What is the opposite of overpriced?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for overpriced. cheap, inexpensive.

What is another word for overpriced?

What is another word for overpriced?

What are some antonyms of expensive?

antonyms for expensive
  • economical.
  • reasonable.
  • unimportant.
  • worthless.
  • cheap.
  • inexpensive.
  • low-priced.
  • moderate.

What is meaning of overpriced?

if something is overpriced, it costs more than it is worth: These shoes are very nice, but they’re terribly overpriced.

What is overcharged?

Definition of overcharge

transitive verb. 1 : to charge too much or too fully. 2 : to fill too full. 3 : exaggerate, overdraw.

What is exorbitant price?

If you describe something such as a price or fee as exorbitant, you are emphasizing that it is much greater than it should be. [emphasis] Exorbitant housing prices have created an acute shortage of affordable housing for the poor. Synonyms: excessive, high, expensive, extreme More Synonyms of exorbitant.

What is the synonym of exorbitant?

Some common synonyms of exorbitant are excessive, extravagant, extreme, immoderate, and inordinate. While all these words mean “going beyond a normal limit,” exorbitant implies a departure from accepted standards regarding amount or degree.

What is the meaning of acting up?

1 : to act in a way different from that which is normal or expected: such as. a : to behave in an unruly, recalcitrant, or capricious manner the children were acting up. b : show off. c : to function improperly this typewriter is acting up again.

What is the English translation of Mehangai?

The Urdu Word مہنگی Meaning in English is Overpriced. The other similar words are Giran, Besh Qeemat, Bohat Ziyada Qeemat Wali and Mehngi. The synonyms of Overpriced include are Costly, Fancy, High, Steep, Stiff, Valuable, Out Of Sight, Pricey and Prized.

What are antonyms for exorbitant?

antonyms for exorbitant
  • cheap.
  • good.
  • mild.
  • moderate.
  • reasonable.
  • warranted.
  • inexpensive.
  • low.

What does Exorbitance mean?

: an exorbitant action or procedure. especially : excessive or gross deviation from rule, right, or propriety. : the tendency or disposition to be exorbitant.

Whats the definition of exorbitant?

exorbitant • \ig-ZOR-buh-tunt\ • adjective. 1 : not coming within the scope of the law 2 : exceeding the customary or appropriate limits in intensity, quality, amount, or size.

What is another word for Niggard?

Some common synonyms of niggardly are close, miserly, parsimonious, penurious, and stingy. While all these words mean “being unwilling or showing unwillingness to share with others,” niggardly implies giving or spending the very smallest amount possible.

What’s the opposite of egalitarian?

The opposite of egalitarianism is elitism, which is the belief that certain people have a right to have their opinions heard more than others. Definitions of egalitarianism.

Which is the closest antonym for the word finite?

antonyms for finite
  • indefinite.
  • unfixed.
  • unlimited.
  • endless.
  • infinite.
  • interminable.
  • unrestricted.

Who is a Niggard person?

: a meanly covetous and stingy person : miser. niggard adjective.

What is the synonym for sagacious?

Some common synonyms of sagacious are astute, perspicacious, and shrewd. While all these words mean “acute in perception and sound in judgment,” sagacious suggests wisdom, penetration, and farsightedness.