What is the synonym of reciprocate?

Some common synonyms of reciprocate are requite, retaliate, and return. While all these words mean “to give back usually in kind or in quantity,” reciprocate implies a mutual or equivalent exchange or a paying back of what one has received.

What is the opposite of a reciprocal relationship?

Since reciprocity refers to an equal exchange of either benefits or punishments, the opposite of reciprocity is competition, where one side benefits at the expense of another.

What does do not reciprocate mean?

/rɪˈsɪp.rə.keɪt/ [ I or T ] formal. to share the same feelings as someone else, or to behave in the same way as someone else: Sadly, my feelings for him were not reciprocated.

What is does reciprocate mean?

reciprocated; reciprocating. transitive verb. : to give and take mutually. : to return in kind or degree. reciprocate a compliment gracefully.

Is it wrong to expect reciprocity in a relationship?

Healthy emotional reciprocity is a critical factor in any committed relationship—romantic or otherwise—because it is a key indicator of love and support. In a relationship with healthy reciprocity, each individual feels they give and receive energy; this feeling of mutual exchange strengthens the relationship overall.

What are two antonyms?

Examples of Complementary Antonyms
  • off — on.
  • night — day.
  • entrance — exit.
  • exterior — interior.
  • true — false.
  • dead — alive.
  • push — pull.
  • pass — fail.

What is difference between additive inverse and reciprocal?

The reciprocal of a number is its multiplicative inverse, while the negation of a number is its additive inverse.

Is reciprocal and multiplicative inverse the same?

The multiplicative inverse of a number, say, N, is represented by 1/N or N1. It is also called reciprocal, derived from the Latin word ‘reciprocus’. The meaning of inverse is something which is opposite.

What is a negative reciprocal in math?

Explanation: The negative reciprocal of a number is to take negative one, and divide by the value. Simply swap the numerator and denominator and add a negative sign.

What is the difference between inverse and reciprocal trig functions?

What is the reciprocal of zero?

the reciprocal of 0 is undefined

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What is a reciprocal of 4?

Example: The reciprocal of 4 is 1/4.

What are the multiplicative and additive identities of rational numbers Class 8?

Role of zero and one- 0 is the additive identity for rational numbers. 1 is the multiplicative identity for rational numbers. Multiplicative inverse- If the product of two rational numbers is 1, then they are called multiplicative inverse of each other.

What is the inverse of infinity?

The opposite of infinity is called infinitesimal, and its nature is equally bizarre. Unlike whole numbers, real numbers aren’t rigid. Their splintered nature allows us to find and create infinite numbers between any two numbers.

What is a reciprocal of 7?

The reciprocal of any number is 1 divided by that number. Hence, the reciprocal of 7 is 1 divided by 7. Reciprocal of 7 = 1/7. Thus,The reciprocal of 7 is 1/7.

Is infinity an inverse of zero?

In other words, ∞ is an undefined symbol. If you’re using the projectively extended real line or the Riemann sphere, then the reciprocal of zero is infinity, and the reciprocal of infinity is zero. In other words, 1/0=∞ and 1/∞=0. (Note that the reciprocal of infinity is exactly zero, not infinitesimal.

Is there a symbol for finite?

There is no standardized finite symbol.

What is E infinity?

Answer: e to the power of infinity is infinity (∞).