What is boiling antonym?

antonyms for boiling
  • cold.
  • cool.
  • freezing.
  • happy.

What is the synonym of boiling?

In this page you can discover 60 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for boiling, like: blistering, infuriated, bubbling, sweltering, steaming, seething, roasting, sizzling, tumbling, stewing and foaming.

What is opposite word?

Definitions of opposite word. a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other. synonyms: antonym, opposite.

What is another word for boiling in science?

Also Known As: Two other words for boiling are ebullition and vaporization.

What is opposite of melting?

Condensing is opposite to evaporating and freezing is opposite to melting.

What’s another word for boiling hot?

What is another word for boiling hot?

What is the synonym of hot?


1 heated; fiery, burning, scorching; scalding, boiling; torrid, sultry. 4 biting, piquant, sharp, spicy. 5 fervid; fiery, passionate, intense, excitable, impetuous; angry, furious, irate, violent.

What is the synonym of burning?

ignited, inflamed. (also enflamed), kindled, lit.

What is the synonym of evaporation?

dispersal, melting, dehydration, desiccation, disappearance, dissipation, escape, evanescence, fading, vanishing, vaporization, dematerialization, dispelling, vaporescence.

What is the opposite hot?

Antonym. Hot. Cold. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What means hot girl?

A hot girl or guy is a woman or man who is considered very sexually attractive.

What is the opposite cold?

Cold is the opposite of hot. It can refer to temperature, passion, friendliness, and even your personality.

Is cold the opposite of heat?

Cold is the opposite of hot. In a related sense, the word cold is used to describe the feeling you have when you lack heat or are exposed to freezing conditions that remove heat from you.

How do you make opposite words?

What is opposite Sunny?

morose, saturnine, somber. (or sombre), sullen.

What is cold energy called?

This is known as translational kinetic energy, and it is the main form of kinetic energy for gases and liquids. The water molecules in the ice vibrate about a fixed position and, as a result, they have a “vibrational” kinetic energy.

What is a word for very cold?

Cold; chilly. ARCTIC [ahrk-tik] –adjective. Extremely cold, frigid. BITING [bahy-ting] –adjective. Nipping; smarting; keen.

What is the opposite of warm warm?

Opposite of at a high, but comforting, temperature. cool. cold. chilly. coldish.

What is the difference between kinetic energy and thermal energy?

Thermal energy comes from a substance whose molecules and atoms are vibrating faster due to a rise in temperature. Heat energy is another name for thermal energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of a moving object. As thermal energy comes from moving particles, it is a form of kinetic energy.

Is ice is hot or cold?

As we know, ice is colder than room temperature water. Because ice molecules move slowly and cluster tightly together, they produce a relatively low amount of heat.