What are antonyms of sensitive?

  • heartless.
  • impassive.
  • indifferent.
  • insensitive.
  • numb.
  • thick-skinned.
  • unfeeling.
  • unsusceptible.

What is the synonym of word sensitive?

Some common synonyms of sensitive are exposed, liable, open, prone, subject, and susceptible. While all these words mean “being by nature or through circumstances likely to experience something adverse,” sensitive implies a readiness to respond to or be influenced by forces or stimuli. unduly sensitive to criticism.

What is the opposite of overly sensitive?

▲ Opposite of overly sensitive to criticism. thick-skinned. insensitive. unfeeling.

Is sensitive a weakness?

To Stay Positive, Know That Sensitivity is Not a Weakness, It’s a Strength.

What is opposite of emotional?

The opposite of emotional is logical: logical things have more to do with your head, while emotional things are all about your heart.

Who is an insensitive person?

An insensitive person is someone who shows little care, concern, or respect for the feelings and needs of others. Often, they live in a world of their own and are completely absorbed by their own thoughts, needs, and desires.

How do I become less sensitive?

7 ways to be less sensitive
  1. Mindfulness. Daily mindfulness is one of the best tools to pull you away from your reactive thoughts and into the present moment. …
  2. Brain training. Our brain is a bit like a computer. …
  3. Displacement techniques. By: Michael Himbeault. …
  4. Perspective jumping. …
  5. Acceptance. …
  6. Daily journalling. …
  7. Self care.

Are introverts highly sensitive?

And researchers have found 70% of introverts also are highly sensitive people.

What are the opposite words?

An antonym is a word of the opposite meaning.

What is the antonym for restrictiveness?

What is the opposite of restrictive?

Is ambitious antonym of humble?

“He maintained that last-borns are often spoiled and lazy because they don’t have younger siblings challenging them.”

What is the opposite of ambitious?

What is the synonym and antonym of edible?

adjective. ( ˈɛdəbəl) Suitable for use as food.

Antonyms. inedible tough unpalatable indigestible toxic tasteless unappetizing. digestible comestible nonpoisonous non-poisonous palatable.

What does restrictiveness mean?

Definitions of restrictiveness. a lack of permissiveness or indulgence and a tendency to confine behavior within certain specified limits. synonyms: unpermissiveness. Antonyms: permissiveness, tolerance. a disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior.

What is the meaning of Emancipator?

someone who frees others from bondage. “Lincoln is known as the Great Emancipator” synonyms: manumitter. type of: liberator. someone who releases people from captivity or bondage.

What does constrictive mean?

Definitions of constrictive. adjective. restricting the scope or freedom of action. synonyms: confining, constraining, limiting, restricting restrictive.

Is restrictiveness a word?

Tending or serving to restrict; limiting.

What’s the definition of nonrestrictive?

non·​re·​stric·​tive ˌnän-ri-ˈstrik-tiv. : not restrictive. specifically : not limiting the reference of a modified word or phrase.

What is permissiveness used for?

the quality or condition of being accepting or tolerant of something, such as social behavior or linguistic usage, that others might disapprove of or forbid:Polls show an uptick in both social permissiveness and skepticism of government intervention.

How do you characterize someone?

To characterize someone is to describe them in a certain way, to try to pin down his or her personality. If you say your dad is stingy, you are characterizing him as a miser. See the word character in characterize? Two meanings of character can help you understand this word.

What is a synonym for restrictive?

Synonyms: confining, constraining, constrictive, limiting, restricting. restricting the scope or freedom of action. inhibitory, repressing, repressive.

What is a sentence for restrictive?

The 3 day diet is an extreme program that is very restrictive. There are many reasons that a restrictive, short-term diet is counterproductive. This is the most challenging stage of the diet because it is very restrictive, but many patients find the notion of eating too uncomfortable during this phase.

What are the six traits of good character?

The Six Pillars of Character are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

How do you describe someone you love in one word?

Here are some words to describe someone you love: affectionate, affable, attentive, amicable, brave, caring, considerate, cheerful, easygoing, faithful, forgiving, gentle, good listener, honest, heartfelt, kind and humorous.