What is the synonym of spotted?

(or brindle), calico, specked, speckled, streaked.

What is a mean of spotted?

adjective. 1. characterized by spots or marks, esp in having a pattern of spots. 2. stained or blemished; soiled or bespattered.

What is the antonym of stain?

What is the opposite of stain?
abstergerinse out

What is the antonym of spotlight?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for spotlight. de-emphasize, play down.

What type of word is spotted?

Spotted can be a verb or an adjective.

What is the sentence of spotted?

Spotted Sentence Examples

They’ve spotted the van! When they spotted his truck, Destiny squealed. She spotted him waving to her from the boardwalk outside the saloon. She looked around the area where his desk had been and spotted a perfume bottle similar to the one he’d give her before.

Does spotted mean noticed?

If you spot something or someone, you notice them.

What does a spot of tea mean?

By spot of tea, Americans usually mean a cup of tea by itself. It can have that meaning in the UK, but not by any means always. Your friend is right to say that it’s frequently connected with food. That’s because tea in Britain can refer to a meal.

Is putted meaning?

Meaning of putted in English

to hit a golf ball gently across an area of short and even grass towards or into a hole: Palmer putted the ball straight into the hole.

What does this word mean entirely?

Definition of entirely

1 : to the full or entire extent : completely I agree entirely you are entirely welcome. 2 : to the exclusion of others : solely entirely by my own efforts.

Does fancy coffee mean?

meaning: “Would you like a cup. of tea?” American: “Want a cup of coffee?”

Is a brew tea or coffee?

A brew is a particular kind of tea or coffee. It can also be a particular pot of tea or coffee.

Is Fancy a cup of tea?

Practically meaning ‘Would you fancy a cup of tea? . when someone asks you if you fancy a brew, they’re asking if you’d like a hot drink!

Can I have a cup of tea in British accent?

Let’s start with an easy one. We all know the Brits love a good cup of tea, but did you know that tea can also be called a cuppa. This slang word came from the phrase “cup of tea” which was shortened to “cuppa tea” and eventually just cuppa.

What does cuppa mean in British?

a cup of tea
Definition of cuppa

chiefly British. : a cup of tea.

How do you say fancy a cuppa?

Why do British people say chuffed?

If you’re really pleased or delighted about something, you’re chuffed. If you’re really delighted about something you can even be chuffed to bits. Chuffed used to mean ‘plump’, so I’m not sure why or how it now means delighted. Just roll with it.

What is British slang for coffee?

Cuppa. Meaning: (Noun) Originally from Britain, short for “cup of.” It became “cuppa” and is used to refer to coffee and tea.