What is another word for sender?

What is another word for sender?

What are some antonyms for receiver?

antonyms for receiver
  • giver.
  • donor.

What are antonyms for follower?

antonyms for follower
  • adversary.
  • antagonist.
  • enemy.
  • manager.
  • opponent.
  • opposition.
  • owner.
  • leader.

Whats the opposite of a recipient?

Opposite of a person or thing that receives or is awarded something. donor. giver. patron. benefactor.

Who is the donee?

The recipient of a gift or power of appointment. In the context of a power of attorney, for example, an enduring power of attorney or lasting power of attorney, donee is sometimes used to refer to the attorney.

What is the opposite of receiver in communication?

The receiver is also called the “audience” or decoder. The person who initiates a message in the communication process is called the “sender.” Put simply, an “effective” message is one that’s received in the way that the sender intended.

What is the another term for receiver?

A person who gets or accepts something that has been sent or given to them. recipient. beneficiary. collector. devisee.

What is the other name used for the receiver?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for receiver, like: consignee, recipient, guinea-pig, customer, heir, telephone, beneficiary, grantee, teller, collector and object.

What is receiver?

receiver. / (rɪˈsiːvə) / noun. a person who receives something; recipient. a person appointed by a court to manage property pending the outcome of litigation, during the infancy of the owner, or after the owner(s) has been declared bankrupt or of unsound mind.

What is the opposite of doubtfully?

Opposite of in a doubtful manner, in context of doubt or ambiguity, questionably. trustfully. trustingly. welcomingly. approvingly.

What is sender and receiver called?

The sender might be a speaker, a writer, or someone who merely gestures. The individual or the group of individuals who responds to the sender is called the receiver or audience.

What do you call a listener?

hearer; auditor; attender; perceiver; percipient; observer; beholder.

How do we call a person who receives a letter?

recipient. noun. formal someone who receives something.

What is the example of sender?

The definition of a sender is someone who caused something to be sent to a recipient. An example of a sender is the person who put a letter in the mailbox. Also known as a source or a transmitter, a sender is a device that originates, or generates, an information transfer to one or more receivers.

Who is the recipient of the message?

Message Recipient means any person who, by means of the Communication Service, receives a message from Subscriber or sends a message to Subscriber (whether such messages are by text or other form).

What is the sentence of sender?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sender | Sender Sentence

Carew looked eagerly for the sender of the hail. We hope to make the sender blush at it. The name of the sender may be on the flap of the envelope. The old man shook a telephone cut-in sender at him.

What is a meaning of sender?

Britannica Dictionary definition of SENDER. [count] : a person who sends a letter, package, message, etc.

What is the role of sender?

The sender is an individual, group, or organization who initiates the communication. This source is initially responsible for the success of the message. The sender’s experiences, attitudes, knowledge, skill, perceptions, and culture influence the message.