What are some antonyms for the word supreme?

antonyms for supreme
  • inferior.
  • least.
  • littlest.
  • lowly.
  • minor.
  • poor.
  • serving.

What is a antonym for supervisor?

What is the opposite of supervisor?

What is a word for superior?

admirable, exceptional, first-rate, good, preferable, remarkable, superhuman, boss, manager, principal, ruler, supervisor, above, capital, choice, dandy, exclusive, expert, fine, major.

What is the opposite inferior?

The word ‘superior‘ means ‘higher in rank or quality’. So, this word is the opposite of ‘inferior’, and option C is correct.

What’s antonym mean?

a word of opposite meaning
Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is a sentence for superior?

Adjective This new model offers superior performance. The small army was overwhelmed by superior numbers. He only helps us because it makes him feel superior. Report to your superior officer.

What is the antonym of the word superior from the given passage?

Answer: inferior is the antonym of superior.

Is Weak antonym of mighty?

“Ida had kept him awake while he drowsed his way up the old King’s Trace in eastern Missouri, feverish and weak.”

What is the opposite of mighty?

What type of word is superior?

superior adjective [not gradable] (BETTER)

better than average, or better than others of the same type: They were clearly the superior team.

How do you use inferior?

These pearls are of inferior quality. They were considered a socially inferior group. He always felt inferior around his brother. The judges voted to overturn a ruling made by an inferior court.

What is superior quality?

1 greater in quality, quantity, etc. 2 of high or extraordinary worth, merit, etc. 3 higher in rank or status. a superior tribunal. 4 displaying a conscious sense of being above or better than others; supercilious.

What is inferior and superior?

Superior or cranial – toward the head end of the body; upper (example, the hand is part of the superior extremity). Inferior or caudal – away from the head; lower (example, the foot is part of the inferior extremity).

What is a superior person?

adjective. A superior person or thing is more important than another person or thing in the same organization or system. … negotiations between the mutineers and their superior officers. Synonyms: higher-ranking, senior, higher-level, upper-level More Synonyms of superior.

What is the root word of superior?

superior (adj.)

late 14c., “higher in position,” from Old French superior “higher, upper” (Modern French superieur), from Latin superiorem (nominative superior) “higher,” comparative of superus “situated above, upper,” from super “above, over” (from PIE root *uper “over”).

Is the better superior or inferior?

But what is the actual meaning of these words? Superior is something in a higher position or status, while inferior is the opposite – lower position or status. Something that is superior to others connote it as being of better quality than others.

What is the synonym of inferior?

adj.poor, second-rate.

What are inferior examples?

The definition of inferior is someone or something that is not very good, that is not as good as something else, or that is of lower quality. An example of inferior is a cheap knock-off purse, which is of low quality. An example of inferior is a job that is not as good as other positions.