What is the opposite of curfew?

Noun. Opposite of a regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours. all-nighter. unlimited time.

What is another word for curfew?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for curfew, like: restriction, regulation, house-arrest, check-in time, time, bell, time-limit, limitation, deportation, late hour and limit.

What is the antonym for?

an·​to·​nym ˈan-tə-ˌnim. : a word of opposite meaning. “Hot” and “cold” are antonyms.

What is the synonym of antonyms?

nounword with opposite meaning to another word.

What is your curfew meaning?

/ˈkɜː.fjuː/ a rule that everyone must stay home between particular times, usually at night, especially during a war or a period of political trouble: to impose/lift a curfew. a midnight curfew.

How do you use curfew in a sentence?

Examples of curfew in a Sentence

The city ordered a curfew soon after the rioting started. The town was placed under curfew. No one is allowed on the streets during the curfew. He has a 10 o’clock curfew.

What’s another word for lockdown?

bunker, closure, curfew, locking, lockout.

What is curfew ordinance?

Curfew ordinances restrict the hours that minors are permitted on streets or in public places at night. A curfew may help reduce the likelihood that minors will be the victims of criminal acts or become involved in criminal acts during curfew hours, including alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

What are synonyms for teenager?

adolescent. nounperson in puberty, preadulthood. juvenile. minor. stripling.

What’s another word for period of time?

Some common synonyms of period are age, epoch, and era. While all these words mean “a division of time,” period may designate an extent of time of any length.

Who orders curfew?

The District Magistrate, Sub-Divisional Magistrate or Executive Magistrate, who is empowered by the State, passes the Section 144 order when immediate prevention is required. Such orders or directions aim at preventing or trying to prevent: Any obstruction, annoyance or injury to any person.

Why is there a curfew?

The stated goal of most curfew laws is twofold: to prevent juvenile crime and to protect youth from victimization.

Who invented the curfew?

The custom is said to have been introduced into England by William the Conqueror, but more likely William simply enforced more strictly an existing regulation. The absolute prohibition of lights after the ringing of the curfew bell was abolished by Henry I in 1100.

Are curfews constitutional?

Under the First Amendment, people are guaranteed, including teen-agers basic freedoms and rights all over the United States. Under the 14th Amendment, the Constitution respects everyone’s rights no matter how unreasonable they may be. Therefore, curfew laws violate our Constitutional rights, and that is intolerant.

What is the curfew in Texas?

A minor is a person between ten years of age and sixteen years of age. The hours of curfew are Sunday through Thursday, from 11 pm until 6 am . The hours of curfew for Friday and Saturday are midnight to 6 am . The curfew hours established remain in effect for the entire year and do not change during summer break.

Why is there curfew for minors?

The legislative intent behind juvenile curfew laws is usually social order goals such as prevention of crimes involving juveniles, protection of minors from predators, and maintenance of the general peace.

What is the curfew for 14 year olds in California?

010 Curfew. It is unlawful for any minor under the age of 18 years to remain in any public place, or any private business open to the public, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. on any day and sunrise of the immediately following day; provided, however, that the provisions of this section shall not apply when: A.