What is the synonym of unfurled?

outspread, outstretched, spread (out), stretched (out), unfolded.

What unfurled means?

Definition of unfurl

transitive verb. : to release from a furled state. intransitive verb. : to open out from or as if from a furled state : unfold.

What is the antonym of Perplex?

disentangle, straighten (out), unravel, untangle.

What are antonyms for torsion?

We have listed all the opposite words for torsion alphabetically. certainty. all sewn up. authoritativeness. belief.

What is the difference between unfurling and hoisting?

When the national flag hoists, it is tied and sits at the bottom of the pole. It is the Prime Minister who raises the national flag up and hoists it with the aim to honour the historical event of the day. Whereas, when the flag is unfurled on Republic Day, it is closed and tied at the top of the pole.

How do you use unfurl in a sentence?

Unfurl in a Sentence

1. The boy scouts gathered in the courtyard to unfurl the American flag and hoist it up the pole after unfolding it. 2. During the spring, the sprouting leaves begin to unfurl, and each petal that opens will sprout a colorful bloom.

How do you speak unfurling?

What does the word unlatch mean?

to open or loose
: to open or loose by lifting the latch. intransitive verb. : to become loosed or opened.

What is URL unfurling?

Unfurl takes a URL and expands (“unfurls”) it into a directed graph, extracting every bit of information from the URL and exposing the obscured. It does this by breaking up a URL up into components, extracting as much information as it can from each piece, and presenting it all visually.

What is out spread?

to spread out; extend: an eagle outspreading its wings. adjective. spread out; stretched out: outspread arms. diffused abroad; widely disseminated: The outspread news had traveled quickly.

What does it mean to unseal?

transitive verb. : to break or remove the seal of : open.

How do you unlatch a baby?

If you need to unlatch your baby, it’s important to break the suction before pulling them off to prevent sore nipple. To help baby to unlatch, gently stick your finger between your breast and their gums to break the suction, and then guide baby’s head away from your chest.

What is the synonym of unlatching?

loose/loosen. verbset free; unbind. alleviate. become unfastened. break up.

What is the meaning of unsealed album?

— Unsealed means you want your album opened and so that I can sort your photocard by your PC preference. If you pick unsealed, your album will come to you exactly as it came to …

How do you unseal the vault?


The unseal process is done by running vault operator unseal or via the API. This process is stateful: each key can be entered via multiple mechanisms on multiple computers and it will work. This allows each shard of the root key to be on a distinct machine for better security.