What is a antonym for forward?

backward. (or backwards), behind, rearward. (also rearwards)

What is the antonym of Fast Forward?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for fast-forward. remain, stand, stay, stop.

What is the synonym of way forward?

moving forward. ongoing. progressing. up-and-coming. up-to-date.

What is the opposite of forward looking approach?

Near Antonyms for forward-looking. careless, heedless, incautious.

What does fast backwards mean?

Fast-backward definition

To cause playout of (a video, audio, or other digital media file) to move very fast backwards in time, so that when the device is played, it will start at an earlier point.

What’s another word for fast forward?

•Other relevant words: (noun)

all haste, great haste, mad rush, fever pitch.

What does backward looking mean?

Definition of backward-looking

disapproving. : relating to the past : old-fashioned backward-looking ideas/plans.

What is the word for not looking forward to something?

▲ (be indifferent to) Opposite of to anticipate, expect, or wait for, especially with a feeling of approval or pleasure. be indifferent to. be apathetic about. be apathetic towards.

What is a synonym to forward-thinking?

avant-garde, forward-looking, innovative, modern, nontraditional, progressive, dynamic, go-getting, positive, broad-minded, enlightened, liberal, radical, reformist, revolutionary.

What’s another word for backtrack?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for backtrack, like: backpedal, retreat, back, retrocede, retrograde, retrogress, retrace one’s steps, forward, turn-back, double-back and fall back.

How does fast forward work?

To fast-forward is to move forwards through a recording at a speed faster than that at which it would usually be played, for example two times or two point five times. The recordings are usually audio, video or computer data. It is colloquially known as ‘f-forwarding’.

How do you fast forward today in a sentence?

Sentence examples for fast forward to today from inspiring English sources. Fast forward to today, and the real world. Fast forward to today and she is a world wide celebrity that transcends sport. Fast forward to today, and that record is in our sights.

How do you fast forward in a story?

When the live story replay starts, tap or hold the screen to stop the video. You can then drag the video holding still on the screen to the right side to fast forward.

Is Fast Forward informal?

informal a state of urgency or rapid progress: my mind went into fast forward.