What is the synonym of segregation?

as in separated, sequestered. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for segregated. quarantined, separated, sequestered.

What are the antonyms of antonyms?

What does it mean by segregate?

to separate or set apart from
1 : to separate or set apart from others or from the general mass : isolate. 2 : to cause or force the separation of (as from the rest of society) intransitive verb. 1 : separate, withdraw.

What is the example of segregation?

Segregation is the act of separating, especially when applied to separating people by race. An example of segregation is when African American and Caucasian children were made to attend different schools.

Which is the closest antonym for the word isolated?

antonyms for isolated
  • close.
  • open.
  • cherished.
  • included.
  • incorporated.
  • mingling.
  • public.

Is segregation a negative word?

The word Segregation has a bad connotation – and rightfully so. The practice of restricting a person’s rights and privileges in society, based on skin colour, faith or ethnicity, has become unacceptable in our Western culture, even though it’s still practiced in some isolated areas.

Why do we segregate waste?

When we segregate waste, it reduces the amount of waste that reaches landfills, thereby taking up less space. Pollution of air and water can be considerably reduced when hazardous waste is separated and treated separately. It is essential that waste is put in separate bins so that it can be appropriately dealt with.

What is the synonym of separated?

asunder. adverbapart; into pieces. disconnected. disjoined. divided.

What are the different types of segregation?

Segregation is made up of two dimensions: vertical segregation and horizontal segregation.

What is the synonym of division?

Some common synonyms of division are fragment, member, part, piece, portion, section, and segment.

What is the cause of segregation?

America’s separate and unequal neighborhoods did not evolve naturally or result from unfettered market forces. Rather, they resulted from plans, policies, and practices of racial exclusion and disinvestment that primarily targeted Black people and laid the foundation for the segregation of other people of color.

What is the law of segregation?

According to the law of segregation, only one of the two gene copies present in an organism is distributed to each gamete (egg or sperm cell) that it makes, and the allocation of the gene copies is random.

What is segregation based on?

Segregation is the action of separating people, historically on the basis of race and/or gender. Segregation implies the physical separation of people in everyday activities, in professional life, and in the exercise of civil rights.

What is the goal of segregation?

Racial segregation was a system derived from the efforts of white Americans to keep African Americans in a subordinate status by denying them equal access to public facilities and ensuring that blacks lived apart from whites.

What is social segregation?

Social segregation has been defined. as ‘the separation or isolation of. a race, class, or ethnic group by. enforced or voluntary residence in a. restricted area, by barriers to social.

How do you speak segregation?

Why was ending segregation so difficult?

Why was ending segregation so difficult? Segregation was enforced by many state and federal laws. not doing business with companies that enforce segregation.

What is the meaning of natural segregation?

The act by which a (natural or legal) person separates other persons on the basis of race, colour, language, religion, nationality or national or ethnic origin without an objective and reasonable justification.