What are the antonyms of enlarged?

  • contracted,
  • decreased,
  • diminished,
  • dwindled,
  • lessened,
  • receded,
  • waned.

What is another term for enlargement?

amplification, distension. (or distention), inflation.

What is the opposite of enlargement in math?

Opposite of the action or state of enlarging or being enlarged. reduction. diminution.

What are some antonyms for enhancement?

  • detriment,
  • disablement,
  • drawback,
  • glitch,
  • impairment,
  • shortcoming.

What is enlargement in maths?

An enlargement is a type of transformation where we change the size of the original shape to make it bigger or smaller by multiplying it by a scale factor. To use a centre of enlargement we need to draw lines from the centre of enlargement through the vertices of the original shape. These are called ray lines.

What do you mean by dilation?

: to enlarge, widen, or cause to expand dilate his pupils with atropine the drug dilates peripheral arteries. intransitive verb. : to become enlarged, expanded, or widened the cervix was dilating the pupils dilated.

How do you define a medical term?

To define a medical term correctly, you actually start at the end. You should explain the suffix, then the prefix, and finally the word roots and/or combining forms. If the word doesn’t have a prefix, then define the suffix and then the word root or combining form.

How do you enlarge around a point?

To enlarge a shape, a centre of enlargement is required. When a shape is enlarged from a centre of enlargement, the distances from the centre to each point are multiplied by the scale factor.

What’s the definition of diminution?

Definition of diminution

: the act, process, or an instance of becoming gradually less (as in size or importance) : the act, process, or an instance of diminishing : decrease a diminution in value.

What is a synonym for not normal?

adjectivenot normal; varying from the usual. abnormal. atypical. bizarre. deviant.

What is negative enlargement?

An enlargement with a negative scale factor produces an image on the other side of the centre of enlargement. The image appears upside down. The rectangle ABCD has been enlarged by a scale factor of . The lengths in rectangle A’B’C’D’ are times as long as rectangle ABCD.

How do you rotate a shape without tracing paper?

How do you enlarge a square?

One side is 2 squares long and the other side is 6 squares long. To find the scale factor of enlargement, divide the longer side by the short side.
Original Object CornerScale Factor of 3New Image Corner
3 right, 1 down× 39 right, 3 down
2 right, 3 down× 36 right, 9 down
4 right, 3 down× 312 right, 9 down
15 may 2021

How do you do negative enlargement?

How do you do minus enlargement?

With all the vertices (corners) of the shape transformed, the enlarged shape can be drawn: By multiplying the shape by a scale factor of −2, the enlarged shape is 2 times larger and 2 times the distance from the centre of enlargement. It is also the other side of the centre of enlargement and turned upside down.

How do you draw an enlargement?

How do you enlarge a shape by a negative fraction?

What is enlargement scale factor?

When describing enlargements you must state by how much the shape has been enlarged. This is called the scale factor. For example, a scale factor of means that the side-lengths of the new shape are twice the side-lengths of the original.

What does an enlargement of scale factor mean?

The scale factor describes the size of an enlargement or reduction. For example, a scale factor of means that the new shape is twice the size of the original. A scale factor of means that the new shape is three times the size of the original.

How do you draw a negative scale factor?

What is a scale factor in fractions?

Therefore, a scale factor of means that the side-lengths of the new shape are half the side-lengths of the original. When the scale factor is fractional and the shape decreases in size, we still call it an enlargement.