What is the synonym and antonym for glistened?

Some common synonyms of glisten are flash, gleam, glimmer, glint, glitter, shimmer, and sparkle. While all these words mean “to send forth light,” glisten applies to the soft sparkle from a wet or oily surface.

What are antonyms for gape?

antonyms for gape
  • combine.
  • connect.
  • join.
  • unite.
  • close.

What are antonyms for Ignite?

antonyms for ignite
  • cool.
  • extinguish.
  • put out.
  • quench.
  • dull.

What do you mean by glistened?

: to give off a sparkling or lustrous reflection of or as if of a moist or polished surface. glisten. noun.

What is the sentence of glistened?

Rain made the streets glisten. The streets glistened in the rain. Her eyes glistened with tears/emotion.

What is a synonym for ignition?

What is another word for ignition?

What is the synonym of sparked?

piqued, provoked, revved (up), stimulated, stirred.

What is the meaning of caught fire?

If an object or substance catches fire, it starts burning. My home catches fire and everything is destroyed. The aircraft caught fire soon after take-off. Synonyms: ignite, flare up, burst into flames, burn More Synonyms of to catch fire.

What are things that glisten?

Glisten is a verb meaning that something looks shiny, like it’s wet. Rocks on the beach glisten in the sun. And your sister’s prom dress, covered in sequins, no doubt will glisten under the disco ball.

What are sparkle words?

gleam, glimmer, glint, glitz, glow, radiance, twinkle, vitality, flicker, glisten, scintillate, shimmer, wink, animation, brilliance, coruscation, dash, dazzle, flash, gaiety.

What is the synonym of glitter?

Some common synonyms of glitter are flash, gleam, glimmer, glint, glisten, shimmer, and sparkle. While all these words mean “to send forth light,” glitter connotes a brilliant sparkling or gleaming. glittering diamonds.

What part of speech is the word glistened?

As detailed above, ‘glistened’ is a verb.

How many syllables is glistening?

Wondering why glistening is 3 syllables? Contact Us! We’ll explain.

Is glisten a verb or noun?

glisten verb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

Is Waywardly a word?

adj. 1. disregarding or rejecting what is right or proper; willful; disobedient.

What is a timid person?

1 : lacking in courage or self-confidence a timid person. 2 : lacking in boldness or determination a timid policy.

Can glisten be a noun?

glisten used as a noun:

a glittering shine; a scintillation, sparkle or flash.

Is wayward negative?

When would it be used in a negative context? Because wayward is a negative sort of word, I can’t think of a context in which it would be used positively. Modern speakers use wayward as an adjective, but it began as a directional adverb. To go “(a)wayward” was to go in a direction away from something.

What is a wayward girl?

adj. 1 wanting to have one’s own way regardless of the wishes or good of others. 2 capricious, erratic, or unpredictable.

What’s a wayward child?

: a child having a status arbitrarily defined by statute in some states, usually being under a stated age, habitually associating with vicious or immoral persons, or growing up in circumstances likely to lead to criminal activity or willful disobedience of parental or other lawful authority and therefore subject to …