999; Catuneanu, 2002).

What is geological transgression?

A transgression occurs when the rate of sea level rise landward exceeds the rate of sediment input and causes an increase in accommodation, initiating the development of a transgressive surface over which the trangressive sediments of the transgressive systems tract onlap and retrograde.

What is transgression in science?

transgression (marine) An advance of the sea to cover new land areas, due to a rise in the sea level relative to the land. As a result, shallow-water sediments are overlain by those characteristic of deeper water, e.g. shelf mud is deposited on coastal sand. Compare REGRESSION.

What is the difference between marine transgression and marine regression?

A marine regression is a geological process occurring when areas of submerged seafloor are exposed above the sea level. The opposite event, marine transgression, occurs when flooding from the sea covers previously-exposed land.

What causes forced regression?

A forced regression is induced by the seaward movement of the shoreline in response to relative sea-level lowering. Catuneanu (2002) defines this type of regression as occurring “during stages of base level fall, when the shoreline is forced to regress by the falling base level irrespective of the sediment supply.

How do geologists know about past marine transgressions and regressions?

Geologists know about marine transgressions and regressions from sedimentary rocks. These events leave characteristic rock layers known as sedimentary facies. Sand and other coarse grained rock fragments are deposited on the beach where the wave energy is high.

What material is deposited first in a transgression?

When the slide reaches the bottom of the trench, it stops and deposits all of its sediment. The first material to settle out of the turbulent flow consists of the coarsest grained material, followed by gradually finer-grained material. The figure to the left shows a schematic view of such a deposit.

What is Retrogradation geology?

Retrogradation is the landward change in position of the front of a river delta with time. This occurs when the mass balance of sediment into the delta is such that the volume of incoming sediment is less than the volume of the delta that is lost through subsidence, sea-level rise, and/or erosion.

What is the difference between eustatic and relative sea level?

Relative sea level (abbreviated as RSL) is defined as the sea level that is observed with respect to a land-based reference frame. It is often contrasted with eustatic sea level, which is a measure of the total mass or volume of the oceans.

How old is a shale?

The oldest-known shales are carboniferous varieties of the 3.2-billion-year-old Fig Tree Series of South Africa.