What is the opposite of obiter dictum?

Antonyms. reversal judgment in personam judgment in rem affirmation judiciousness injudiciousness. judgement opinion legal opinion judgment.

What is the antonym of dictum?

What is the opposite of dictum?

What is not obiter dicta?

Related Content. Also known as obiter dictum. It refers to a judge’s comments or observations, in passing, on a matter arising in a case before him which does not require a decision. Obiter remarks are not essential to a decision and do not create binding precedent.

Is obiter dicta same as obiter dictum?

Obiter dictum (usually used in the plural, obiter dicta) is a Latin phrase meaning “other things said”, that is, a remark in a legal opinion that is “said in passing” by any judge or arbitrator.

What is the synonym of dictum?


1 edict, decree, fiat, order, declaration. 2 adage, proverb, truism, saw. See synonyms for dictum on Thesaurus.com.

What is a dictum in law?

A comment, suggestion, or observation made by a judge in an opinion that is not necessary to resolve the case, and as such, it is not legally binding on other courts but may still be cited as persuasive authority in future litigation. Also referred to as dictum, dicta, and judicial dicta.

What is an example of a dictum?

“You are what you eat” is a dictum, and so is a law requiring you to curb your dog. A dictum is a formal pronouncement, a rule, or a statement that expresses a truth universally acknowledged.

How do you use dictum in a sentence?

Examples of dictum in a Sentence

A doctor must follow the dictum of “First, do no harm.”

What is the synonym of deference?

Some common synonyms of deference are homage, honor, and reverence. While all these words mean “respect and esteem shown to another,” deference implies a yielding or submitting to another’s judgment or preference out of respect or reverence.

Is dicta singular or plural?

In general usage, a dictum ( lit. ‘something that has been said’ in Latin; plural dicta) is an authoritative or dogmatic statement.

Does dictum have value precedent?

Although dictum may be mentioned in legal arguments, it does not have the legal precedent’s binding power, which means that other courts are not obligated to adopt it.

Is dictum a non authority?

Dictum has no binding authority and, therefore, cannot be cited as precedent in subsequent lawsuits. Dictum is the singular form of dicta.

What is the difference between dicta and dictum?

1. Is it dicta or dictum? Dictum is the singular noun; dicta is the plural noun.

Is Dictas a word?

Yes, dicta is in the scrabble dictionary.