What is the antonym of the word upper?

What is the opposite of upper?

What is the other term of Upper?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for upper, like: higher, top, topmost, uppermost, more elevated, loftier, under, lower, bottom, above and amphetamine.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What are the antonyms of antonyms?

  • antipode,
  • antithesis,
  • contrary,
  • counter,
  • negative,
  • obverse,
  • opposite,
  • reverse.

What type of word is upper?

As detailed above, ‘upper’ can be a noun or an adjective. Noun usage: As the restless sleeper here, I’ll take the lower berth.

What is the upper part?

Definition of upperpart

: a part lying on the upper side (as of a bird)

What is antonyms of here?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for here. absent, away, missing, out.

What is the synonym and antonym of bottom?

noun. ( ˈbɑːtəm) The lower side of anything.

Antonyms. thinness obverse anterior antecedent hire placable fancy. underbelly undersurface side bilge heel. bottom (English)

What is the opposite word in love?

Antonym. Love. Hate. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What’s the meaning of overlying?

Definition of overlie

transitive verb. 1 : to lie over or upon. 2 : to cause the death of by lying upon.

What will be the opposite of the bottom?

In general, adjectives and adverbs have opposite meanings, that is, words reporting quality and quantity often have opposite words. Opposites of Bottom; top. upper.

What is my bottom called?

Your butt is your buttocks, your tush, your rear end.

What is the opposite of Botton?

What is the opposite of button?
let go

What is the other name of bottom level?

What is another word for bottom level?
smallestlower limit
lowest levelrock bottom