What is the best antonym for paucity?

antonyms for paucity
  • sufficiency.
  • abundance.
  • enough.
  • plenty.
  • affluence.

What is the antonym of paucity poverty abundance presence scarcity?

Surplus: Refers to something that is abundant or in excess. This is the perfect antonym for paucity.

What is the antonym for?

an·​to·​nym ˈan-tə-ˌnim. : a word of opposite meaning. “Hot” and “cold” are antonyms.

What is the similar meaning of paucity?

Definition of paucity

1 : smallness of number : fewness. 2 : smallness of quantity : dearth.

Which of the following is a paucity?

The correct answer is ‘Scarcity’. Paucity: the presence of something in only small or insufficient quantities or amounts.

How do you use paucity in a sentence?

How to use Paucity in a sentence. Paucity of evidence makes the first difficult. A difficulty has been in the paucity of examples, more due to the neglect of collectors than the rarity of specimens. This paucity of animal life seems inconsistent with the theory that the islands were once connected with the mainland.

What is the opposite in meaning of scarcity?

Scarcity means ‘shortage’ the opposite being plenty meaning ‘large amount of something’.

What are synonyms for abundance?

  • cornucopia,
  • feast,
  • plenitude,
  • plentitude,
  • plenty,
  • plethora,
  • superabundance,
  • wealth.

What is the similar of abundance?

Some common synonyms of abundant are ample, copious, and plentiful. While all these words mean “more than sufficient without being excessive,” abundant suggests an even greater or richer supply than does plentiful.

What are antonyms for amnesty?

  • amnesty. noun. ( ˈæmnəsti) A warrant granting release from punishment for an offense. Antonyms. free. pardon. amnesty (English) …
  • amnesty. noun. ( ˈæmnəsti) The formal act of liberating someone. Antonyms. mercilessness inhumaneness bad weather disapproval susceptibility unfree. pardon mercifulness free pardon mercy.

What is the synonym of friend?

acquaintance, ally, associate, buddy, classmate, colleague, companion, cousin, partner, roommate, advocate, backer, patron, supporter, chum, cohort, compatriot, comrade, consort, crony.

What does copiously mean?

adjective. large in quantity or number; abundant; plentiful: copious amounts of food. having or yielding an abundant supply: a copious larder; a copious harvest. exhibiting abundance or fullness, as of thoughts or words.

What is the synonym of Bountiful?

Some common synonyms of bountiful are generous, liberal, and munificent. While all these words mean “giving or given freely and unstintingly,” bountiful suggests lavish, unremitting giving or providing.

How British call their friends?

Mate (noun) So, ‘mate’ is British slang for a friend. But, like a lot of British slang, mate is a word that is used as much sarcastically as it is sincerely. You’re just as likely to call someone ‘mate’ when they’re your friend as when they’re annoying you.

What is an L friend?

countable noun [usu poss N] Someone’s lady friend is the woman with whom they are having a romantic or sexual relationship. [old-fashioned] Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. ‘lady friend’

What do you call a group of female friends?

Squad, girl gang, the galz — whatever you wanna call it, you know that your BFFs are the key to your happiness.

Why do Brits say oy?

“Oi” has been particularly associated with working class and Cockney speech. It is effectively a local pronunciation of “hoy” (see H-dropping), an older expression. A study of the Cockney dialect in the 1950s found that whether it was being used to call attention or as a challenge depended on its tone and abruptness.

Why do Brits say innit?

‘Innit’ – usually pronounced that way, usually with a regional accent of some kind, often with a Cockney accent of some kind, often with a Jamaican accent – it’s because it’s come really from the fashionable use, in London mainly, by the Asian community and the Jamaican community, popularised by Ali G and others.