Whats the opposite of power outage?

sdgraham said: The common phrase around here is “power was restored.” This is what newscasters and the power company spokespersons say: “The power was interrupted.” and “The power was restored.” or something like that.

What is another term for power outage?

A power outage is also known as power failure, power blackout or simply as blackout.

How do you say electricity is gone?

If you mean a power outage you might say: We’ve lost electricity, or there’s a blackout.

We typically say,
  1. electricity is out.
  2. there is (or we have) a power outage right now.
  3. There is no electricity.
  4. power is out.

What is meant by power outage?

A power outage (also called a powercut, a power out, a power failure, a power blackout, a power loss, or a blackout) is the loss of the electrical power network supply to an end user.

What is another word for downtime?

disruption, idleness, inaction, inactive, interruption, outage.

How do you use power outage in a sentence?

It was delayed due to a power outage in their stadium. The city was also affected by a power outage after the storm caused loss of power and damaged communication lines.

Why do brownouts happen?

A brownout is caused by high electricity demand that is near or above a utility’s production capacity. When this occurs, the utility may reduce the flow of electricity to certain areas to prevent a blackout.

How do you inform a power cut team?

My name is __________ (name) and I am working in __________ (Department) department of your reputed company as _________ (Designation) having employee ID _______ (Employee ID). I am most respectfully writing this mail to inform you about the frequent power cuts we are facing nowadays in our office’s locality.

How do I turn on my CEB SMS alert?

The service can be activated by sending an SMS to 1987 and by typing the electricity account number of consumers in Ratmalana, Dehiwela and Kalutara areas.

How can I check my electricity bill in Sri Lanka?

A SMS indicating your account balance using the “Know your bill by SMS” facility. – Simply type B followed by the 10 digit Account Number, with or without a space, and send to 1987. Details of how to use this facility is given at the home page.

How do I get CEB notifications?

If you are an electricity consumer in any of the Island wide, you can register to this service by following any of the following steps.
  1. Type reg your 10 digit Electricity Account number and text to 1987. ( Eg: Reg 1597302235)
  2. For Balance Query ” B 1597302235 “

How can I change my electricity bill name in Sri Lanka?

The Government Information Center
  1. Photocopy of deed of ownership or Lease agreement or any other ownership document.
  2. Copy of bills fully settled.
  3. Certificate of Gramasevaka (form can be obtained from above office)
  4. Copy of NIC.

How much is it per unit of electricity in Sri Lanka?

Time of Use (TOU)Unit Charge (Rs./kWh)Fixed Charge (Rs./month)
Peak (18.30-22.30)54.00540.00
Day (5.30-18.30)25.00
Off-peak (22.30-05.30)13.00

How do I transfer a Cesc meter name?

Step 1: Visit the concerned office of the electricity board. Step 2: Collect the application form for the name change on the bill. Step 3: Submit the required documents along with a duly filled up application form. Step 4: The next step involves the verification of the submitted documents.

How can I change my mobile number in electricity bill by application?

I would personally visit and provide other necessary documents as and when required. In case, any other clarification is required, I can be contacted at [mobile number] or by email [email address]. I request you to kindly transfer the billing and other correspondences to my new address, effective immediately.

How do you change a meter?

In order to change the meter, you will have to write an application to the electric office stating the reasons for changing it.

The reasons for changing the electricity meter can be as follows:
  1. Changing to a new location.
  2. Wire damaged.
  3. Meter burnt, etc.

How do I write a letter to change the name on my electric bill?

Respected Sir/Madam, This is to bring in your kind notice, that my name is ___________ (Name) and my address is ____________ (Address). I am writing this letter to request a change of name in the electricity bill. The current name is ___________ (Name) and the new name is ____________ (New name).

How do I write a letter to electricity?

Respected Sir, With due respect, I would like to state that I am [Name of the applicant]. I live at [Name of the village], [Name of the P.O], [Name of the P.S],[Name of the Dist]. On [Mention date] I need [Mention wat] electric for the purpose of [mention the reason of connection].