What is a antonym for schedule?

Opposite of placed or scheduled on a list or addendum. unplanned. unexpected. unscheduled. unarranged.

What is the synonym for timetable?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for timetable, like: program, agenda, schedule, docket, planned, order of the day, time-table, lineup, timetables, syllabus and plan.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is a word for not scheduled?

goalless. haphazard. heedless. hit-or-miss. indecisive.

Is it time frame or timeframe?

time frame or timeframe? Should time frame be written as one word or two? At present, it is most commonly styled as two words with no hyphen in between.

What does the word prearrange mean?

in advance
Definition of prearrange

transitive verb. : to arrange (something) in advance prearrange travel plans.

What does unscheduled mean for school?

This report lists students who are not scheduled for a class in a particular combination of scheduling group, term, and meeting pattern [Figure 268].

What is unplanned event?

Unplanned Event: An unexpected occurrence that is not normal behavior or anticipated condition for the process.

What does non scheduled work mean?

not scheduled; not entered on or having a schedule; unscheduled. nonscheduled activities.

What is the synonym of appointment?

nounselecting or setting apart. allocation. allotment. appointment. apportionment.

What are the synonyms of self winding?

  • self-complacency.
  • complacency.
  • smugness.
  • satisfaction.

Is time table compound word?

Timetable can be a noun or a verb – Word Type.

What is the synonym of the time honored?

Synonyms: long-established, traditional, customary, old More Synonyms of time-honored.

What is the meaning of time table?

Definition of timetable

1 : a table of departure and arrival times of trains, buses, or airplanes. 2a : a schedule showing a planned order or sequence.

Is automatic is synonym of self-winding?

Similar words for self-winding:

automatic (noun) other synonyms.

What is the meaning of Hillcrest?

the top line of a hill
: the top line of a hill.

What are different types of timetable?

There are seven broad types of a time-table:
  • (a) The Consolidated Time-table:
  • (b) Class-Wise Time-table:
  • (c) Teacher-Wise Time-table:
  • (d) Teachers’ Free-period Time-table:
  • (e) Games Time-table:
  • (f) Co-curricular Activities Time-table:
  • (g) Hone-work Time-table:

What is the difference between timetable and schedule?

If going by that third sense of program, a timetable would be a list of events that happens in sequence leading up to or during a certain singular event. Meanwhile, a schedule would be more generalized and describe a recurring series of events.

Is Timeable a word?

Timeable definition

Capable of being timed.

What is time table problem?

The timetabling problem consists in fixing a sequence of meetings between teachers and students in a given period of time, satisfying a set of different constraints. There are a number of different versions of the timetabling problem.

What are the three types of time table?

Even though many types of timetables are used across schools and universities all around the world, there are only three major types of timetables from which all other sub-types are derived.

They are:
  • Master timetable.
  • Teacher-wise timetable.
  • Class-wise timetable.

What is the meaning of school timetable?

A schedule of events that organizes school activities throughout the day, week, term or year. For each activity, a timetable generally specifies a starting and an ending time. Typically the shortest duration on the timetable is called a period.

Why is school time table important?

A time table ensures that each class has only one teacher during learning hours of a particular period. Time table also reduces the confusion while learning. Students are very clear about the subject they have to study in a particular period.