What’s the opposite of gender equality?

gender inequality
Gender equality is the opposite of gender inequality, not of gender difference, and aims to promote the full participation of women and men in society. It means accepting and valuing equally the differences between women and men and the diverse roles they play in society.

What are antonyms for equality?

  • imparity,
  • inequality,
  • nonequivalence.

What’s another word for gender equality?

gender equality, also called gender egalitarianism, sex equality, or sexual equality, condition of parity regardless of an individual’s gender.

What is the opposite of gender sensitivity?

Gender-discriminatory language is the opposite of gender-sensitive language. It includes words, phrases and/or other linguistic features that foster stereotypes, or demean or ignore women or men.

What is gender equality and why is it important?

Gender equality is when people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. Everyone is affected by gender inequality – women, men, trans and gender diverse people, children and families. It impacts people of all ages and backgrounds. We need gender equality urgently.

What’s the meaning of non discrimination?

Non-discrimination is an integral part of the principle of equality. It ensures that no one is denied their rights because of factors such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property or birth.

What is the difference between gender equality and inequality?

Gender equality requires equal enjoyment by women and men of socially-valued goods, opportunities, resources and rewards. Where gender inequality exists, it is generally women who are excluded or disadvantaged in relation to decision-making and access to economic and social resources.

What is the difference between gender equality and gender equality?

Gender equality means that an individual’s rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not be determined by the sex they are assigned at birth. While gender equity is the equal treatment or treatment that might be considered equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations, and opportunities.

What is the meaning of gender discrimination?

Gender discrimination is unequal or disadvantageous treatment of an individual or group of individuals based on gender. Sexual harassment is a form of illegal gender discrimination.

What is an example of equality?


When a society has racial equality, it means no one is oppressed or discriminated against because of their race.

What’s a synonym for unfair?

adj.prejudiced, wrongful.

What is a synonym for equally?

evenly. adverbequally proportioned or distributed. alike. analogously. commensurably.

What is equality called?

Equality means “the state of being equal.” It’s one of the ideals a democratic society, and so the fight to attain different kinds of equality, like racial equality, gender equality, or equality of opportunity between rich and poor, is often associated with progress toward that ideal of everyone being truly equal.

What is a antonym for unfairness?

Antonyms. equity justice fairness right elegance. gamesmanship unjustness inequity.

Is Unchivalrous a word?

It’s most common to describe men as unchivalrous, particularly when they behave impolitely toward women. This adjective, like its opposite, chivalrous, is a bit old-fashioned, but it’s still used to describe men who don’t act gallantly — or the ungallant act itself.

What is another word for treated unfairly?

maltreat, ill-treat, misuse, wrong.

What is the opposite in meaning of fair?

Opposite of treating people equally without favoritism or discrimination. biased. inequitable. one-sided. partial.

Which is the closest antonym for the word discriminatory?

antonyms for discriminatory
  • fair.
  • impartial.
  • unbiased.
  • unprejudiced.

What is it called when you treat people differently?

Discrimination means treating some people differently from others.

What do you call a person who treats people unfairly?

Being an exploiter is selfish and unethical. To exploit someone is to use them in a way that’s wrong, like an employer who pays low wages but demands long hours. An exploiter is a person who treats others this way.