What is another word for tolerable?

(or okay), passable, respectable, satisfactory, serviceable.

What is the opposite in meaning of tolerated?

▲ Opposite of to tolerate or allow (something that is generally frowned on) abhor. disapprove. disfavorUS.

What is the synonym of tolerance?

Explore ‘tolerance’ in the dictionary. 1 (noun) in the sense of broad-mindedness. Synonyms. broad-mindedness. forbearance.

What is the best synonym for tolerance?

In this page you can discover 60 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tolerance, like: mercy, patience, good will, lenity, toleration, sensitivity, humanity, charity, compassion, grace and benevolence.

What is an example of tolerance?

Tolerance is being patient, understanding and accepting of anything different. An example of tolerance is Muslims, Christians and Athiests being friends. The ability of an organism to resist or survive infection by a parasitic or pathogenic organism.

What is a sentence for tolerance?

Tolerance sentence example. He also advocated tolerance towards the dissenters. Do that and you have to start building tolerance all over again. Kids have different tolerance levels for activity.

Is tolerance good or bad?

Tolerance promotes non-judgmental, open-minded, patient, permissive live and let live attitudes toward diverse people, ideas and practices. It is an essential virtue in a democratic society.

Is tolerance and patience the same thing?

It’s a subtle difference that has vastly different outcomes. With patience, you’ll eventually reach your goal. Tolerance, however, will only serve to keep you stuck in the status quo. Patience is you allowing others time to rise to the challenge; tolerance is accepting whatever mediocrity they give you.

What does tolerance mean?

uncountable noun. Tolerance is the quality of allowing other people to say and do what they like, even if you do not agree with or approve of it.

How many types of tolerance are there?

Today, there are 14 types of geometric tolerances by the number of symbols, and 15 types based on classification. These are grouped into form tolerance, orientation tolerance, location tolerance, and run-out tolerance, which can be used to indicate all shapes.

What is tolerance power?

the power to withstand hardship or stress. the act of tolerating something. types: lenience, leniency.

What are the 3 types of tolerance?

Three basic tolerances that occur most often on working drawings are: limit dimensions, unilateral, and bilateral tolerances.

What does low tolerance mean?

Low frustration tolerance (LFT), or “short-term hedonism,” is a concept utilized to describe the inability to tolerate unpleasant feelings or stressful situations. It stems from the feeling that reality should be as wished, and that any frustration should be resolved quickly and easily.

What does tolerating someone mean?

transitive verb. If you tolerate a situation or person, you accept them although you do not particularly like them. She can no longer tolerate the position that she’s in. Synonyms: endure, stand, suffer, bear More Synonyms of tolerate.

Why do we use tolerance?

The use of tolerances helps to ensure that the final product is readily usable, especially if it is a part of a larger assembly. Not setting a tolerance in a critical area may render the part unusable according to the design intent, as each fabrication method comes with a certain level of inaccuracy.

What are the 2 types of tolerance?

Types of Tolerance
  • Unilateral Tolerance.
  • Bilateral Tolerance.
  • Limit Dimensions.

How do you become tolerant?

4 Tips for Building Tolerance for Others
  1. Take Ownership of Your Feelings. Recognize that no one can make you feel a certain way without your permission. …
  2. Develop Curiosity. In many cases, when we lack tolerance towards others it’s simply because we don’t understand them. …
  3. Change Your Perspective. …
  4. Practice Respect.

What is natural tolerance?

Natural tolerances are expectations regarding deviations, represented by control limits set at three times the standard deviation above and below the mean. When in place, the limits demonstrate a 99.73% chance that any given result will occur between the given control limits.

What is open tolerance?

Open-mindedness and tolerance means being respectful and accepting of others’ approaches in business, even if they go against what you think or feel. Reluctant to impose standards, rules or modes of conduct upon others, you’re more likely to go with the flow and accept people and their behaviors as they are.