What is a antonym of satisfied?

Dissatisfaction is the antonym of satisfaction.

What are the antonyms of satisfaction?

  • discontent,
  • discontentedness,
  • discontentment,
  • displeasure,
  • dissatisfaction,
  • unhappiness.

What is the synonym and antonym of satisfied?

Some common synonyms of satisfy are compensate, indemnify, pay, recompense, reimburse, remunerate, and repay. While all these words mean “to give money or its equivalent in return for something,” satisfy implies paying a person what is required by law. all creditors will be satisfied in full.

Is there a word unsatisfied?

An example of this may be found in the word unsatisfied and dissatisfied. The former is defined as “not satisfied,” and the latter as “expressing or showing lack of satisfaction : not pleased or satisfied”; these definitions are close enough that using the words interchangeably is quite excusable.

What is dissatisfied called?

: expressing or showing lack of satisfaction : not pleased or satisfied. dissatisfied customers. dissatisfied with his response.

What is the another word for satisfied?

What is another word for satisfied?

Is unsatisfied opposite of satisfied?

The prefix “un-” negates the adjective “satisfied” – unsatisfied means “not satisfied” or “not fulfilled,” as in having unfulfilled or unmet obligations or expectations. A contract can only be unsatisfied. Timothy was notified that he had unsatisfied course requirements for his undergraduate degree.

Is it dissatisfied or unsatisfied?

To be dissatisfied is to have a lack of contentment or happiness in regards to something. Unsatisfied, on the other hand, simply means to not be satisfied, as in the meaning of being unfulfilled or having unmet obligations. A person may feel dissatisfied or unsatisfied, but a contract may only be unsatisfied.

How do you use dissatisfied?

Dissatisfied (Unhappy with Something)

The word “dissatisfied” is an adjective that means “unhappy” or “displeased.” For example, were someone unhappy with their home decor, we might say: Tim had long felt dissatisfied with his wallpaper choices.

What is correct Unsatisfaction or dissatisfaction?

The noun dissatisfaction refers to a lack of satisfaction, a disappointment or discontent stemming from something falling short of one’s expectations. Note that there is no such term as “unsatisfaction.” The term unsatisfying means something fails to satisfy, which is linked to feeling “unsatisfied.”

What type of word is satisfaction?

A fulfillment of a need or desire.

What is the meaning of feeling of satisfaction?

Satisfaction is the pleasure that you feel when you do something or get something that you wanted or needed to do or get.

Is satisfied a feeling?

Satisfaction is the pleasure that you feel when you do something or get something that you wanted or needed to do or get.

Is satisfaction an emotion?

Giese and Cote (2000) found out that by deep interviewing users describe satisfaction as certain emotion that evolves as reaction on certain situation.

What is an example of satisfaction?

Satisfaction is getting what you wanted or desired or the payment of a debt. An example of satisfaction is feeling content after you get a good job and get married. An example of satisfaction is when you repay your credit card bill in full.

Can you be satisfied but not happy?

Although both happiness and satisfaction can go together, one can be happy even if his wants are not met while he can be satisfied without necessarily being happy.

Is satisfied and happy the same?

The main difference between Happiness and Satisfaction is that Happiness is achieved even when the desires are met or not met. But Satisfaction is felt when a person’s desire is met and a long waited wish is accomplished. It is also felt when an act of satisfaction is done.