What is an antonym for obligation?

Antonyms. beseeching unassertive noncompliance nonconformity optional unreliability undependability.

What is the best antonym for obliged?

  • inappreciative,
  • thankless,
  • unappreciative,
  • ungrateful.

What is the synonym of obligatory?

adj.essential, required.

What is the antonym for?

an·​to·​nym ˈan-tə-ˌnim. : a word of opposite meaning. “Hot” and “cold” are antonyms.

Is not obliged meaning?

Do not use oblige when you are talking about a person making someone do something they do not want to do. Use force or make: They made me (NOT obliged me to) stay behind after school. Grammar Oblige is often passive in this meaning.

What do you mean by obligate?

Definition of obligate

1 : to bind legally or morally : constrain You are obligated to repay the loan. 2 : to commit (something, such as funds) to meet an obligation funds obligated for new projects.

What are the 3 types of antonyms?

Antonyms fall within the three categories, namely, Relational Antonyms, Graded Antonyms, and Complementary Antonyms.

What is another word for antonym?

Find another word for antonym. In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for antonym, like: opposite, support, antithesis, antipodes, contrary, antipode, contrapositive, synonym, homonym, converse and contradictory.

What are 10 examples of antonyms?

Antonym examples:
  • Admire – Detest.
  • Bravery – Cowardice.
  • Crooked – Straight.
  • Dainty – Clumsy.
  • Economise – Waste.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of Obliged?

Some common synonyms of oblige are coerce, compel, constrain, and force. While all these words mean “to make someone or something yield,” oblige implies the constraint of necessity, law, or duty.

What is the sentence of Obliged?

Obliged Sentence Examples

He obliged and handed it to her. He obliged and she started to sing Happy Birthday. But I feel obliged to warn you anyway.

What is the difference between obliged and obligated?

As a verb, obliged has a similar meaning to obligated but without the legal or moral connotations. Instead, it connotes an action done with no expectation of a return favor. If you attend a dinner party at a friend’s house, you might be obliged to send a thank-you note.

How do you read obliged?

Does oblige mean agree?

If you agree to go to the party when your sister asks, this is an example of when you oblige her. If you are grateful to someone for giving you a gift, this is an example of when you are obliged.

What type of word is obliged?

verb (used with object), o·bliged, o·blig·ing. to require or constrain, as by law, command, conscience, or force of necessity. to bind morally or legally, as by a promise or contract. to place under a debt of gratitude for some benefit, favor, or service: I’m much obliged for the ride.

Does obliged mean grateful?

People sometimes use obliged in expressions such as ‘much obliged’ or ‘I am obliged to you’ when they want to indicate that they are very grateful for something.

How do you oblige someone?

1[transitive, usually passive] oblige somebody to do something to force someone to do something, because it is a duty, etc. Parents are obliged by law to send their children to school. I felt obliged to ask them to dinner. He suffered a serious injury that obliged him to give up work.

Can you say happy to oblige?

happy/glad/willing to oblige: If there’s anything else I can do, I’m always happy to oblige.

How do you respond to much obliged?

“Much obliged” means pretty much the same thing as “Thank you very much.” (Indeed the Portuguese for “Thank you very much” is Muito obrigado – literally, “much obliged.” So if someone does something for you, you would say “Much obliged” to thank them – to which they would reply “You’re welcome”.

Where does much obliged come from?

The expression “much obliged” originates from the Spanish word, “obligado,” which means “obligated.” The Spanish word derives from the Latin word “obligo,” which means “bound in obligation.” Oblige appeared in English sometime in the 1300s, with the symbolic meaning of binding someone to their debt.

Would you do me a favor meaning?

Definition of do (someone) a favor

: to do a kind and helpful act for (someone) You can do your uncle a favor by giving him a ride. Do me a favor, please, and help me move this.