Is prospective opposite of retrospective?

Retrospective means looking backward (into the past) while prospective means looking forward (into the future).

What is pervious antonym?

(also impassible), impenetrable, impermeable, impervious, nonporous.

What is the synonym of retrospect?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for retrospective. backward-looking, nostalgic.

What is a antonym for reminisce?

Antonyms for reminisce (about) disremember, forget, unlearn.

Which adjective is the opposite of previous ‘?

What is the opposite of previous?

What is mean by pervious?

able to be penetrated; permeable
1. able to be penetrated; permeable. 2. receptive to new ideas; open-minded.

What is another word for pervious?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pervious, like: approachable, permeable, penetrable, open, passable, accessible, porous, impervious, , subgrade and roadbase.

What is prelude antonym?

Near Antonyms for prelude. envoi. (or envoy), postscript.

What are some antonyms for perverse?

antonyms for perverse
  • agreeable.
  • compliant.
  • happy.
  • nice.
  • reasonable.
  • willing.

What is the synonym and antonym of perverse?

Some common synonyms of perverse are balky, contrary, restive, and wayward. While all these words mean “inclined to resist authority or control,” perverse may imply wrongheaded, determined, or cranky opposition to what is reasonable or normal. a perverse, intractable critic.

What are antonyms for epilogue?

antonyms for epilogue
  • beginning.
  • commencement.
  • introduction.
  • opening.
  • start.
  • foreword.
  • preface.

What is interlude and Prelude?

You probably know what a “prelude” is, and you probably know its close cousin, “interlude,” so you’re likely able to figure out that “postlude” is the something that comes after. “Pre-” (before), “inter-” (during), and “post-”(after) are all prefixes that set something into a specific time period.

What’s the antonym of preface?

What is the opposite of preface?

What are the antonyms of impasse?

antonyms for impasse
  • solution.
  • boon.
  • agreement.
  • breakthrough.

What are antonyms for sagacious?

antonyms for sagacious
  • careless.
  • foolish.
  • ignorant.
  • stupid.

What word is the opposite of prologue?

Explanation: While prologue is used to introduce world and characters described in a book, epilogue shows events including story’s characters which take place after all plots in the book are over.

What are some antonyms for petrified?

antonyms for petrify
  • liquefy.
  • soften.
  • calm.
  • comfort.
  • melt.
  • please.
  • soothe.

What is the antonym of Flagitious?

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Frivolous : not having any serious purpose or value.

What is the nearest meaning of impasse?

‘Impasse’ means a situation in which progress is impossible, especially because the people involved cannot agree. E.g. The dispute had reached an impasse, as neither side would compromise. ‘ Stalemate’ means a situation in which nothing can change or no action can be taken. ‘

What does Putrified mean?

to decay
to decay, producing a strong, unpleasant smell: the smell of putrefying flesh. The body had putrefied beyond recognition. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Decaying and staying fresh.

What is the synonym of petrified?

Synonyms. terrified. She was terrified that he would attack her. horrified. shocked.