What is the opposite of theoretical learning?

Theoretical learning is what the knowledge is about and the practical application is how the knowledge learnt needs to be implemented in certain real life situations. The mode of practical application along with theory gives everyone a clear explanation about the facts.

What’s another word for theoretically?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for theoretically, like: apparently, in-theory, probably, mathematically, conceptually, logically, empirically, scientifically, philosophically, on-paper and in a sense.

What does non theoretical mean?

Definition of nontheoretical

: not theoretical : not involving theory or existing only in theory … I came to wonder how well some of those Ph.D.’ s and their theories would do with a nontheoretical child.—

What is the theoretically?

Definition of theoretically

1 : according to an ideal or assumed set of facts or principles : in theory. 2 : in a theoretical way.

What is the synonym of theory?


1 principle, law, doctrine. 2 idea, notion, concept, postulate, thesis. 6 thought, opinion, judgment, conclusion, deduction, view. 7 hypothesis, surmise, supposition, presumption.

What is non theoretical research?

Meaning of non-theoretical in English

based on the practical uses of a subject, rather than on a theory or theories: Archaeology used to be viewed as purely a non-theoretical discipline, but that is no longer true.

What kind of word is theoretical?

What type of word is ‘theoretical’? Theoretical is an adjective – Word Type.

What is practical and theoretical dictionary?

Theoretical things are based on theory and ideas, while practical ones are based on practice. Theoretical thinking can be really helpful when you’re trying to imagine something or problem-solve, but your theories should always be tested out in the practical world.

What is a example of theory?

Examples include: Physics: the big bang theory, atomic theory, theory of relativity, quantum field theory. Biology: the theory of evolution, cell theory, dual inheritance theory.

What is another word for theory or perspective?

What is another word for theory?

What is a simple definition of theory?

A theory is a carefully thought-out explanation for observations of the natural world that has been constructed using the scientific method, and which brings together many facts and hypotheses.

Is a theory a fact?

A theory never becomes a fact. It is an explanation of one or more facts. A well-supported evidence-based theory becomes acceptable until disproved. It never evolves to a fact, and that’s a fact.

What is a theoretical perspective?

Updated on January 22, 2020. A theoretical perspective is a set of assumptions about reality that inform the questions we ask and the kinds of answers we arrive at as a result. In this sense, a theoretical perspective can be understood as a lens through which we look, serving to focus or distort what we see.

What is synonym of hypothetical?

debatable, imaginary, problematic, speculative, theoretical, vague, academic, contingent, pretending, suspect, assumptive, casual, concocted, conditional, conjecturable, conjectural, contestable, disputable, doubtful, equivocal.

What does hypothetically mean in a sentence?

Definition of hypothetically

: by making an assumption for the sake of discussion or argument : in a hypothetical way speaking hypothetically In this lucid report …

What are the 5 theoretical perspectives?

The five major perspectives in psychology are biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive and humanistic. You may wonder why there are so many different psychology approaches and whether one approach is correct and others wrong.

What are the 4 paradigms?

The Four Paradigms
  • Behaviorism.
  • Information Processing and Cognitive Psychology.
  • Individual Constructivism.
  • Social Constructivism and Situated Learning.

What are the three theoretical perspectives?

These three theoretical orientations are: Structural Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Conflict Perspective. To understand a theoretical orientation in any profession it is critical to understand what is meant by the term theory.

What is humanist theory?

The humanistic theory in education. In history humanistic psychology is an outlook or system of thought that focuses on human beings rather than supernatural or divine insight. This system stresses that human beings are inherently good, and that basic needs are vital to human behaviors.

What are the 7 psychological approaches?

There are several major contemporary approaches to psychology (behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, evolutionary, biological, humanistic, sociocultural/contextual).