What is the opposite of being helpless?

What is the opposite of helpless?

What is the synonym and antonym of weak?

Some common synonyms of weak are decrepit, feeble, fragile, frail, and infirm. While all these words mean “not strong enough to endure strain, pressure, or strenuous effort,” weak applies to deficiency or inferiority in strength or power of any sort.

What is another word for helpless?

  1. defenseless,
  2. exposed,
  3. susceptible,
  4. undefended,
  5. unguarded,
  6. unprotected,
  7. unresistant,
  8. vulnerable.

Which are the antonyms?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, hot and cold are antonyms, as are good and bad.

What is a helpless person?

unable to help oneself; weak or dependent: a helpless invalid. deprived of strength or power; powerless; incapacitated: They were helpless with laughter. affording no help.

What is the opposite of feeling hopeless?

Opposite of the loss of hope or confidence. hopefulness. hope. optimism. confidence.

What is the opposite word for powerless?

Opposite of lacking sufficient power or strength. powerful. strong. mighty. potent.

What is opposite word?

Definitions of opposite word. a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other. synonyms: antonym, opposite.

What is the opposite of being hopeful?

glum, gray. (also grey), miserable, wretched.

What is the opposite of strong weak?

What is the opposite of strong?

What is the opposite word to strong?

The antonym for ‘strong’ is ‘weak‘.

What is the other meaning of weak?

1 : lacking strength: such as. a : deficient in physical vigor : feeble, debilitated. b : not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain. c : not able to resist external force or withstand attack.

What word means to make weak?

Some common synonyms of weaken are cripple, debilitate, disable, enfeeble, sap, and undermine.

Is Weak opposite of brave?

The opposite of brave is cowardly.

How do you say weak?

What is weak example?

not physically strong

She is still weak after her illness. His legs felt weak. She suffered from a weak heart. weak with/from something I was exhausted and weak with hunger.

Is Brave opposite of scared?

“After the loss of his grandfather, many comforted Jack.”

What is the opposite of scared?