What is the antonym of the word fortuitously ‘?

Definitions of fortuitously. adverb. by good fortune. synonyms: as luck would have it, fortunately, luckily. Antonyms: alas, regrettably, unfortunately, unluckily.

What is another word for fortuitously?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fortuitously, like: by-chance, inexplicably, luckily, as-luck-would-have-it, fortuitous and fortunately.

What is the antonym of Endeavoured?

Near Antonyms for endeavored. broke, eased (up), let up, slackened.

What is an example of fortuitous?

Something fortuitous is random like an accident, but there’s no downside. A rock falling on your head is an accident, dollar bills falling on your head is fortuitous. The meaning of fortuitous is changing from “happening by chance” to “lucky chance” because people get it mixed up with fortunate.

How do you use fortuitously?

in a way that happens by chance rather than being planned, and is to your advantage: This has come very fortuitously, when we most need it. Fortuitously for him, the company decided to employ him. Fortuitously, at that very moment, the wedding cake arrived.

What is the difference between fortuitous and serendipitous?


Fortuitous means happening by accident or chance. It has no good (or bad) connotations. Serendipitous means the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. So Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin because he mistakenly left a petri dish open overnight was both fortuitous and serendipitous.

What does propitious mean in the Bible?

Definition of propitious

1 : favorably disposed : benevolent. 2 : being a good omen : auspicious propitious sign. 3 : tending to favor : advantageous.

Is Flourishingly a word?

Adverb. In a flourishing way; tending to succeed and grow.

What does Fractitious mean?

1 : tending to be troublesome : unruly a fractious crowd. 2 : quarrelsome, irritable a fractious political campaign.

Is Unfortuitous a word?

Given this background, unfortuitous ought to mean either ‘not by accident‘ (this would be the historically defensible usage), ‘not by fortunate accident’ (which Baker suggests would refer to something that is both unfortunate and not by chance), or simply ‘unfortunate’.

How do you use flourishing?

1, Archaeologists attribute the ruin to a flourishing prehistoric kingdom. 2, Those plants you gave me are flourishing. 3, Markets are flourishing and prices are stable. 4, The economy is booming and small businesses are flourishing.

What’s another word for fruition?


1 consummation, accomplishment, fulfillment, achievement, completion, perfection, result.

What is the synonym for flourishing?

Synonyms for flourishing. burgeoning. (also bourgeoning), prospering, thriving.

What is a flourishing life?

Flourishing is “when people experience positive emotions, positive psychological functioning and positive social functioning, most of the time,” living “within an optimal range of human functioning.” It is a descriptor and measure of positive mental health and overall life well-being, and includes multiple components …