What is the opposite for detailed?

Opposite of having many details. vague. compendious. concise. brief.

What is a word for not very detailed?

patchy. adjective. not detailed enough or complete enough to be useful.

What is the synonyms of detailed?

Some common synonyms of detailed are circumstantial, minute, and particular. While all these words mean “dealing with a matter fully and usually point by point,” detailed stresses abundance or completeness of detail.

What’s the opposite of detail oriented?

The opposite of detail oriented is ‘visionary’, that is, if you want to focus on the positive connotations of someone that looks at the big picture. If you are looking to focus on the negatives, then you might want to go with careless or thoughtless.

What is the word for useless information?

•minutiae (noun)

trivia, incidental, triviality, trifle.

What is a word for unclear?

ambiguous, confused, fuzzy, hazy, imprecise, obscure, uncertain, unsettled, unsure, vague, blurry, cloudy, dim, elusive, intangible, nebulous, shadowy.

What do you mean by exhaustive?

: including all possibilities : thorough conducted an exhaustive search.

Is Detailedly a word?

Detailedly definition

In a detailed manner; with attention to detail.

What means compendious?

Definition of compendious

: marked by brief expression of a comprehensive matter : concise and comprehensive a compendious summary also : comprehensive her compendious knowledge of the subject.

Is Inexhaustive a word?

Inexhaustive is an adjective. The adjective is the word that accompanies the noun to determine or qualify it.

Is exhaustive an adjective?

EXHAUSTIVE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the meaning of incomprehensive?

lacking comprehensiveness
1 : lacking comprehensiveness especially : deficient in mental grasp. 2 obsolete : incomprehensible.

Is not exhaustive meaning?

(ɪgzɔːstɪv ) adjective. If you describe a study, search, or list as exhaustive, you mean that it is very thorough and complete. This is not an exhaustive list but it shows how many projects are taking place. The author’s treatment of the subject is exhaustive.