What is antonyms of speak?

Our site contains antonyms of speak in 15 different contexts. We have listed all the opposite words for speak alphabetically. be quiet. be supported. lay.

What is the synonym of talker?

(noun) in the sense of speaker. Synonyms. speaker. chatterbox. conversationalist.

What are antonyms for talkative?

antonyms for talkative
  • quiet.
  • silent.
  • untalkative.
  • reserved.
  • uncommunicative.

What are the antonyms of dialogue?

antonyms for dialogue
  • quiet.
  • silence.
  • monologue.
  • soliloquy.

What is meant by a talker?

Definitions of talker. someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous) synonyms: speaker, utterer, verbaliser, verbalizer.

What is the meaning of good talker?

You can say that somebody is a good/​persuasive speaker but that means that they are good at making speeches. If you mean that they speak well in conversation, use talker. Patterns. a good/​great speaker/​communicator/​talker. an effective/​excellent speaker/​communicator.

Whats another word for a smooth talker?

What is another word for smooth talker?
ladies’ manenchanter
sweet talker

Who is a smooth talker?

informal. : someone who says flattering things that may be intended to deceive people.

What is the meaning of the word babbler?

noun. 1. a person who babbles. 2. any of various insect-eating birds of the Old World tropics and subtropics that have a loud incessant song: family Muscicapidae (warblers, thrushes, etc)

What is a person called who loves writing?

Logophile Definition, Etymology, and Use.

What’s the person who loves to write called?

author Add to list Share. An author is a person who writes books or articles, usually for money. It can also refer to the person responsible for something, like the author of a plan to overthrow the student government. Author comes from the Latin word auctorem, meaning “founder, master, leader.” Bow down to the author!

What is a good writer called?


Perhaps swapping out the word ‘writer’ for wordsmith is an accurate representation of your skills. According to Dictionary.com a wordsmith is “an expert in the use of words.” A wordsmith makes a career in words as a journalist or novelist.

What is it called when you like everything?

Omniphile: omni = every; -phile = love.

What do you call someone who likes a lot of things?

If you know someone who’s totally addicted to luxurious things and all of life’s pleasures, call her a sybarite. Unless she’s inviting you over for champagne brunches and showering you with gifts — in which case you should keep your mouth shut.

What is someone who is good with words called?

Synonyms for well-spoken. articulate, eloquent, fluent, silver-tongued.

Who loves himself called?

narcissistic Add to list Share. If you can’t stop talking about yourself and obsess constantly about the way you look, you could be exhibiting narcissistic tendencies, meaning you’re obsessed with yourself, especially your outside appearance.

What is self love called?

egoistic. (also egoistical), egomaniacal, egotistic.