What is the opposite of winnable?

What is the opposite of win?

What are the antonyms of win?

  • forfeit,
  • lose.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is the best antonym for victory?

antonyms for victory
  • failure.
  • forfeit.
  • loss.
  • inferiority.
  • subservience.
  • weakness.

What is a Synonym for Win Win?

nounagreement, give-and-take. accommodation. accord.

What is the Synonym word for win?


3 conquer, prevail, triumph; overcome. 6 obtain, secure, acquire, achieve, gain, procure; reach.

Whats does victory mean?

Definition of victory

1 : the overcoming of an enemy or antagonist. 2 : achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties.

What is the full meaning of victory?

A victory is a success in a struggle, war, or competition. Union leaders are heading for victory in their battle over workplace rights. He led the team to victory over France. [ + over] Synonyms: win, success, triumph, the prize More Synonyms of victory.

What is the opposite lose?

Antonyms for lose. nail (down), win.

What is the antonym of the word there?

There Here
Antonym of There
Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the mean of loses?

1 : to be unable to find or have at hand I lost my keys. 2 : to become deprived of She lost her job. 3 : to become deprived of by death She lost her grandfather. 4 : to fail to use : waste There’s no time to lose. 5 : to fail to win They lost the game.

What is the antonym of patient?


5 impatient, agitated.

What is synonym and antonym?

Synonyms are words that have the same, or almost the same, meaning as another word. Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of another word. Choosing the right synonym refines your writing. Learning common antonyms sharpens your sense of language and expands your vocabulary.

How do I find an antonym?

An Antonym is the opposite of another word. For example, the Antonym of day is night. The best tip for learning correct Antonyms is developing an extensive vocabulary. Another method of identifying Antonyms is to eliminate the improbable options.

What is antonyms give 5 examples?

Antonyms are words that have contrasting, or opposite, meanings. Like so much of the English language, the word antonym is rooted in the Greek language.

Examples of Complementary Antonyms
  • off — on.
  • night — day.
  • entrance — exit.
  • exterior — interior.
  • true — false.
  • dead — alive.
  • push — pull.
  • pass — fail.

What are the 10 antonyms?

Antonym Examples
achieve – failgiant – dwarfrandom – specific
arrogant – humbleknowledge – ignorancesingle – married
attack – defendliquid – solidsunny – cloudy
blunt – sharpmarvelous – terribletimid – bold
brave – cowardlynoisy – quiettoward – away

What are 7 antonyms?

Antonyms are important because it helps to understand the exact meaning of the word given. To understand the meaning of a word, we can also take a look at the antonym or the opposite word.