What will be the opposite word of paternity?

“He felt that she was selfish and thoughtless because she thought she had the right to do whatever she wanted, even if it meant hurting others.”

What is the opposite of paternal?

What is the antonyms of maternity?

  • hypercapnia.
  • impotence.
  • ill health.
  • normality.
  • declassification.
  • calm.
  • disembarrassment.

What is the antonym of father?

What is the opposite of father?

What are antonyms for chimera?

antonyms for chimera
  • certainty.
  • fact.
  • reality.
  • truth.

Is there a word for pregnant woman?

Gravid. This synonym of pregnant is appropriate especially when it feels like gravity has taken on new and specifically perinatal meaning.

What is another name for a pregnant woman?

What is another word for pregnant?

What Motherliness means?

Definitions of motherliness. the quality of having or showing the tenderness and warmth and affection of or befitting a mother. “the girl’s motherliness made her invaluable in caring for the children” synonyms: maternal quality, maternalism, maternity.

What is another term for motherhood?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for motherhood. maternity, mothering.

What Motherhood Means?

Motherhood is the state of being a mother. A person enters motherhood when they become a mother. This most commonly happens when their child is born, but it can also happen through adoption or by marrying or becoming a partner to someone with children. Motherhood is a gender-specific version of the term parenthood.

What is a mother’s love like?

is defined as a protective and possessive affection which a mother will typically display towards their child throughout their life. MOTHER LOVE: “Motherly love is considered a possessive affection where a mother will protect their offspring at all costs.”

What is the suffix of mother?

The English “mother” also includes the suffix “-ter” (or “-ther”) — also in “sister,” “brother,” “father” as well as the German “schwester,” or sister — and stems from the Latin “mater,” the mother of so many English words: madrigal, material, maternal, matriculate, matrimony, matrix, matron and matter.

What is the definition of fatherly?

Definition of fatherly

1 : of, relating to, or befitting a father fatherly responsibilities. 2 : resembling a father (as in affection or care) a fatherly old man.

Who loves a child more mother or father?

Research indicates that moms still spend twice as much time caring for kids as do dads. The amount of time that dads spend with their children is the main reason why children love more than Dad, but including this, there are also some other reasons for Excessive Attachment of a Mother.

What makes a mother happy?

To make your mother happy, show her that you care about her feelings by asking her questions about herself, like how her day was or what’s bothering her if she seems stressed. Also, try to help her out around the house without her having to ask, which can help make her day easier and less stressful.