What are antonyms for submarine?

  • surface.
  • nonsubmersible.

What is another word for submarine?

  • submersible.
  • U-boat.
  • nuclear submarine.
  • underwater craft.
  • underwater robot.

What is opposite antonym?

An antonym is a word that is the opposite of another word. An opposite can be the other side of, reverse of, or something contrary to anything, not just words. Below are some examples: ‘Hot’ is the antonym/opposite of ‘cold.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What does it mean to submarine someone?

According to Marie Claire, submarining is what someone does when they date someone for a bit, disappear without explanation, and then reappear, also without explanation.

What’s another word for torpedo?

In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for torpedo, like: underwater missile, projectile, destroy, gunman, submarine-sandwich, attack, hero, total, grinder, hitman and shooter.

What is the synonym of aquatic?

Synonyms: marine. native to or inhabiting the sea. semiaquatic, subaquatic. partially aquatic; living or growing partly on land and partly in water. subaquatic, subaqueous, submerged, submersed, underwater.

What is a U boat ww1?

U-boat, German U-boot, abbreviation of Unterseeboot, (“undersea boat”), a German submarine. The destruction of enemy shipping by German U-boats was a spectacular feature of both World Wars I and II.

What is the opposite of a torpedo?

Antonyms. end finish evolution resist stand firm struggle rebuff. hoagie poor boy submarine sandwich hero bomber.

What is the plural of Torpedo?

torpedo. noun. tor·​pe·​do | \ tȯr-ˈpē-dō \ plural torpedoes.

What is the antonym for solace?

What is the opposite of solace?

What are 2 synonyms for solace?

synonyms for solace
  • condolence.
  • consolation.
  • pity.
  • alleviation.
  • assuagement.
  • relief.
  • condolement.

What is the antonym of rammed?

rebounded, ricocheted. (also ricochetted), skimmed, skipped.

Do you find solace or take solace?

take solace in (something)

To be comforted or consoled by something. I know it’s hard to see him this way, but you can take solace in the knowledge that your grandfather is not in any pain. I took solace in the fact that I would be leaving the job in just a few short months.

What kind of word is solace?

noun Also called sol·ace·ment. comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble; alleviation of distress or discomfort. something that gives comfort, consolation, or relief: The minister’s visit was the dying man’s only solace.

What does it mean to find solace?

1 : alleviation of grief or anxiety 2 : a source of relief or consolation. Examples: After her husband’s death, Mary often found solace in reminiscing about him with their mutual friends. “

What is an example of solace?

The definition of solace is a decline in grief, or consolation. When you go see a friend who is feeling sad and you offer comfort and listen to your friend talk about his problems, this is an example of giving solace.

What is a sentence for solace?

The wife is working hard, and she told me that her husband’s only solace in life is tobacco. We take solace from the fact that he has said that he will not rush into making a decision. We try to provide comfort and solace to the best of our inadequate ability. Many people get their greatest solace from gardening.

Is solace an emotion?

Solace is a feeling of comfort that makes you feel less sad.